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Please use this page to request and recommend apps and games you would like added to BoostApps. I don’t have much time to spare on this site anymore so I can’t promise that your requests will be honored but I will try to fill at least some of them.

This site only hosts legitimate freeware and public domain games and apps. Please do not request paid apps.

You can send most games and apps that you find on the Web to your phone using the Universal App Loader. For help with the Loader see: Detailed Universal App Loader Help and How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC .

You also make requests in the BoostApp User Forum’s Java ME ames and Apps Wanted sections and a community member may be able to help you.

I will continue to post useful, non-commercial games and apps  that users have installed with or without the loader and posted about on the Forum’s Java ME Games and Apps That Work thread.

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  1. I like this site

  2. Is this site still active? Does Dennis still post apps and games here?

  3. To game the new apps

  4. Dennis !!!!! I like o download “The Evil Dead : A Fistful Boomstick” in BoostApps ,but how???

    • The Evil Dead : A Fistful Boomstick is only available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

  5. i want to download any apps.! but how??

  6. Mrs.Ms can u give me some apps . To my starmobile smartphones

    • Click the “How to Download” link in the top menu to learn what phones are compatible with these apps and how to get them.

  7. Add more girly games maybe the sims or add monopoly

  8. I,wan’t to downlaod games and app? how to downlaod pleess help me?

    • Read the “How to Download” page linked in the top menu for instructions.

  9. boostapps is very useful website but its apps are sometimes not reported working .

  10. Wtf ! how can i download adventure games to samsung GT?

    • Samsung GT is ambiguous. What’s the full model name or number?

  11. how can i down games and app into my smart phone gionee p2

    • Use the Android Play Store to get games and apps for your Gionee P2 Android phone.

  12. I have seen you mention that you frequently change phones on Paygo.What is the closest to a smart phone that is allowed?Is the BYOD thead on Hofo still the go to list?

    • I ported my last Boost PayGo number to Google Voice over a year ago. The only phones officially allowed on Boost PayGo now are Boost Feature phones, none of which are very smartphone like. I guess the LG Rumor Reflex comes the closest with its capacitive touch screen.

      The 3 Boost feature phones I used were:
      LG Rumor Reflex (touchscreen QWERTY slider) – Pros: good looking screen, touchscreen, most Java apps work. Cons: clumsy UI, I found the keyboard to be hard to type fast and accurately on, bad call quality.
      Motorola Rambler (QWERTY Flip phone) – Pros: good keyboard, decent call quality. Cons: dull, low res screen; too many Java apps don’t work
      Samsung Factor (basic flip phone) – best call quality, most Java apps work, screen is good for such a basic phone. Cons: T9 keypad, 128x160px screen limits app choice.

      The HoFo thread is pretty much irrelevant to Boost PayGo. It dates back to 2010 when it was possible to put Palm OS and Windows Mobile phones on Boost. That hasn’t been possible for at least three years

  13. how will to download games on my phone?

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for instructions.

  14. How to download games using the kindle?

  15. wow this is better app than the one in the phone that you shall pay 50 to play it

    • sir dennis what will i do if i try to install it and it always say “jar not found”

  16. How to download the game fix this

  17. are their games for keypad phones my phone was gionee and it was a java phone how can i download games from it.

    • If you phone supports Java ME most of the app should. It doesn’t matter whether your phone hasa keypad, QWERTY keyboard or touchscreen.

  18. How can I download a games?

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for instructions.

  19. Do you have phone booster??

    • No and there is no way a Java ME app can possibly “boost” your phone if you mean increasing downloading speed or battery life. Java ME phone booster apps are worthless.

  20. I want to download the pokemon

    • Type pokemon in the search box to find Pokemon games.

  21. I want pokemon

  22. I want candy crush free download now.and pokemon please

  23. I want android java game, like candy crush.

  24. I want google duo.

  25. I want a pokemon free download game now

  26. i need a pokemon

  27. Sir can you give apps for firefox phones?

    • No, this is a site for Java ME games. There aren’t many FireFox OS games and they are all available in the Firefox Marketplace on Firefox phones.

  28. How to downlaod games in my myphone my26

  29. can you give me a games that can be downloaded in cherrymobile w20

  30. Can’t Install Pokémon Go on Skk Mobile .

    • Which SKK Mobile phone model?

  31. How can I download a eBook app?
    I want to read my story in offline eh , Anyone? Can you help me?

    • Type “ebook data not required” (without the quotes) in the site search box to find books that work offline.

  32. very nice game pokemon

  33. Hi guys my phone is blackberry curve 8520. But why not to download or google

    • For downloading help click the “How to Download” link in the top bar. Be aware that only some of the apps here work with BlackBerrys.
      Google.com should work in the browser. If it doesn’t I don’t know what to say.

  34. Please I wan’t to play games .. Help as… thank you..

    • For help with downloading click the “How to Download” link in the top menu.
      For general help with the site click the Help link in the top menu.

    • For help with downloading click the “How to Download” link in the top menu.

    • Sir /Madam, can u give me games
      can play with my phone starmoblie smartphone..please.. thank

  35. I want to install a Pokémon go in Skk mobile

    • I never heard of a phone called Skk but if it’s an Android phone Pokemon Go is available in the Android Play Store. It’s not available for Jaca NE.

  36. I neeed to get exploration pro pls


  38. i ned more gmes,

  39. I lke instal pokemon

  40. Yep. It only show Pokemon Gold -_-. And it annoy me

    • There are eight different Pokemon games a here on BoostApps. Type pokemon in the search box to find them all.

    • 🙂

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