Welcome to This site lets you download free games and apps to Boost Mobile and other phones  without the need for cables, loader programs or even a PC.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about using this site 

Q. How can I get the games and apps on on my phone?

A. Here's how to install them:

If you are browsing BoostApps on a PC:

1. On the BoostApps PC site find an app you like and look for the Jump Code. It's at the bottom of the post.

2. Go to with your phone browser and click the "Enter Jump Code" link just below the page header.

3. On the next page enter the Jump Code in the text box and press the "Jump" button which you take you to the app's download page.

4. Click the JAD link near the bottom of the app page to download and install the app.

If you are browsing Boostapps on your phone

1) Use the search box or categories at the bottom of every page on the site to find the a game or app you want.

2) Click the "JAD" link below the app's description. The phone will download and install the app

Q. I have an Android phone.  Will the apps on BoostApps work on it?

A. No, but don't feel bad, there are many more and much better free apps in the Play Store (formerly Android Market) on the phone. Tap the Play or Market icon on the phone to get started downloading.

Q. I have a BlackBerry, can I use these games and apps

A. The apps on this site are intended for non-smartphones. Some of them work on BlackBerrys but many don't. The best sources for BlackBerry apps are BlackBerry App World and this big list of free BlackBerry software.

Q. I have a QWERTY phone  and the number keys don't work in games. Can this be fixed?

A. You need to switch the keypad to number mode.  On most phones press Fn twice to switch to number pad mode. If that doesn't work try a long press on the Fn key to switch the keyboard to phone number pad mode. Once you are in number mode you can use the the number keys in games that use numbers as controls.  You have to do this on QWERTY phones for any game that uses the number keys. To switch back to QWERTY either tap FN once or do another long press.

Q. I have a QWERTY phone and I can't type letters or symbols in the ID and password fields of some apps. What's the solution?

A. Some apps don't "see" the QWERTY keys and  only recognize the number keys.  Do a long press on the Fn key or press Fn twice  to switch the keyboard to phone number pad mode and then you can triple tap the number keys to enter letters and symbols as if you were using a non-QWERTY phone. For example to type a "C", press "2" three times.

Q. The game or app I want isn't on BoostApps.  How can I get it?

A. If you can find the game or app on another site like Getjar or Mobilerated you can send it to your phone with the Universal App LoaderInstructions here.  And if you do find a good game or a useful app that works well on your phone and is free to distribute (non-commercial, freeware or ad-supported), do your fellow BoostApps users a favor and post a link to it in the comments section of the Universal App Loader page or on the forum.

Q. Can I watch YouTube or other web videos on my non-smart phone.

Some of the phones including the Sanyo Incognito and the Motorola Rambler will play videos from and other mobile video sites.

Q. Can I listen to Internet radio stations on my non-smart phone?

A. Virtual Radio works well on many phones including the Motorola Rambler and Theory, Sanyo Incognito and Innuendo, Samsung Seek, and LG Rumor Reflex.

Q. My  phone doesn't have a music player, can I install one?

A. I've tried a number of MP3 player apps and none have worked on phones that don't have a built in music player and SD card.

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