I’ve discovered that some Boost phones including the Incognito, Juno and probably others will not load an app if the JAD file has lines of text that are continued (wrapped) on the next line. The install will fail with an “Attribute Mismatch” error. That’s unfortunate because some Java development tools as well as the JadMaker utility will wrap lines in the JAD that are longer than 72 characters.

I’ve modifified the Universal App Loader to unwrap any wrapped lines.  Hopefully, that will reduce the number of “Attribute Mismatch” errors when using the loader.

The wrapped lines issue also affects some of the apps I’ve posted on BoostApps.  I’ve started going through all the apps and fixing any wrapped lines. Most of the ones I looked at were OK but I found and fixed the following that weren’t: GoBible Old Testament Part 1-3, Battleship, MultiCounter, Mobile Task Manager, Mobidentica, MobileInvaders, DilbertWebWag, and V-Clinic Weight.

I will continue checking all the apps on BoostApps and fixing any wrapped lines in the JAD files. That will probably take a couple of weeks to finish.  In the meantime, if there is a particular app that’s not installing and giving an Attribute Mismatch or similar error let me know in the comments and I’ll check it.

Note that there are many things can cause an app to fail with an Attribute Mismatch error on some phones.  This fix is only for one possible error out of many and there will continue to be apps that work on one phone and not another.

  1. What is happen

    • Nothing to worry about. This is a five year old post about a bug I fixed back in the day.

  2. So, If I redo the setup for the UNIversal Uploader.. Also the diff one for Getjar. I use that site the most… Will they work for my Incognito .. I have boost… I have tried to install the Mafia Wars. and cannot Jads seem to work more in some games and apps… I can get mafia wars w my uc web7.5. But cannot view it properly . I dont have a pc .. tks! We greatly appreciate this site, and work you all put in!

    • The latest fix is server side so you don’t have to reinstall the Universal App Loader bookmarklets as they haven’t changed. If Mafia Wars doesn’t install when you click the link in GetJar, try installing it with the Universal Apploader bookmarklet. It neither work it’s probably incompatible with the phone.

  3. Once again, you ROCK, Dennis!

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