I’ve spent most of the day working on getting the Universal App Loader working on phones. It now works.

The form itself is functional in the mobile version. The biggest issue now is that mobile browsers, including Openwave, Bolt and Opera Mini, do not have a way to copy a link URL.  The only browser that does and works on iDEN phones is UC WEB 6.7.  Here’s how to use it to download games and apps from sites like mobilerated.com/wap/ and others. See here for a list of working sites and site specific tips.

  • Launch UCWEB (get it here) and load Boostapps.com.  Click the mobile site link (not strictly necessary, but it’s a lot faster.)
  • Open the Universal App Loader page.
  • Press the left softkey labeled “Menu”, choose “Window”, then “New Window”.
  • Load wap.gamejump.com or other download site.
  • Click “Select Phone” and choose yours or a similar model if yours isn’t listed.
  • Find a game you want. Highlight the “Download” link.  Select “Menu”,  then “Tools” then  “Copy”, then “Select Link” (first image, below).
  • Press the “3” key to switch back to the BoostApps
  • Click the text box, then click the phone’s Menu key and choose “Paste”.  UC WEB will display it’s clipboard (second image), highlight the topmost item and press the left softkey (labeled “OK”) twice.
  • Click the “Upload” File button on BoostApps (third image). If you get an error it means the Loader couldn’t find a jad or jar file at the URL you entered.
  • On the next screen scroll down and click the  DOWNLOAD (jad) link to download and install the app.

The Universal App Uploader should work on most sites.  It’s been confirmed as working with UCWEB on the following sites::

m.phoload.com/ work perfectly using the instructions above

getjar.com is tricky but possible.  Instructions here.

m.ownskin.com/ works if you browse through the games section to find your games. The “OS Key”quick download form doesn’t work.

m.umnet.com works but there’s no search box or directory on the mobile site. You have to start on the desktop Umnet desktop page at umnet.com which works in UCWEB though not very well.   First click “games” or “apps”. Find a game or app you are interested in and click its title to bring up the page for that app or game. On the game or app page scroll down to where it says “Download ID” and write down the 6 digit number that is the download ID. Then go to the mobile site at m.umnet.com and click “Download by ID”. Enter the download ID in the text box and press the “Go” button to get the download link.

I believe I can fix the compatibility issues with at least some of these sites.  You can help by testing other download sites (There’s a big list on WapReview.com) and letting me know in the comments what works with UCWEB and with desktop browsers.

UCWEB Copy Menu UCWEB Clipboard Universal App Loader

  1. how to download games in my phone

  2. How To Download This site in my Phone??

  3. One more thing Dennis,wish my phone had more memory to type longer msgs. I wish I knew you more than here. You remind me of myself back then! I want to stay alive,not much left N feel like its a matter of time. I’ll always admire you Dennis! My friend:).

  4. Dennis, between us older folks. I’d recommend you as Lord of the Calif. division back when 8bit Commodores ruled. Dennis, I think you’re absolutely inspiring to the iDEN network! You give us hope and a better future! My days are numbered,keep it up:)

  5. Dennis, WOW you broke the thresh hold! 🙂 You are magnificent! Your universal uploader works for my i776 and yes its trial n error. Now living in a tent in the remote woods of Laconia, NH. Had no choice but alive w meds.:) Your uploader works perfectly 🙂

  6. can use anything on this site for my blackberry curve

    • Some of the games and apps here will work on BlackBerrys. Visit boostapps.com with your BlackBerry’s browser.  Find a game or app you want. Click the “JAD” link below the app’s description. However, BlackBerry specific games and apps are more likely to work or work better than the generic versions on this site. See this big list of free BlackBerry software.

  7. Thank’s, Annie. I’m a total geek at this point, otherwise my answer’s would be more humane.
    Don’t spend too much time around computer’s, you’ll become a bio-organic one! Phone’s too. Computer chip’s run at a different frequency than brain, messes with it.

  8. You crack me up TommyBlaze, no “beating around the bush” with you.

  9. Works great with my i856! The UCWEB browser is simplicity at its finest..and ive had no problems exept which games to choose! Haha..thanks dennis..you rock!

  10. It should. Try it and let us know.

  11. look…. you can copy it….just hover the mouse over the link….press and hold select buttun or ok button…. select open in new tab…. go to that tab….stop it…. press menu… hover over address bar…click and hold ok or select button…. select copy!! and that how you do it 🙂

    • this way works with operamini and bolt

    • I haven’t had a any luck doing this with Bolt. When I hit Stop while the link is loading in a new page the address bar contains the URL of the previous page, not the download link. I think I’ll stick with UCWEB.

    • This is with Opera Mini 5.0 or 5.1, right? I can’t really try it as My i776 can only run opera Mini 3.1 and 4.2.

    • it should work with opera mini 4.2 idk bout 3

    • I don’t see how. Opera Mini 4.2 doesn’t support copy/paste and the iDEN OS doesn’t have any built in copy/paste ability either.

  12. i love u man thanks dennis u are a genius thank you

  13. Actually..yeah, I do write down very large link’s. I have 2-line link’s to bit’s of programming info in notebook’s.
    Yes, though, UCWeb is much easier and way more convenient if your not insane and OCD enough to copy a URL by hand and then type it out.

  14. You can access link info in Opera Mini.
    Press 1, scroll to Link and click on it, then scroll to and click Information.
    You can use the data, but it MUST be exactly as it appear’s under Information.

    • But there is no way to copy and paste that information in Opera Mini. Do you write the URL down or memorize it and then type it back into the Universal App Loader’s form? That’s pretty tedious and error prone. Try using UCWEB, it’s a lot easier.

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