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I'm sorry, but I can no longer take requests here as I just don't have the time to search for and test stuff .

You can send most games and apps that you find on the Web to your phone using the Universal App Loader. For help with the Loader see: Detailed Universal App Loader Help and How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC .

You also make requests in the BoostApp User Forum's Java ME ames and Apps Wanted sections and a community member may be able to help you.

I will continue to post useful, non-commercial games and apps  that users have installed with or without the loader and posted about on the Forum's Java ME Games and Apps That Work thread.

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  1. im looking for a app that i can watch my
    boyfriend phone i know he is cheating on me
    but cant prove it so somebody help me please

  2. plz post Wechat plz plz..

  3. This is the first site I visited since getting the lateest J2ME phone (LG306G). In the past 2 months of scouring the Internet, I've accumulated 30 apps (not games) worth keeping of hundreds tested. I want to help the next guy and support your site by uploading them, but don't have time to take pics and write descriptions. Can I just zip them up and send them to you?

    • Thanks, you can send the apps to dennis at boostapps dot com
      Writeups and screenshots take time for me to so it will take a while for me to get them all up. Also, I can only publish freeware, ad-supported or free open source apps, any "liberated" paid apps will not be posted on this site.

  4. my nokia110 doesn't have a smart card ,wha t can i do?

    • Smart card? If you mean a SIM card, get it from your operator.

  5. Would you please upload an older signed version of Facebook For Every Phone app? Only one update older than the latest one. Please...

    • I don't have any signed versions of the Facebook app and I don't know where to get any signed version except the latest.

  6. hii sir, i need whatsapp for java phone(Micromax Q75) ?

    • So do I

    • There's no version of WhatsApp for Java phones.


    • The jump code for Magic Crystal is 1257. BTW, the search box works :)

  8. Guess you didnt understand i cant find any farming games that will work on this phone sanyo innuendo sorry im elderly lady and i just want to find a game aka farming build alot cooking game any of that type sorry if i confused you

    • I haven't found any working farming games either. If I do I'll post them here.

  9. I hope your still giving advice:) i just got the sanyo innuendo and cant get games on it im pulling my hair out i had the sanyo mirror befor and could get farming games build alot etc please help me:( im ready to throw this phone in the trash i even purchased a memory card cause boost said i needed one HELP please

    • Which game(s) on this site don't work and what's the error?

  10. Hey dennis, since you have your prepaidphonenews site up i thought you might wanna give this info out there.

    The ZTE Warp Sequent, LG Venice, and the Samsung Galaxy Rush info has been updated on the Boost mobile website and under the Features list all the mention phones above now says "Loaded with OS Ice Cream Sandwich, you can enjoy the upgrade to Jelly Bean, the newest and most advance Android OS available." So the mentioned phones above will be getting Jellybean soon. My ETA is by summer or sometime early in june the updates will begin rolling out. Nothing yet for the Boost Flagship device HTC One SV but i'm certain they wouldn't leave their Flagship device on ICS.

    • Thanks for the tip. Posted here: Boost Mobile Says Jelly Bean is Coming to Three More Phones

    • Hey dennis remember how boost said it was a mistake? that non of the phones will be getting JB? well they lied i'm the first to discover the proof. Since your into phones and all i assume you know that all android phone manufactures are required by law to release source codes for their devices. Well ever since boost back tracked the post saying that we will be getting JB update i knew it was a lie. I knew that they were probably trying to cover up accidental leaks. So a few days after they said that, I started going to Samsung's, LG's and ZTE's source page to check whether they have released a 4.1 kernel for the phones that boost once said will be getting the update. On the pages,The latest source code was ICS Based for all the 3 phones until now. While Samsung and ZTE have not yet released a 4.1 JB Kernel source code for the Rush and Sequent, LG has for the Venice. they released a 4.1.2 Jellybean Source code recently, maybe a few days ago. Since they have released this source code it mean that LG is now Preparing OTA's for the Venice within the upcoming days. Since boost said that the phones will not be upgraded to Jellybean which is clearly now a lie since LG Released the 4.1.2 Kernel source for the Venice, i have no reason to think that the Rush and Sequent will not be getting JB as well. Proof to LGs page : https://wws.lg.com/global/support/opensource/opensourceList?types=ALL&search=LG730 look at the first line in the list of kernel sources the if you click on the first box all the way to the right. you will be prompt to download a small html file and the title states "LG730(Venice)_Android_JB_4.1.2_r1_US_BM_License_LG730ZV8"

    • Good find. Let's hope Boost actually releases JB for the Venice.

    • Update: they might just started pushing the ota dennis. Over on the android forums where is pretty much my home. I let the venice users know that jb is on its way and someone posted that 4.1.2 removes root meaning that he just might of gotten the ota
      As of right now i just asked the user to provide proof that he got the update by screen shoting the about phone section of the venice settings app to make sure hes really on jb. Visit this site to see updates and new replies to the thread. Should have a reply from him by tomorrow. http://androidforums.com/venice-all-things-root/719758-update-4-1-2-a.html

    • Edit: that link doesnt update
      Heres a good one. He got proof too wooohooooo http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?t=719758

    • I do believe that chad1011 is running JB on an LG Venice. But he never explains how he got it on the phone. Was it an normal OTA release or is he an Beta tester, Sprint employee or someone who got his hands on an update file somewhere?

      I just asked him about it on Android Forums, hope he replies.

      I've been scouring the web looking for any other reports of 4.1.2 on the Venice and haven't found any. I'm a little concerned about covering this with so little collaboration. Usually when there's an OTA released there are multiple reports about it.

    • Lol the venice doesnt have Dev support like that, they don't even have cwm just root so theres no way he could of installed a rom that runs 4.1.2 The user Likecoockies replied up above saying that he just got the update notification as well but hes holding off till root comes along. also if you go back to the LG page with the source kernel you will see that the facts he posted up above is indeed the same info on the source lg uploaded.

      User info:
      "New OTA stats:

      Version: 4.1.2
      Baseband: MSM655
      Kernel: 3.4.0
      Build: JZO54K


      the LG 730ZV8 is the same, he probably messed up writing out the number and missed the number 3 cause if you look at the screenshot the number is correct.
      I know you just wanna confirm and be sure before you upload the info on your site.

    • also i just search lg venice 4.2.1 update and got this link that someone posted 14 hours ago http://malaysia.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130513213458AAurVsr

      the main facebook page of the phone lots of people just posted they just got the update read the page and comments https://www.facebook.com/pages/LG-Venice/333326850097136 its offical:)

    • I just posted PrepaidPhoneNews | Boost Mobile Pushing LG Venice OTA Jelly Bean Update to Users thanks for the tips and help with this story.

    • No problem, i'll let you know if any kernel source appears for the Galaxy Rush and the Sequent.

    • Omg never thought i would get news this fast, another android users just posted about and email he sent to boost and thier reply. More otas will be rolling out next week. Whats your email? I'll forward the email that he forwrd to me.

    • dennis at prepaidphonenews dot com

  11. hey dennis haven't heard about any rumored 4g LTE phone coming to boost anytime soon have you? i'm buying the warp sequent since its in my price range of 150-230. I will never go higher than $250 for a phone a prepaid carrier. i know the sequent is 3g but i handle it out since i can increase the speeds with root;). i would get the boost force but i need a bigger screen and a better design. if ya asked me they should have just made the sequent be their first LTE phone. The one SV is way out of my price range so i wont be getting it because of that and not to mention it has sense. i hate sense, i feel like it ruins the whole pure android experience. Thanks

  12. i have a lg rumor reflex with a touch screen and keyboard. some how i can't get ringtones, how do i use my micro SD it is a 4gb i got it so i can keep my ringtones and use it for my music player i still don't know how to use the music player or download ringtones to my LG rumor reflex can someone help me

    • I don't have the phone but according to a post on another site: http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=228339 here's how to use an mp3 as a ringtone

      1. Transfer the files to a location on your sd card.
      2. Change the file extension of the mp3 file to 3gp or 3g2 (ex: song.mp3 -> song.3gp)
      3. On phone go to Main Menu -> Tools -> Mass Storage -> File Manager -> Folder_where_you_placed_3gp-or-3g2_files
      4. Hit "Multi Select" button on top, then select music file
      5. Hit "More" at the bottom right
      6. Hit "Assign As"
      7. Hit "Ringer"
      8. Proceed from last step

      For the music player you should be able to copy mp3s to the memory card and the music player will find them. See http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/88529 for more information.

  13. Hey dennis my friend is looking to going into the tech buisness. He wants to start with a website first. So I told him about your prepaidphone news site and he was wondering what did you use to create it and how much did it cost you? And if there's a monthlly fee?

  14. http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/samsung-galaxy-sii-4g/4505-6452_7-35424515.html
    not sure if you blogged about it already dennis but the SGS2 4g is making its way to boost for $370:D the price is a very big number but the specs are worth it:) i'll be getting it by the end of this year. maybe i'll by it on black friday or around the holidays.

  15. Thank you @dennis

  16. i want a twitter java application for my lg gs290 . Twitter launches nokia s40 application but not for other mobile which supports java. can you help me?

    • The only one I know of is uTweetMe but I don't recomend it. Using a good Twitter webapp like dabr.eu in Opera Mini is faster, better looking and gives you many more features.

  17. dennis i am looki for a free offline spades game can you help me out

  18. im lookin for the same thing if you find anything please let me know

  19. Cricket becomes the first prepaid carrier in the US to receive the Iphone 4S if u didn't hear about it already.

  20. Dennis

    I cant find it but I will lock it in my email next time so I wont ask you this....

    What is the link to get fullsite mode from Facebook??? It had a php in it and I cant find it...Argh... I need to make it a bookmark....

    Thank You

  21. hey dennis how ya been? just checking up on ya;D. Still got ma Ultra and making use of it by creating a ROM. heres a link to it if ya wanna take a look at ithttp://androidforums.com/transform-ultra-all-things-root/491861-hevron-rom-version-5-3-1-updated-5-19-2012-a.html . i launched it about 4 months ago with my buddy and things have been great, still see that you are updating your list of apps/games for java phones. When do you think you'll have to eventually stop updating them? did you buy any new android phones making them your daily drive? anyway was checking up on ya good to see that your still here with your great news and apps/games.

  22. Hi Dennis...

    Thank You so very much.... Everything WORKS in the Skype app you provided me... I didnt use the voice option as Angie told me in Hong Kong that the price of the voice would be the same as her loads on her mobile phone....

    But everything works and the keys are mapped correctly and it does everything it says in the menus...:) You can even put a Title of your chat room and it does multiple chat as well... It sorta reminds me of Yahoo Messenger but faster and more reliant....

    I wonder her Skype can use the voice side which I am sure it does because shes on a laptop....

    But my voice option goes to a phone number and not to a PC??? I dont follow because Ive never Skyped before... It asks to dial a number and I understand its cheaper but your dialing another number and not voicing a PC like the standard Skype...Hmmmm

    Apparently the only way the app Skypes another PC is thru that text option! Hmmmm

    But yes... Everything works Dennis...:)

    I wonder if I can go video with any Skype using this Incognito??? I know the Droids can do it why cant I????? Hmmm

    Thank You Dennis....:)

    • I don't use Skype much myself and only on a PC. The Java version of Skype doesn't work on my Rambler or i776. Skype discontinued support for the Java app in 2010, Chat still works, I don't know if calling does. The way you make a call to a PC is you the Skype contact to your Skype Contacts in the app, then you select the contact and you should seee the call option on one of the soft keys.

      The way the Skype Java app is supposed to work is that it uses your mobile voice channel (and minutes) so calls will not be totally free, even to Skype numbers. But you can make calls to Skype numbers anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call.

  23. Oh that's not fair.OK ty dear I luv this site ttyl.

  24. Hi Dennis my son gave me a Samsung galaxy but no manual LOL and how do I down load off here
    Its a awesome phone take some time to get use to this phone ty have a good day.

    • That's an Android phone it doiesn't run the Java ME apps here on BoostApps. But don't feel bad, there are many more and much better free apps in the Play Store (formerly Android Market) on the phone. Tap the Play or Market icon on the phone to get started downloading.

  25. Hi Dennis...

    I notive they have Sjype apps for the Sanyo Incognito on mobile24 and umnet... Problem is when I go to download it kicks in the native browser likes it does here but then the error says either page not found or file not found...

    Is there away I can get ahold of a Skype app for free for this mobile and where can I download it???

    Appreciate any assistance on this... It is sort of priority as I am involved now with a beautiful woman out of Hong Kong...:)

    My life got destroyed back in October up here in NH... Starting over again after 5yrs here...

  26. Thank you I am doing that now but it only goes up to 5 megs.... I am uploading a 9meg file.... Wonder what happens at 5megs... I hope it sends that at least! LOL

    Its going to take awhile since its slow on uploading....:)

    Thank You Dennis...:)

    • I think you are supposed to use a smaller block size if you are having trouble uploading large files. The browser spits the upload into block size chunks to work around the network timing out on a large uploads.

  27. Dennis is there away to upload videos larger than 9000 Kilobutes??? It wont let me do a bigger video with my native browser upload to YouTube from my SD Card????

    Or do they have a mobile app video splitter for a mobile phone to split these large videos down foe upload???

    Thank you in advance because this is bothering me....sigh

    • Have you tried using UC Browser? There's a block size setting that might help.

      I don't know of a splitter and I don't think YouTube would know how to put the split file back together.

  28. Dennis

    WOW!!! Thank you so much for this informative profile of Gmail... I am thoroughly impressed! I had it as well long ago but decided to stick by Yahoos side being loyal... I shouldve just stayed on Gmail and ditched Yahoo then.. My mistake!

    Ive been getting on and off so easily on Gmail and its Wicked FAST to use! Not much has changed over the yrs but I guess if I go in at desktop mode in UC Browser (The latest I upgraded when I saw it here) I may see the option... It doesnt matter because even Opera Mini at times has issues over on Yahoo and you have press enter/ok twice at times...

    I have an old AOL account but I dont like it over there as their message areas sometimes is not one column for both browsers and its just the layout doesnt work for me...

    I love this site Dennis and you have a nice site here... I know the iden network eventually is going down soon... But this is always a nice place for info regarding Boost Mobile mobiles.. I am a die hard customer...My shrinkage plan will soon be 35 a month and you cant beat that...:)

    Thank you Dennis :)


  29. Dennis

    This may not be the right place but I know I have to get on a pc once to enable the feature to move my messages and contacts over to Gmail from Yahoo... 2 ?s

    1. Lots of my storage is photo albums which I used messages with image attachments... Was wondering if it will move those???

    2. Is there a global command in a menu to check mark all the boxes in the message areas so I can move or delete messages in bulk instead of checking each one individually???

    Yahoo has the global command to mark all messages with one command... Then you can do what you want with them...

    Thank you for any assistance Dennis you can render... So far the font problem isnt a problem on Gmail... Getting used to the layout though... At least it has images in the messages/conversations it called there...:)

    • I switched from Yahoo to Gmail several years ago, shortly after Gmail launched. I only imported my contacts which was problem free. I don't think Gmail could import messages back then. I told Yahoo Mail to forward all new emails to my Gmail account. I've kept my old Yahoo mail active so I can go back and find old emails though I haven't had the need to do that in years

      Gmail on the desktop lets you mark all unread messages as read at once and delete all spam messages.

      It also lets you select all the conversations on a page with a single click and mass move them to a folder, delete them, archive them or apply a label to them. You can have up to 100 conversations on a page so the most you can select at once is 100.

      I suspect that Gmail can import images attached to emails but I have no experience with that

  30. Been thinking about that for awhile now Dennis...

    I may have to make the switch over to gmail... Problem is I got tons of photos and messages I want to save from just before I arrived in New England from South Florida 5yrs ago...

    I know the contacts can be auto transferred but imagine downloading and reuploading for hrs with a mobile to transfer all my data...WOW!

    Wonder if there was away to do this easier without having a PC???

  31. What on earth is wrong with Yahoo using the UC Browser 8.0 since 2 days ago???? I go to log on and the first screen shows the fonts normal at medium how I set it up..... As soon as I either go to a message to read...change folders...or even refresh the screen and the FONT goes Small????

    No matter what I do to adjust it for Web UA or WAP UA...The fonts stay small!!! I got it set for Medium font everywhere and this is the ONLY site doing this... I even deleted the browser and re installed it... I went in there and even reset it and STILL Yahoo goes to small font.... Sheesh

    Whats going on????

    I hate using the native browser because it crawls like a snail and I ended up downloading Opera Next JUST for Yahoo! Sheesh

    • Fire Yahoo. With all the layoffs there seems to be less useful content and more broken stuff every time I visit. I used to use Y! Mail, News, Sports and Finance. Now its Gmail, Google News and Finance and ESPN. Google may be too nosy but at least their stuff tends to work.

  32. Hi Dennis

    I downloaded Wasteland without any problems.... I used to have this on my i776 and it loaded everything...It loads those ads first then puts you into the game.

    Well Ive tried for 2 days and even redownloaded it using the native browser even though UC Browser permits this now...

    Problem is it loads the ads then gives me this msg that I am disconnected because my phone is disconnected! My phone works and so do my other games with ads... Sigh The ads can not load thoroughly! I give all my games full permission always and I have no problems with them...But this is a bummer because of those ADS not loading! Is there a workaround to by pass this ad loading procedure or is there another Wasteland that loads properly with or without ads for the Sanyo Incognito???

    • Oh rats. I just tried and it doesn't work for me either. It turns out to be a Gamejump game which doesn't work because Gamejump shut down last year and turned off their ad servers. I thought I'd removed all the Gamejump games but I guess I missed this one. I'll try to find something similar.

    • Thank you Dennis....Sigh Didnt mean to put you thru that.....

  33. Thank you Dennis!!!!! :) I forgot about this Game...WOW Thats the ticket.....:)

  34. Hi

    Does anyone remember Armored Core from Sony Playstation 2??? Ok....I am looking for a game like that for my Incognito and I have no idea what to search for on getjar or anyplace else for that matter....

    Its a mechanized robot sorta like a mechwarrior and you upgrade parts and weapons onboard to fight other robots like that...

    I just want to know where to start looking and what names are they using for these types of java games??? Its certainly not called Armored Core....LOL

  35. How do i get my jad jar or url address so that i can send downloads to built-in browser, and how do i get videos to play and stop giving me the error message?

  36. Hi Dennis

    Is there an app that allows a Sanyo Incognito to be used as a web cam or cam to talk to people or an app that ties to an offsite linkup like Skype.com that this unit can perform a cam operation online?????

    With my 4gig card and all this video capability I have onboard you would think they would have something like this...Hmmmm

    • I think a Webcam app might be possible but I suspect it will take quite a bit of trial and error to find one that works. There should be some app on Getjar or Mobilerated you could try. If direct downloads from those sites don't install, try using the Universal App Loader to install them.

      There's currently no Java Skype app and the old one was IM only, no videos.

    • Thank You Dennis! :)

  37. like many my BF has the i1 and he can not get the you tube to play, only one person at sprint got it to work months ago, he has no clue what he did but now no you tube. he is new to this age and im unsure how to get it to work for him. can you give me step by step instructions on how to get it to work for him. help i dont want to screw up his phone. thank you

  38. I still cant download games & apps to my i465

    • For that phone, press the Send To Phone button, enter your number and follow the instructions on the next page to use Dowload Apps to retrieve your app.

      If you are doing that and it's still not working reply with the name of the app you are trying to download and which step it fails on along with any error messages.

  39. dennis ...
    I just wanted to say Thanks for all you do

  40. 4g is coming to boost and virgin boost:) sprint announced it at CES


  41. I have a boost innuendo and i tried to install the mini notepad, but i cant seem to find it to install on my phone...please help bc if this works id like to continue downloading. Thanks!

    • Mini Notepad is still on BoostApps. Just type mini notepad in the search box to go there.

  42. hey dennis will you be getting the LG marquee? it looks like a wonderful phone in my view its kind of like a high end android phone coming to a prepaid company which is very nice, i got just my ultra so i'll be sticking with it for a good while maybe i'll get the marquee either this summer or the end of this year or when the price drops like $20 or $30 bucks.

    • It looks like a great phone but both the phone and the required unlimited plan are a bit much for my budget.

    • Yeah, I knew that. They say they are working on being able to sell them again soon. I guess I should remove the Callingmart ad until they do.

  43. looks like the Replenish gingerbread update is rolling out http://www.phonedog.com/2012/01/04/samsung-replenish-gingerbread-update-now-rolling-out/

  44. WOW Dennis... Thank you!!!! :)

  45. Dennis

    Are there any other sites for viewing videos like movies and tv series for free other than YouTube???

  46. Dennis

    I know this isnt the place to ask but is there away to add line feeds or returns whenever I use Picomail???

    See I noticed whenever I use Yahoo to write from everyones telling me its not paragraphed! Sorta like what you were telling me but this allows line feeds when I press OK or enter on my Incognito... And when I type a message in the inline editor in Picomail... It shows the returns even when I Preview before sending it... But I tested this myself and I saw it come into my Yahoo without the line feeds or returns! And I thought oh try a different browser to read it... I tried Bolt.. UC Browser..and Opera and its showing no line feeds or returns either...

    Theres DEFINATELY a BUG in Picomail sending to others when in the message editor... preview shows it correctly but once its sent. Then the receiver sees it without line feeds and all strung together!!! Try it on Gmail...send it over there and then log on and read it... Probably does the samething... It looks ok in Picomail in Preview... But once its sent all the returns are gone when it reaches the other end to the recipient...

    I hope my explanation in trouble shooting this was enough to get the programmers to take a look... Its done this in the last version as well...

    • That does sound like a bug. Posting about it here on the Request page is unlikely to get the attention of anyone who can fix it. A better place to post this would be on the Pico Mail Forum http://www.picowireless.com/forum/ or even the lastest BoostApps Pico Mail page where PicoMail's Roger Skubowius often leaves comments and answers questions.

  47. im looking for a app that i can watch my boyfriend phone i know he is cheating on me but cant prove it so somebody help me please

  48. You are probably aware that Boost jacked their pay-as-you-go rates severely for new customers back in October. The good news is that previous customers are grandfathered in at the old rates, so I get to keep my current rate so long as I keep my balance positive.

    However, I had been planning to switch phones as soon as I could find a good enough phone on sale and could spare the money. I need now to find out if it's possible to switch phones while keeping the same account (and rates) and the best way to go about it. Especially, can I do this with a phone that I get on sale at Walmart, Meijer, or Target?

    I'm thinking of something like an Innuendo. I wamt the abilities I've got now, plus either a mini-SD card slot or the ability to mount the phone as a USB mass storage/thumb drive. I don't care about video.

    Can you help/advise?

    • A phone change is not supposed to effect your grandfathered PAYGO rate as long as you don't switch to a BlackBerry or Android phone. I recommend calling rather than using the phone change form on the boostmobile.com site. The Web site seems to have problems dealing correctly with grandfathered accounts. To quickly reach a human at Boost dial 877-855-6673 and press 88.

  49. hey dennis did you here about the 2 rumored phones that are coming to boost early next year? http://www.phonedog.com/2011/12/16/boost-mobile-branded-lg-optimus-black-samsung-replenish-press-images-emerge/

    • No I hadn't seen that. Thanks for sharing. The Optimus Black sounds pretty nice the Replenish not so much, I especially dislike the QVGA screen that resolution never looks good with Android.