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Please use this page to request and recommend apps and games you would like added to BoostApps. I don’t have much time to spare on this site anymore so I can’t promise that your requests will be honored but I will try to fill at least some of them.

This site only hosts legitimate freeware and public domain games and apps. Please do not request paid apps.

You can send most games and apps that you find on the Web to your phone using the Universal App Loader. For help with the Loader see: Detailed Universal App Loader Help and How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC .

You also make requests in the BoostApp User Forum’s Java ME ames and Apps Wanted sections and a community member may be able to help you.

I will continue to post useful, non-commercial games and apps  that users have installed with or without the loader and posted about on the Forum’s Java ME Games and Apps That Work thread.

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  1. I want thor pls….
    Thor 1 up to latest game or part.
    Pls…iwant it now but later

  2. hey its october 2016 now don’t you wanna post some new apps and games i can help you find free games/apps please reply just wanna help

    • I no longer use Java ME phones and don’t have any interest in updating the site. I’m also busy with other projects and don’t have the time to update the site

  3. Can I donwnload here wattpad appk?

    • Yes, Wattpad is available on BoostApps. Enter Wattpad in the site search box to find it.

  4. How to download Instagram??

    • Instagram is only available for Android and iPhones. It’s in the Play Store on Android phones and the App Store on iPhones.

  5. free flight simulator 3d in phoneky.com works well on my nokia 3120 classic its a good game i wish you could upload it here in boostapps 🙂

  6. games for chery sinic pohne

  7. How about games for android 4.4.2 please

    • All the Android games in existence are available in the Play Store on your phone. There’s no reason to have Android apps on a Java ME app site like this one.

  8. how about comcraft does it runs here

  9. but can you add minecraft on boost apps im hoping for that game to launch in this site becaause my phone runs javame

    • There’s no Java ME version of Minecraft.

    • Have you tried Comcraft? It’s Minecraft for Java ME.

  10. how update your w7i to w6i please help me dennis

    • Contact your operator or phone dealer to upgrade from one phone model to another.

  11. is there a minecraft pe for this site if there is no minecraft then goodbye

    • Minecraft PE for Java ME does not exist.

  12. hey please help me how to install all apps on boost apps

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for downloading instructions.

  13. hey everyone how to install apps 4 cherry mobile w7i I have downloaded vxp apps but how to install it thats my problem can anyone help

  14. dennis its i776 my phone model

  15. a phone that supports javame apps but i dont know whats the model yet so happy talking w/ you have a nice day

  16. so dennis what will i do just wait until i bought another phone ok bye thank you for the advice

    • Enjoy your new phone. What phone did you get?

  17. how do i unzip the selected file using mini commander?

    • Select the file and then click menu or options. There’s an unzip option in the menu.

  18. can i download any game on my itel phone

    • Without without a model number or name, no one can say.

  19. i use a Andrion ph can i have these games

    • Nope, Android phones can’t run these Java ME games. Use the Play Store for Android games.

  20. hey dennis this is the unlockrrr remember me i tried 2 download vxp apps but it just says unsupported format

    • If your phone doesn’t support Java ME or .vxp it probably doesn’t support any user installable apps.

  21. What kind of files i can download for jmeboy coz when i searched it in google only zip files can be found for jmeboy?

    • Please ask questions about JMEBoy on the JMEBoy page:

      JMEBoy can run Gameboy and Gameboy Color ROMs. The ROM files have .gb, .gbc or .cgb extensions. They are usually distributed as .zip file containing the ROM and documentation. Unzip the file using 7-Zip on a PC or MiniCommander 4.2 on your phone.

      JMEBoy dicumentation can be found at: SourceForge.net: JMEBoy Online Help – javagb

  22. how to download messenger in my nokia c7

  23. How to download viber jad for nokia asha 205? pls help?

    • You can’t. Viber is not available in .jad or .jar format.

  24. Hey can u help me to download this app..
    I’m using free data.

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for downloading instructions.

      You can’t download with Free Basics free data, Free Basics blocks downloads. You need some paid data to download.

  25. hey dennis i tried 2 download vxpapps on mycherry mobile w7i but it just says “Unsupported format” help me and “guicel” solve this

    • I can’t help you with .vxp. I’ve never used a phone that supports .vxp and don’t know why you would get that error.

  26. hey denis can i link or download games 4 my chery mobile phone w7i

    • The Cherry Mobile W7i supports MRE (.vxp) apps. Search Google for .vxp download sites.

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