UC Browser 7.6

UC Browser 7.6

UC Browser (formerly UCWEB) was upgraded to version 7.6 this week.

Like all versions of UC since V. 6.7 “low memory” this one fails to load on my i776 so I doubt will will work on any Boost iDEN phone.

It works great on the Motorola Rambler and previous versions have been reported to work on the Incognito and other CDMA phones so there’s a good chance this one will too.

New features in 7.6 are:
1. 20% faster
2. GUI optimization
3. You can share a link to thecurrent page, some selected text or a photo on Facebook or Twitter
4. Shows thumbnail images when you select a photo to upload.
5. A “Traffic Check” that shows how much data you have used
6. Search Box auto-completion
7. Automaticly switches to WiFi (not on Boost obviosly as no Boost Java phone has WiFi)

The Facebook and Twitter sharing feature is pretty nice but I had a scary experience when I tried to share a link on Facebook.

FaceBook flagged my attempt to log in as “suspicious activity” and wouldn’t let me log in. I was told that I had to log in with a computer to verify my account, enter a captcha code and authorize UC to connect to my account

This Facebook’s fault not UC’s and is incredibly dumb of Facebook. Not only was the warning bogus but Facebook assumed that I had a computer available to “verify” my account even though I was using a a mobile device!

Millions of people have phones who do not own a computer. I’m all for security but it’s not like Facebook is a bank. My id and password should be all I need to authenticate. And if there’s a problem it should be fixable on the device I’m using.

You might want to hold off on using the sharing feature with Facebook until this is fixed.  Or at least make sure you have a PC handy the first time you try it.

Once I verified my Facebook account the sharing feature worked well although I could not upload pictures using the Rambler. I suspect photo uploading will work on the CDMA phones that have a memory card.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jarzip