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The Universal App Loader” lets you send almost any mobile Java app or game on the web to your phone. Paste or the type the URL of a mobile Java game or app JAD or JAR file in the text box above, press the “Send To Phone” button and follow the instructions on the following pages.

Most, phones can download apps directly using the phone browser from many sites. However if a direct download doesn’t work the Universal App Loader may help as it will create a new valid jad file if the original jad is missing or has errors.

Detailed  Universal App Loader Help No PC? See Universal App Loader Now Works With Opera Mini

Have fun and let us know in the comments what works and any issues you encounter.

  1. i can my download any games for my zh&k C1

    • No, the zh&k C1 doesn’t support Java ME.

  2. can i download some java games in my cherry mobile phone??

  3. how to download games in my SAMSUNG GALAXY Y

  4. can my N95 have a touch screan software

  5. how can upload music in my oppo neo5?

    • Just copy your music files to the Music folder on the memory card or phone memory.

  6. i like to download the games apps in my java me phone

  7. can download any games to my cherry mobile phone.?

    • I don’t think so. As far as I know none of the many Cherry Mobile phones support Java ME apps.

  8. i want download and play my game to my mobile phone there was i like to play 8 Balls pool by minclip

  9. Free download games in my phone

  10. Freedownload games in my Phone

  11. I want to download all contents and app.

  12. hi its looks very nice.

  13. how to access universal app loader please answer

  14. How to download a video and Games ?

    • The Universal App Loader is only for apps, not videos. There are brief instructions for using it in the post above as well as a link to detailed instructions.

  15. can it work to my cherry mobile phone?

    • The Universal App Loader is a specialized tool that recreates and fixes broken Java ME jad files. It works on files, not on phones and is not needed to download the games and apps on other parts of this site.

      Does your Cherry Mobile phone support Java ME apps. If it does most of the games and apps on this site should work on it.

    • i have no server in my phone,course slowly conection,pls help mr

    • Featute phones can’t run any sort of server. If your connection is slow maybe using a different mobile operator would be faster.

  16. how to download boostapps?

  17. sir help me to download it in android phone

    • The Universal App Loader:
      1. Is a web app, not something you download.
      2. Of no use with Android phones.

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