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Please use this page to request and recommend apps and games you would like added to BoostApps. I don’t have much time to spare on this site anymore so I can’t promise that your requests will be honored but I will try to fill at least some of them.

This site only hosts legitimate freeware and public domain games and apps. Please do not request paid apps.

You can send most games and apps that you find on the Web to your phone using the Universal App Loader. For help with the Loader see: Detailed Universal App Loader Help and How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC .

You also make requests in the BoostApp User Forum’s Java ME ames and Apps Wanted sections and a community member may be able to help you.

I will continue to post useful, non-commercial games and apps  that users have installed with or without the loader and posted about on the Forum’s Java ME Games and Apps That Work thread.

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  1. i want some more games


  3. Real football 2010

  4. when i go to the registration page it says ”sorry this board is currently not available please try again later”

    • If you are talking about the BoostApps Forum, it was shut down several months ago.

  5. tibiame can’t access on the internet in my nokia 3120 classic why im sad

  6. This is beautiful please comferm my download

    • What do you mean? There’s nothing to download on this page and there’s nothing I need to confirm in order for you download from the other pages on this site.

  7. can you add in categories the mmorpg

  8. Delphi Programming Helper

    • That’s a PC App. Search for it with Google there are lots of places where you can download it from.

  9. hw to download skype apps to samsung android?thanks.

    • Open the Play Store app on your phone.
      Type Skype in the search box
      Install the app named “Skype – free IM & video calls”.

  10. My techno phone can not download whatsapp what could be the problem?

    • Ther Java ME version of WhatsApp only works on Nokia S40 phones.

  11. Do you have a minecraft or android games

    • No, neither.

  12. Brother Dennis U are too late

  13. Hello Sir..this is venky..pls develop an whats app for microsoft 230 which runs on s30 plus os…pls pls do smthng

  14. Upload emoji keyboard please

    • There’s no Emoji Keyboard for Java ME.

  15. I Want Whatsapp App For My (Qmobile Touch 1)

    • WhatsApp is available in the Play Store App on your phone.

  16. uplod facebook messenger

    • Facebook Messenger is not available for Java ME phones.

    • How to save a battery from a games

  17. How to start an application

    • That depends on the phone. With most Java ME phones, look for a folder labeled “Games and Apps”, “My Stuff” or something similar. Open that folder and click or tap on the app you want to run.

  18. upload a new game

  19. How to download the game to the pc of nokia?

    • These games don’t run on PCs.

  20. Can you upload the game of pokemon crystal,platinum,rose gold,pearl.

  21. hey. can you help me, why my phone can’t install any apps. ? (Hotwav androind v5.1.1)

    • Use the Android Play Store for Android apps. The ones here are for old dumbphones.

  22. i want download temple run it same my phone

    • Temple Run is only available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. There is no Java ME version.

  23. How to download java games?

    • Click “How to Download” in the menu for instructions.

  24. It isnt to free download games??…

    • Nope, Free Basics blocks downloads so you have to use paid data to download.

  25. Hey, Dennis .Is there movies here in Boostapps?

    Dennis ,did you have a Facebook account?

  26. h0w to use the freebasic?

  27. It isnt free to download games??.
    Do i have to buy load for downloading??.
    And after that, if my load been expire, can i play the games without a load??.

    • You need data to download the games. You need a load to pay for the data.
      If the game post says “Data: not required” then you can play it without using data.

  28. how can i get messenger?

    • Messenger is not available for Java ME. If you have an Android phone, it’s available in the Android Play Store.

  29. I want to download pokemon go and minecraft

    • You need an iPhone or Android for Pokemon GO.
      You need an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone or a Windows, Apple or Linux PC for Minecraft.

  30. please back to download my fb and messenger to my unit nokia

    • Type Facebook in the search baox to find the Facebook downloads. There’s no Messenger app for Java ME.

  31. I want to dowload some girl games💞👧

    • I’m not sure what makes a game a “girl game” but if you browse through the games category here you might find some games you like.

  32. Can you help me.. I want to download something,

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for instructions.

  33. can you add real football 2016

  34. i want to download temple run

  35. i want to download buggy off-road racing

  36. Can we download games if we only use data

  37. candy crush saga

  38. how to download free game

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for downloading instructions. Downloading uses data which isn’t free except for some WiFi.

  39. Can u provide me sir any latest games

  40. Other version of temple run

  41. hey brother , can u add other version of pokemon , sir please add it ;(

  42. Brother Dennis do you have a other version of pokemon .. exept in pokemon Go because i know that the pokemon go is in apple play store only right?

    • There are several Pokemon games on BoostApps. Enter Pokemon in the search box to find them.

  43. Brother Dennis Can you provide a latest ancient empire?

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