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Please use this page to request and recommend apps and games you would like added to BoostApps. I don't have much time to spare on this site anymore so I can't promise that your requests will be honored but I will try to fill at least some of them.

This site only hosts legitimate freeware and public domain games and apps. Please do not request paid apps.

You can send most games and apps that you find on the Web to your phone using the Universal App Loader. For help with the Loader see: Detailed Universal App Loader Help and How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC .

You also make requests in the BoostApp User Forum's Java ME ames and Apps Wanted sections and a community member may be able to help you.

I will continue to post useful, non-commercial games and apps  that users have installed with or without the loader and posted about on the Forum's Java ME Games and Apps That Work thread.

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  1. Can i request sniper,racing,adventure,arcade,and gba emulator for my nokia 206 and i want offline pls

    • There are already games in those categories on BoostApps. Use the search box to find them.
      The only way to find out if they work on the Nokia 206 is with trial and error by someone who owns that phone like you.
      Check the game pages for the tag "data not required" for games that worh offline

  2. my recquest is submit freebasic

  3. gve a facebook in jar w/ free use data.

  4. Can you avail your apps and games in android
    -thanks ...

    • Android versions of the same or similar apps can be found in the Play Store.

  5. give me facebook messenger in jar format

  6. Give me wallpaper