I’ve made an enhancement to the Universal App Loader so that the mobile game and app links on www.brothersoft.com now work with the loader. If you are using a PC or UCWEB you don’t have to do anything special, just copy the the JAD or JAR link into the loader as you normally would. To get Brothersoft to work with Opera Mini I had to modify the bookmarklet so you need to click here and follow the instructions to install the new bookmarket in Opera Mini.

The fixes I made for Brothersoft probably fixed some other sites as well. So if you had a favorite mobile site that did not work with the Loader try it again and it just might work.

Please report any download sites that fail with the error “Upload Failed – Error: http://site.com/game.jar is not a jad or jar. Unsupported file type: text/html; charset=UTF-8” or something similar in a comment on this post.

I know about the redesigned Umnet desktop site at www.umnet.com not working anymore with the loader. I’m trying to fix it but in the meantime you can use the download id on the mobile site at m.umnet.com. The mobile site works in desktop as well as mobile browsers.

  1. Uni App Loader also works at java.kastor.mobi

  2. http://java.kastor.mobi is another game/app site that user this Brothersoft App Loader

  3. Btw,because there are multiple App Loaders for Opera,I found you dont have to assign them to Speed dial.They work Ok if you take the extra step and select Bookmarks before selecting the App Loader.

    • Good to know, thanks.

  4. Some of the zip files had a Jar file,but as most dont.and you cant tell till you unzip it,I agree this site isnt worth adding code for.

  5. Dennis,at Apniapps.com the download link points to a Zip file.

    • Looks like mainly Symbian warez on that site anyway. Symbian native apps (.sis and .sisx) won’t work on any Boost phone or any Java phone, only on Symbian which are (mainly Nokia) GSM smartphones.

  6. Thanks Dennis,works good

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