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Please use this page to request and recommend apps and games you would like added to BoostApps. I don’t have much time to spare on this site anymore so I can’t promise that your requests will be honored but I will try to fill at least some of them.

This site only hosts legitimate freeware and public domain games and apps. Please do not request paid apps.

You can send most games and apps that you find on the Web to your phone using the Universal App Loader. For help with the Loader see: Detailed Universal App Loader Help and How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC .

You also make requests in the BoostApp User Forum’s Java ME ames and Apps Wanted sections and a community member may be able to help you.

I will continue to post useful, non-commercial games and apps  that users have installed with or without the loader and posted about on the Forum’s Java ME Games and Apps That Work thread.

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  1. i want some games 4 night times

  2. I like the game’s app.

  3. Why we can’t download any apps for Qnet mobile? On ths apps.

  4. cool site. very informative for free apps. i do hope you inform us about pokemon if it’s for free. 😊

  5. W0w its very nice game.

  6. How to play download youtube

  7. From the bottom of my heart…Thank You very much for helping me and another people like me. No budget to buy application site. God Bless You all.

  8. Thank you for helping me with out any payment. God Bless You!!!

  9. no comment n0w..because it is my first time to use if i give jump code.thank you!

  10. i like games how ca i get it for free?

    • If your phone supports WiFi use that to download games.

  11. how to used game app

  12. i want this games to download

  13. How do i download games for my pc

  14. i want the application messenger or either skype

  15. I want the apps youtube,.2 d0wnl0ad..

    • What applications needs to install messeger

    • Games and app

  16. I like this game ….ooorryyt
    ..rock in roll

  17. how can i use this apps?

  18. I use my mind

  19. I love this game

  20. Ilike games and chating

    • Try Qeep, they have chatting and games on the same app.

  21. i like games candy crush

  22. help me guys my phone failed to download java,what should i do for i to download my phone is it6900

  23. plz. send me this game candy crush soda

  24. Free games

  25. Java for free

  26. Please send me this game

    • I don’t send games, you have to download them. Also, there’s no game on this page.

  27. send me apps please

    • Click the download links on the app pages to send the apps to your phone.

  28. free games

  29. free games for mobile

  30. Friends massage I receive or activity log

  31. please send me candy crush saga

  32. Plz’s send me this game super Mario &metal slug

  33. He to recieve timeline or mssage Rosslyn duhig

    • I request comment Rosslyn duhig I recieve

  34. HoW To UsE ThIs ApP??????!!!!!!!!😈😈😈

  35. games that work to all phones

    • I like your pages because what

  36. M0re games

    • free chess

  37. Yeah

  38. java games for free

  39. how to use it my god!*

  40. You should check out JabpLite, it’s a full fledged accounting app that you can sync with your pc.

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