GetJar August 2011

GetJar recently made a minor change to their mobile site.  The change broke the BoostApps Opera Mini GetJar bookmarklet that lets you download games and apps directly to your Boost iDEN or Nextel USA phone without the need for a PC.

To make matters worse the GetJar desktop site has also been redesigned and the option to download .jar files to your PC has been removed.

Because iDEN phones do not support downloading apps using the browser, that leaves the BoostApps Universal App Loader is the only way to get apps  from GetJar, the largest free mobile Java app store in the world, on to Boost Mobile iDEN and Nextel phones.

I’ve fixed the Opera Mini GetJar bookmarklet. You just need to reinstall it. Go to boostapps.com/tutorials/universal-app-loader-operamini-getjar/ using Opera Mini and follow the instructions.

I’ve also made some enhancements to the Universal App Loader:

  • FIxed a bug that made downloading .jad files from the full web version of the loader fail with a 404 error.
  • Added code to completely regenerate .jad files from information in .jar.  This should fix many, but not all, “905 Attribute Mismatch”, “906 Invalid Descriptor” and “909 Application authentication failure” errors.


  1. Well , they still have not fixed GetJar .
    Every time I click a category , it gives me an ” we do not recognize your phone ” error . It does not matter which link I use .
    I have given up on GetJar and deleted the bookmarklet .

    • I get that too. I contacted GetJar on Twitter and they replied last Thursday they are aware of the issue and will have a fix “in a few days”

  2. Dennis,
    I know the Universal App Loader isn’t my phone & I don’t think I said it was? And I also know the Universal App Loader is on the Boost Apps Web Site. But I did have to originally install….the Universal App Loader on my phone as a bookmarklet from your directions on how to INSTALL it on your phone. Or maybe I am just a complete idiot, probably.

    • OK, there are two different bookmarklets for the Universal App Loader:

      There’s a generic bookmarklet that works with most download sites like Mobilerated, Phoload except GetJarr. It has not changed so you don’t need to re-install it.

      There’s also a bookmarklet just for GetJar. That’s the one that has changed and needs to be re-installed.

  3. Thanks for the links , but they have a buggy redirect that sends you to the same site and cannot read the cookies .
    Maybe they can fix it in a week or so .

  4. I am having problems just browsing the mobile 6etJar site .
    I choose j2me , then click categories , then I get the ” we do not recognize your phone ” error again .
    It is just an endless loop .
    I am using Opera Mini 4.3 on an i465 .

  5. Do you have to reinstall the Universal App Loader w/ Enhancements? I’m pretty sure we don’t, but I’ll ask just in case. Thanks You Dennis

    • The Universal App Loader isn’t your phone it’s on the BoostApps so you don’t need to install or reinstall the Loader itself.
      If you are using the BoostApps GetJar Opera Mini Bookmarklet and it’s not working you need to reinstall it,

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