Motorola i1

I was lucky enough to win a Motorola i1 Android iDEN phone in a random drawing at the Sprint Developer  Conference in October. Now that I’ve been using it for a while I felt it was time to share my i1 experiences with BoostApps’ readers.

The phone’s been out for nearly a year and there’s tons of reviews of it on the web so I’m going to focus on my personal impressions rather than going over every button and feature. If you want more information I’ve listed and linked to what I consider the best in-depth reviews of the i1 at the end of the post.

My i1 is a Nextel branded unit.  It comes with a different default wallpaper than the Boost version and has a few extra Sprint/Nextel exclusive apps; NASCAR, Sprint Football Live, Sprint Zone and Telenav, but I believe that it’s otherwise identical to the Boost version.

The prize i1 came with a month’s free Nextel service which works just like Boost, same network, same coverage, same speed.  When the month ended, I popped my Boost SIM into the i1 and everything worked as it did with Nextel SIM except that Sprint Football Live and Sprint Zone crash when I try to launch them. Telenav launches but complains that my account is invalid. The only one of those apps I miss is Telenav, a decent turn by turn navigation app.  The NASCAR app seems to work fine on Boost but as I’m not a fan I haven’t really explored it.

The specs of the i1 (slow 500 MHz processor, smallish 3.1 inch, 320×480 px inch screen and especially the ancient version 1.5 of the Android OS) are rather pedestrian in the current world of Android super phones.  I’ve used high end Android phones including  my wife’s HTC Evo, so I expected to be disappointed with the i1.  But the phone surprised me and I ended up liking it a lot and making it my main device.

First of all. pictures of the i1 are deceiving. It’s got this busy, frumpy look to it and also appears rather thick in most photos.  It meets Military Standard 810F for Dust, Shock and Vibration resistance which usually a heavy and bulky device.  But the i1, at 131 grams, is lighter than the iPhone.  It’s a very thin phone too, 12.8 mm, actually a little  thinner than the Evo.

Performance is another area where the i1 surprised me. Transitions between apps are generally quick as is cold boot time. The WiFi performance is the best I’ve ever seen from any phone. The WiFi in my house is rather flaky and every other phone I’ve used there, including the Evo and several Nokias, tends to drop the connection occasionally and require turning the phone’s WiFi on and off to get working again. But the i1 really holds on to the weak connection and never drops. Performance on the iDEN network surprised me too. Opera Mini is noticeably faster than on other iDEN phones, Gmail works great on iDEN with messages pushed to the phone as soon as they are received. Reading emails is lag free on iDEN too as long as you don’t try to download images. My Google calendar stays synced up and the Google Talk and TweetCaster Twitter apps notify me of IM requests and Twitter DM’s and @boostapps.comreplies while I’m out and about. Another nice plus is that on the Boost pay as you go plan the $0.35/day data fee is not required and all apps including the stock browser without the data add-on.

The camera is good for an iDEN phone but only so so when compared with the best camera phones like the Nokia N8 and N95 or even the Evo. It has auto focus with a dedicated two stage shutter button and a single LED flash.  The flash is really only useful for close ups but makes a pretty good flashlight when used with the free Simple LED app from the Android Market. The photo below shows the camera at its best (click to view full size).

i1 Sample Photo

Video recording is another story, the i1 camcorder takes videos at a low  352 x 288 px resolution and a slow 15 fps.  These are the sort of video specs I expect to see on a basic camera phone rather than a smartphone.

Android 1.5 is actually not bad. It’s rock stable on my i1 and never seems to crash. Motorola added a number of features that are not part of stock 1.5 including Microsoft Exchange support, Flash Lite, the Swype keyboard and of course iDEN push to talk. I don’t use PTT so I can’t really comment on that but I’ve heard it works great on the i1. I love Swype though, it’s the fastest way to type on a touch screen.  Take a look at the videos on this page to get an idea of  how it works.

The biggest problem with 1.5 is that it limits your app choices. Many popular apps like the newer versions of Google Maps with built in navigation, the Skyfire browser and the best selling Angry Birds game all require Android 1.6 or latter. Still there are thousands of great apps available that do work on the i1. My favorites (all free)  are:

  • Opera Mini – There’s an older 5.0 version of Opera Mini preinstalled that works well except that Motorola has in-explicitly removed the Opera Link feature that backs up and syncs you bookmarks between Opera browsers on all your phones and PCs. You can download the latest (5.1.22460) version of Opera Mini from the Android Market which does have Opera Link. But that version also has a bug (details here) that makes text not fit to width and images blurry on the i1. The best Opera Mini version I’ve found for the i1 is 5.1.22126 which you can download from here: Opera Mini 5.1.21126.apk using the phone’s browser. It has Opera Link, images are sharp and text wraps properly.
  • YouTube – This is the official YouTube app. It works great on WiFi and integrates with the Opera Mini and stock browsers to stream you tube videos in the browser. Unfortunately Google removed it from the i1 because it doesn’t work on iDEN. Download it from here: com.google.android.youtube_130.apk with the phone browser.
  • TweetCaster – I’ve tried all the Twitter clients and this one seems to works the best on the i1, it supports multiple accounts, notifications and displays Twitpics in-line. Get it from the Market in paid or ad-supported free versions.
  • Facebook – the official Facebook app from the market. Shows your news feed and your friend’s walls, lets you upload pictures, chat, search for friends and make and approve friend requests
  • AK Notepad – handy note taking app that creates standard text files. From the Android Market
  • OI Safe – Store all your passwords securely and password protected. From the Android Market
  • Simple Led – turns the camera flash into a flashlight. No ads and turns the light on and off instantly. From the Android Market.
  • ES File Explorer – Full featured file manager; copy, move, delete and open files on SD card or phone memory. From the Android Market.
  • Aldiko – An eBook reader that works well and lets you download thousands of free books. From the Android Market.
  • WeatherBug – a good weather app with current and long range forecasts, radars, weather cams and a pollen forecast. It’s best feature is that it displays the current temperature in the Android notification bar at the top of the screen. From the Android Market.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Widgets by Curvefish – Good looking Widgets that let you toggle the WiFi and Bluetooth radios on and off with a single tap. From the Android Market.
  • There are also a lot of other Android widgets that work with the i1.  Widgets  are little apps that live on your home screen and update them selves periodically. The image on the right below shows the Google Search with Voice Search, One Touch Direct Connect, WeatherBug, NASCAR and Music Player widgets. All come with the phone except for WeatherBug which is included with the WeatherBug app.
  • i1 Home Screen i1 Widgets

    To sum it up, the i1 is the best iDEN phone ever and surprisingly one of the better Android phones I’ve used. It works really well on Boost Unlimited or Pay As You Go service. The only drawback is the $399.99 price. To be honest the i1, though it works really well, is spec’ed and feels more like a $250 phone than a $400 one. Also it seems likely that Boost CDMA side will be getting an Android phone this year which will certainly be cheaper and run a newer version of Android. Sprint’s Virgin Mobile division already has the Android 2.1 Samsung Intercept for $249.99. The i1 is thinner than the the intercept and has a much better screen but is it $150 better?

    For more about the i1, PhoneScoop and PhoneDog seem to have the most in-depth reviews and both also have lots of photos of the phone. Also see Motorola’s i1 page for full specs and more pictures and Android Authority which has a four part 20 minute long video unboxing and review.

    If you have any questions about the the i! or have one and want to share your experiences and app recommendations, leave a comment below.

  1. Does anyone have a disk that came with the phone they will share? Or how to ActiveSync/pc with this phone.

    • I don’t have the disk but you can download the manual here or view it online here

      This is what the manual says about ActiveSync:

      Find it: Menu > Settings > Data synchronization > Exchange ActiveSync

      1 Enter your user name (username@boostapps.comcompany.com), password, email address, and server details including domain name and security type (server address is the same URL you use to access your company’s email using the Web on your computer).
      Note: Contact your business IT department for server details.

      2 Touch Next.

      3 Set up your sync options: select email and/or contacts.

      4 Touch Save & sync.

    • Here is what I am looking for
      When downloading the files to your phone you need to use the ActiveSync/pc
      suite software that came with your phone. Using xp or windows drag and
      drop to your phone will not work. If you do not have the original phone
      software cd it can usually be downloaded free of charge from the phone
      manufacturers website, A cable download is more reliable.

      When choosing where to download the software to, simply place it in the
      phones internal memory, do not place it in a subfolder of the internal

    • If sounds like your are trying to install some sort of app on the phone.

      On Android phones like the i1 the best way to get apps is to go the the Android Market on the phone, search for the app you want and tap “Install”.

      If you already have the app on your PC here’s how to send it to the phone. This will only work if it’s an Android app. Android apps have .apk file extensions. Apps for other systems like .exe, .jad, or .jar. will not work.

      Starting at the phone’s home screen press the menu button
      Tap “Settings” the tap “Applications”
      Tap “Unknown sources” so that it has a green check mark next to it
      Press the Back button
      Tap “USB” then tap “Memory Card” so that it has a green check mark next to it
      Press the Back button
      Connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable
      The phone will appear in Windows Explorer as a removable disk. Copy the app’s .apk file to the removable disk
      Remove the cable. Launch OuickOffice on the phone.
      Tap Memory card. Tap the name of the app’s .apk file that you copied to the phone. Tap Install.

  2. how do I copy my photos from my I1 android phone to my SD card?

    • You don’t need to, the i1 camera always stores photos in the /dcim/camera/ folder on the memory card

  3. i have a motorola i1. i had it repaired last summer. and now i seem to be having the same problem. i get a red circle with a slash on it, and it reads “network or sim card error” my service provider would love for me to bring it in and spend another $100 plus to repair. i take good care of this phone and they told me it had to do with my screen. WTF! please help!

    • Remove the battery and SIM for a few minutes. If that doesn’t fix it try replacing the SIM with a new one. If that fails get a new phone, it’s not worth $100 to fix an i1, especially with the iDEN network shutting down next year.

    • The Iden Network is being phased out. Check your coverage area for the Iden network on boostmobile.com. My Motorola i1 stopped working as of last week. Boost has a replacement plan for all who own Iden network phones. It will take a week to get it. Call and have them replace yours. the new one that they mail will be on the CDMA network. It is a prewowned phone, but it will work on a more reliable network. I was getting the same message just after I paid my phone bill and thought they didn’t apply the payment to my account. My phone says ” Not Registered on the network. Nice, two weeks with no phone! I know how you feel. Ripped off, huh?

  4. I bought an i1Nextel on Ebay and it’s a great phone, no PTT, WIFII, Phone issues at all. It runs 1.5 however. I have the same texting issues, it’s a shame but not the end of the world. I say that because I am in Mexico and if you are a Nextel customer in Mexico, then you are a client of the most obnoxious, uncaring and inefficient organization on the planet, to be sure. So approaching them with a problem is like suing the ocean. Don’t even bother trying. I enjoyed the article on the i1. I had the same experience.

  5. For those of you with battery problems, download app killer and battery booster widget from the android app store. This will make the battery last all day. Also make sure the gps is turned off.

    God bless!

  6. i have this phone aswell every issues that i have read mine is doing all the above,oh wait i have one to add i can call people i can hear them but they can not hear me ,then i get a full battery charge and then it say battery low within 5min,i paid 389 for this phone and have to get a new phone.I do not wont to buy a over priced battery and still may have to get a knew phone. VERY VERY HORRIBLE PHONE

    • Lori, You might try doing what I did. I was having battery problems too and even though I am a Boost Mobile customer, I called a local Sprint store and explained what was going on and they ordered a new battery for me at no charge, and even let me keep the old one as a back-up. I don’t know who your phone service is through, but Boost is a part of the Sprint’s network, and the Motorola I1 is also a Sprint phone. Hope this helps you.

  7. i have my motorola i1 but is nextel. i use it with my boost mobile sim card, everything works good but text messaging, i cant send any! did you have the same problem? how can i unlock it?

    • Messaging works fine on my i1 on Boost other than the occasional delay that happens with all iDEN phones. I’d call Boost, tell them you are using an i1 and messaging doesn’t work. Probably something is provisioned incorrectly.

  8. Whats Up wiht YouTube?

  9. Can someone please help me!!!!!!! Please I just bought a Motorola i1 from my friend. So I set my own pattern lock key and then I went to setting to cancel it and I accidently touch security code now my cell phone is locked I am so upset is there any way I can unlocked without having to add a google account that is asking me for? I dont have one 🙁

    • It’s probably asking for the previous owner’s Google login and password. If you don’t know their credentials you will have to hard reset the phone (warning: this revert the phone to the state it was when it left the factory and will remove all contacts, texts, appointments, user installed apps and any music or photos except what’s on the memory card).

      Here’s how to reset the i1

      Turn OFF the phone, then:

      Press and hold the following 4 keys: both the up and down volume keys, the green call key and the center ok button.

      While holding down all four keys, press the red End/Power key. Keep holding all five keys until you see a picture of a box and an arrow,

      When you see the box and arrow image, release all the buttons.

      Then wait patiently for several minutes as the phone completes the reset and re-starts.

  10. I Love my i1 but I have a question… I downloaded the myxer app and it says I can download free games from it… So when I download the game I can’t find it in my phone unless I go to the brower and check my downloads… but the thing is I can’t find a way to play the game… What are the steps of me playing the games I downloaded…

    • I thought Myxer of Android was just for ringtones and music on Android. But if they have games now, open the browser, go to downloads and tap the name of game you have downloaded. You may have to allow installation from unknown sources (Go to the Home screen tap Menu > Settings > Applications: tick the “Unknown sources” box

    • Dennis, how do you access the download history from the browser? The only time I am lucky to find it is after I have downloadad something. Let me explain that after I open my browser I can do a long press on the “back arrow” and can access browser “history,” “most visited,” and “bookmarks,” but without using something like Astro, I have a hard time locating the download history. And suggestions?

  11. My boost i1 I got for $350.00 six months ago and barely 2 months ago it started freezing up on me,.and the lil world up at the top won’t show preventing me from making calls and sending or receiving text messages I’m using it only through wifi, this phone sucks I’ve been through boost customer care and the advanced technical support personnel, stupid buy I’ve had two already with the same problem and have been a customer since 2001…

    • Sorry to hear your i1 is acting up. Mine is still going strong after a year. Great phones if you get a good one.

      Try doing a hard reset (aka Master Clear)
      On the home screen tap Menu
      Tap Settings
      Tap SD card & phone storage
      Tap Master Clear
      Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted and the original firmware re-installed.

      If the hard reset doesn’t fix it your phone is defective. Contact Motorola for a free repair as the phone is less than a year old and still under warranty.

  12. Did you adjust the setting of your phone to be used by the PC? Usually when you plug the usb cable into the PC from the phone it tells you to enable usb. You can also do this manually by going into your settings and enabling it while the phone is plugged in. If you have, perhaps the you can look into your computers task bar to see if you see the usb icon and open it, provided that you see it. Try a different USB port if all else fails, and if you have more than one.

  13. My computer won’t read my phn. Is there a way to download it to my pc?

    • Probably, what is “it” that you’re trying to download?

  14. i love the i1. it works great but the only issue for me is that i connected it to my husbands toshiba laptop to get my music it worked fine but i tried to connect it to my del laptop and it doesnt do anything. i plugin the usb cord and get nothing. can anyone help with this?

    • Try Downloading the Motorola Helper from their Website It Includes All Usb Drivers for Data / Charging / Phone as a modem Etc & it Auto Detects your phone & Also Auto-updates This Should Help ya out Good Luck

  15. Although everyone seems to be unhappy with their i1s, I actually like mine, though it probably didn’t hurt that I got it for free and it gets free data on Pay As You Go.

    Sure iDEN data is very slow but it always has been. It’s fast enough for reliable push email with Gmail and browsing with Opera Mini is tolerable.

    My i1 is stable, gets decent battery life for a smartphone and has the best WiFi reception on any phone I’ve used.

    • I paid $349.00 for this Motorola I1, and for it to run this slowly data transfer really upsets me. don’ live in an area where the wifi is good. So, I feel like I’ve been duped. There are too many force closes on my apps, The phone gets too hot, The battery life is less than one full day. For that amount of money I could have purchased an acer laptop. This android phone should have been put on the cdma network, but instead they put a Turtle shell on top of a racecar. I think yours was a tester or marketing product, those always work the best because they want good reviews.

    • LOL, less than an hour after I wrote the above comment bragging about how stable my i1 was it rebooted twice while I was trying to send a text! Oh well, time for a hard reset I guess.

  16. Try removing the battery for a few minutes. It that doesn’t help try doing a hard reset (aka Master Clear)
    On the home screen tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap SD card & phone storage
    Tap Master Clear
    Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted and the original firmware re-installed.

    The messaging issue may be a result of a provisioning error by Boost. If the battery pull and Master Clear doesn’t fix it call Boost. You need to get them to either transfer you to tech support or create a ticket for tech support that describes the issue. You may have to call more than once to find a rep willing to do either.

  17. I got the Motorola i1 and i have 2 problems with it.
    The first problem is that i cant send text messages it just show the arrow that is been send but after a while it will show a message telling me that the message fail to send. I do receive messages from boost but not from friends.
    The second problem is that while using the camera after I take a picture the screen turns black and the phone reboots/restart an after i go to gallery there is nothing in the gallery.

    I have already done a Master reset under network but nothing was fix what else can I do?? need help.

  18. Seriously, we spend the same amount of money on these phones as we do for an Acer laptop. The Iden network needs to increase the processing speed on these phones. 1.5, really? We live in the time period of sophisticated technology, a 1.5 processing speed on an android phone is like putting a turtle shell on a race-car.

    • With the Nextel and Boost iDEN network due to be shut down in 2013, I don’t see Sprint or Motorola making any enhancements to it at all. If you eant faster data you need to use a CDMA or GSM phone.

  19. i just got the motrola i1 and its kwel to use. but the only thing i dnt get is that how come you cant watch any youtube video on it. oh and it says “connect to wi-fi to see vieo”is it so necessary so whats the point of paying internet for boost, if you cant watch videos.

    • I iDEN network is much too slow to support streaming video, you have to use WiFi for that.

  20. Nice review for sure. But now I am having a problem. I have an i1 and for the last two weeks am traveling away from my “home” market, which is in Texas. Since I’ve been gone, I have been on the East coast in western Florida. Lately my swype text has stopped working. From the day I got off the plane, after having been required to turn off the phone or have the phone in air plane mode during my flight. I was sitting at the air port waiting for my ride, and couldn’t use swype text. By that I mean I can trace or “swype” just one word before Swype seems to lock up or freeze.

    I tried to resolve the problem in a few ways. First I powered the phone off and back on, and still no swipe text, then I powered the phone off once again and removed and replaced the battery. When I switched it back on there was still no swipe texting, and by that I mean that I can only trace or swipe one word and then Swype freezes/and or crashes randomly. I can however tap one letter at a time and it doesn’t freeze up. Very baffled or miffed.

    The only thing I can think about that may cause this is that I am in a different market other than my home network, or at least I’m not in the network where the phone is registered or where it was first activated. Could swype text simply not work when roaming, even though the phone doesn’t show that I am roaming? Besides I have nation wide long distance and there should be no roaming, right?

    Also I didn’t mention, I am a Boost Mobile customer.

    • I’ve used Swype away from my home market many times on My i1 on Boost without any of the problems you described. I think the Swype install must have gotten corrupted somehow.

      Try switching the Input Method to XT9 or the Android keyboard and then back to Swype. If that doesn’t fix it a hard reset should. just be sure to do a backup first (ES File manager is a good free app for doing app backups) as a reset will wipe all your installed apps. It will wipe contacts and calendar too but if you sync those to Google they will come right back when you log into your Google account.

  21. The phone sucks!! I got it hooked up two days ago and the phone is in crisp condition! And I adore it except for the fact that I CAN’T EVEN USE IT! The battery refuses to charge, the touch screen refuses to work with me sending people random messages. I can’t even make a phone call because the phone will push other buttons and totally go wack! The phone is a disgrace!

    • My i1 is still working great and doesn’t do any of those things
      Try doing a hard reset (aka Master Clear)
      On the home screen tap Menu
      Tap Settings
      Tap SD card & phone storage
      Tap Master Clear
      Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted and the original firmware re-installed.

      If the hard reset doesn’t fix it your phone is defective. Return it to where you bought or contact Motorola for a free warranty repair if the phone is less than a year old

    • Good luck with Boost moblie or motorola cust. service! They are horrible!

  22. This phone is horrible. It is slow and it randomly turns off and on! I only get about %25 of my phone calls and I live in Tacoma a pretty big city! Almost everytime somebody trys to call me it says “please wait while the subscriber you are trying to reach is being located”. Boost is a horrible service and would not recommend it for nobody! They will probably delete this post but I have never had so many problems with a phone service provider!

    • I have the same problem with the “Wait while the subscriber you are trying to reach is located” What the heck is that about?..I has poor battery life, force closes apps, and is on the slowest network for data transfers. We got duped! If you live in a hot spot your screwed on the internet connection speed. Plus the phone gets too hot.
      This phone costs way too much money for the crappy work put in to it’s technology.

    • Oops,I meant to say, if you don’t live in a hot spot you are screwed on the internet connection speed.

  23. great review – I suggest getting the extended battery for this phone 🙂

    • I Bought one of the ” Extended ” Batterys for My i1 But it Don’t Even Fit 🙁 ???
      Where Do I Get A Good Extended Battery that Really Fits & the Door Cover I tryed Ebay Good Batterys But Not Much of a Difference in mAh the Best I have Seen is
      1820 mAh is that the Max that Will Fit ??? Please Anyone Who Knows About this
      Please Reply & Thanks For Any help …

  24. Try this…lately (like the last month or so) My phone has stopped receiving calls. I have been told by people that my phone will not take calls, it goes right to a message that say’s “We can’t find this person” and I can’t call my voice-mail. I’m a little miffed about this cause I like this phone but now only people can text me?

    • Get you bank statement for receipt and go to the nearest boost mobile phone store or where you bought it and exchange it. You may have to do this more than one as each of these phones seem to have a different problem. Mine gets too hot, the battery life sucks, and I have too many forced closed apps. Don’t get this phone if you don’t live in a hot spot. I doubt that there will ever be any upgrades on the network. They should stop selling these phones on the Iden network, and change the currently one to that network.

    • I meant get your bank statement and reciept. I’m using the swipe feature. I have problems with messages and skipped words altogether sometimes on that, too. Jumbled up.

  25. I have a major problem with this phone Motorola i1. Today it started acting up and not downloading any apps at all, it tells me that the download was unsuccessful all the time with any app I try and its not doing anything I paid almost $500 for this phone a yr ago and now its not working I am so irritated right now does anyone know how to fix this problem or is the apps pretty much done on this phone?

    • Try removing and replacing the battery. If that doesn’t help call Boost or do a hard reset

  26. I can’t download Java in my cell phone Motorola i1 why? Also I can download youtube to watch videos in my cell? Can you please help me on how to install Incredimail in my cell phone # is faster then any other

    • The i1 is an Android phone that runs Android apps not mobile Java apps. That’s not really a problem as there are many more Android apps than mobile Java ones and they are generally of better quality. Tap the Market icon on the Android homescreen to get start.

      Incredimail is an Email client for PCs only. it doesn’t run on any phone. Use the Gmail or Email apps on the i1 to send and read your Email.

  27. I Saw Ptt app on android market somewhere ? LoL

    so i assume it will work on most androids ???

  28. Hi Dennis,

    I loaded Mercury Mobile on my Motorola I1 and every thing appears ok. I send out a message but the receiver never gets it. Any idea what might be wrong?

    • I don’t use that app or MSM Messenger but if it doesn’t work try a different app. eBuddy and Fring both support MSN

  29. how do i upload pics to facebook

    • The Facebook Android app works well for uploading pictures.

  30. How did you take the screen picture ?

  31. if any of you are thinking of getting an i1 boost, dont do it. Speed on web is 19 kbps. No video viewing without wifi. Ive had this phone for 8 months now and being that it is my first smart phone it was cool at first but now everyone around me has way faster speeds with there phone. The only thing that is good about it is that I pay 56$ all included for unlimited talk, text, email,walki talki, web ect. i pay less than half of all my friends and family. i just wish i had at least half there speed, their getting around 3 mbph on their phones.

    • I totally agree, the Iden network sucks when it comes to data transfers. I don’t know why they didn’t put the Motorola i1 on CDMA net work. They will probably have to phase out all of these phones, or change the network due to all of the complaints. Oh, and extended batter life would be nice, too. Mine doesn’t last a full day.

  32. I have this phone and only recently started having issues with power and my battery…I also had heard they may update the android system with a download? I hate to hear Iden will be gone, I guess in a few years I will have to change again…I love boost though, tired of Sprint and the contract thing, I will never return to contracts again!
    Thanks for the info it was helpful and I liked the review.

  33. I just bought the i1. It was 230.00 for boost. The blackberry is 200.00 so its not that bad of a price. I only have one problem. I can’t log onto wireless at my job. We use an unsecure wiFi signal but you have to have a user name and password. It usually redirect when you open the browser but it doesnt on this phone which REALLY SUCKS

    • You need to use the Android browser (globe icon) not Opera Mini to connect to WiFi login screens. Once you’re loged in you can use Opera Mini or any other app.

      If you are using the Android browser and it still doesn’t work try using the special Android 1.5 version of Opera Mobile 10.1 from: http://www.opera.com/mobile/download/versions/ I’ve found that it works on some hotspots (like Borders) where the Android browser hangs.

  34. I read on a forum that Sprint will do away with IDEN in 2013. I would love to have the i1, but can’t pay 400 bucks for a phone that won’t work in two years! Does anyone know if this is true?

    • If you plan to keep your phone for more than two years your concerns are justified.

      Sprint has announced that they are planning to eliminate iDEN. They’ve said they will begin phasing it out in 2013 but also say they will continue to support iDEN through 2013.

      My take is that they will begin decommissioning iDEN towers sometime in 2013 (which will hurt coverage) with the complete shut down coming sometime in 2014.

      For more about the future of iDEN see:
      Sprint Extends iDEN® Network Infrastructure Supply Agreement with Motorola Solutions for Three Additional Years
      Sprint to phase out iDEN in 2013

    • I couldn’t care less about the Iden network, they don’t do much for me with the super slow network speed. I want to know what will be done about all of these existing Motorola i1 phones that we payed and continue to pay hundreds of dollars for. They are still selling these phones with the intention of phasing the network out. Will Motorola still sell these under a different network?.. Or did we just throw hundreds of dollars down the tube for the employees of the Iden network to retire and live on.

    • So What Am I Gonna Do W My $350 i1 After Iden Shuts Down ??? I Hope Motorola Or Boost Has a Trade in Special Will the Phone Even Work After the Shutdown ???
      & If So What About the Ptt / Walkie Feature that’s one reason I Bought the Phone in the first place I Have Seen Android Ptt Apps on the Market But not sure if any of them are any good ??? Anyone that Knows About this ? Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated Thanks …

  35. Yes, the i1 is expensive. I paid $349.95 at Best Buy last September. I had previously dropped my Verizon $60+ monthly service and switched to Boost Pay-As-You-Go with an i776 phone also purchased at Best Buy. Calculating the difference in service cost, I figured that I would have the i1 paid for in about 6 months. My home is in the mountains about 2 miles from the nearest IDEN service area where my i776 was completely useless. But my i1 with it’s great wi-fi is very much alive through my home network. Yes, the 1.5 Android version is limited in the App Market… to only a few thousand apps. Enough to keep me exploring for years… and there are new apps coming out that do support all Android versions (but sadly not Kindle or Nook ebook reader apps). And, best of all, I can switch my SIM card back to my i776 phone anytime I choose (as a backup, for instance, if I don’t wish to take my expensive smartphone skydiving, river rafting or mountain climbing). Now all I need is to have Boostapps start recommending selections from the Android market for my great Iden i1.

  36. Thanks Dennis . That is the most honest review of the i1 I have seen . But I believe I can stand to wait for the CDMA version , if it turns out not to be vaporware .

  37. thanks for the review Dennis i do agree thou this phone is nice but not worth $400
    a friend has it and his major complaint about it, is battery life also tells me it is very slow which is typical on iden

  38. Hands down the most honest review I have seen .

  39. wow seems like a pretty good phone but i think its ridiculous on how much it cost… the blackberry 8350i i think is still pretty good enough. although i have the samsung seek for boost i really miss the walkie talkie that was the best il for sure be getting this phone soon or the black berry 8350i for nextel.

  40. Nice Review Indeed. I Gotta Say. I Loved Boost Mobile. Unfortunately In My Area. Specifically My Home. Sprint Cdma And Iden Service Is Non Existent. With My Job I Had To Change And Found Straight talk. Don’t Get Me Wrong I Still Love Boost. But Sprint Needs To Kick It In Gear And Expand Coverage.

  41. Nice review. Thanks!!!!

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