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Jump Codes help people who find an app while browsing BoostApps on a PC find the same app on the mobile site. All games and apps on the BoostApps’ PC site have a Jump Code, which is displayed on the app’s page.

If you have a Jump Code from the BoostApps PC site, enter it  in the box above and click the “Jump” button to go straight to the download.

If you  only browse BoostApps on your phone Jump Codes are not useful or needed. Use the search box or the Categories below to find an app or game and download it directly.

Please read the help page linked below for more detailed instructions:

Jump Codes Help PC Users Find Apps For Their Phones

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  1. freddie says:

    if i download the selected apps, should i need to install it or its directly installed after downlaoading?

  2. Jhet says:

    How to download a games

  3. maryjane says:


  4. abraham nono says:

    i suggest you put a searchbox for phone model so that we dont have to browse all games one by one

    • Dennis says:

      You can use the search box to find all posts that mention a specific phone.

      Also, ff your phone supports Java ME, most of the apps here should work whether they have been reported as working or not. If it doesn’t support Java ME, none of the apps here will work.

  5. Analen.pacquiao says:

    Pls sent me .how can i kn0w my jump code

    • Dennis says:

      Please read the page above to learn what jump codes are, how to use them and why asking me to send you “your” jump code doesn’t make any sense.