I’ve made some minor changes to the BoostApps site’s layout that I hope will make the site easier to use and less confusing to new users.

  1. The Universal App Loader is now a menu bar link instead of a sticky post on the front page.  The majority of Boost users coming to the site now have CDMA phones. The Loader is mainly useful for the iDEN phones and having it on the front page seemed to confuse many new users.
  2. “Enter Jump Code” has been removed from the menu bar on the desktop site only. This was necessary to make room for the loader link.  The Jump page is only usable in the phone browser and only after you have run the Loader.  There’s a link to it on the last Loader page and on the mobile BoostApps site.
  3. The JAD link on both desktop and mobile download pages is now on a line by itself with extra verbiage that should make it clear than non-iDEN users should click it instead of the “Send To Phone” button.
Everything should still work the same as before but if I broke anything please let me know with a comment.
  1. you need to fix the error 905 now or im going to vizson where ther is no error

  2. Yes please more games for the samsung seek sph-m350 touch-screen other sites i have to keep flippin open my phone, thanx, site does look better

  3. okay so i can not download any music to my innuendo and i don’t have a memory card do i need one to get music?

    • Yes

  4. Can not find any working apps for icognito there all error 905 mismatch just from reading here iden phones are a mess and opera mini is a waste of time does boost have anything that works before i go back to att

  5. The player for incognito is in the apps section. Its called lplayer (L) march 7th post. i have it on my phone. Might have download couple times but it works. Sorry for strayin from topic

  6. Way easier. And wheresa app for incognito thatsa music player/etc? Cuz there isnt one that works (ie. Mr i hava innuendo) anywhere. Keep upda good work dennis

  7. Word. Thumbs up brosiff. Come up on a music player for the Innuendo. Plays in the background, make some sort of play list. Us (be wishin had duh incognito) innuendo users are in desperate need. Yuh hurr.

  8. I like the new improvements made to the mobile site Dennis . It looks a lot more cleaner than previously . 🙂

    • Thanks. I hope people find it a little less confusing

  9. Touchscreen’s are a evil, because the coordinate system’s can be a little messed up between screen’s of different touch-capable technology (pressure grid, electric-field grid, etc). That, and geometry is a skill most people don’t consider useful (I’m one who didn’t).

  10. We need more touchscreen games i have the samsung seek and its hard to find free games that works ty

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