“Send To Phone” Not Working

Update: the server issue has been resolved and Send To Phone is now working normally.

Sprint’s provisioning system for sending games and apps to Boost iDEN and Nextel phones is down. Which ┬ámeans that the “Send to Phone” feature for iDEN users is not working. ┬áBased on past experience, it should be up by tomorrow morning at the latest.

  1. I’m trying to use “send to phone” and it is not working for me. what i have to do to download free games?

    • Which phone are you using?

  2. Any word on when this might be up again?

    • That’s hard to say. The Sprint service that Send to Phone uses is primarily for developer use and Sprint doesn’t guarantee that it will always be up.

      However in the past it’s hardly ever down and never for more than 8 hours. I’ve reported the problem on the Sprint Developer Forum and just now emailed one of the Sprint developer support people. Hopefully it will be up before long.

  3. man how am i supposed to get opera mini now

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