GetJar Bookmarklet Problem Fixed


GetJar has changed their mobile site again which broke the BoostApps Opera Mini GetJar bookmarklet that lets you download games and apps directly to your Boost iDEN or Nextel USA phone without the need for a PC.

The GetJar desktop site has also been changed and copying  download links from it to the Universal App Loader no longer works either.

The Boost Apps ¬†Universal App Loader is the only way to download apps directly from GetJar, the largest mobile Java app store in the world, to Boost Mobile iDEN and Nextel phones so I’ve made fixing these issues a high priority.

The Opera Mini bookmarklet has been fixed and it works again. You just need to reinstall it. Go to using Opera Mini and follow the instructions.

I’m working on a way to get the Loader working with the desktop version of Getjar too. That one is more complex and won’t be ready for a week or so. In the meantime to get apps from GetJar to your iDEN phone either use the Opera Mini bookmarklet or the iDEN Content Uploader.

3 comments on this post.

  1. woody says:

    Every app on here is made by Dennis.How many Dennis’s can there possibly be? My god man! Is there a whole army of you people?

  2. KrazyKev says:

    GetJar makes so many changes in a years time that I don’t even bother visiting their site anymore .
    Thanks for the hard work Dennis .

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