iDEN Phonebook Manager is a free PC application from Motorola that lets you edit your iDEN phone’s contacts on a Windows PC. It also lets you backup and restore your contacts, transfer them from one iDEN phone to another and print out a contact list. iDEN Phonebook Manager requires a data cable and works with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP and Vista. I don’t know if it works with Windows 7.

iDen Phonebook Manager

Note: If you have USB connection problems using XP or Vista,  please follow these instructions from the  ReadMe file.

Go to device manager by right-clicking on “My Computer” and select “Manage”. Select “Device Manager” on the left pane. Then select “Universal Serial Bus controllers” on the right pane and expand it. Double-click on “USB Root Hub”. This will bring up the “USB Root Hub Properties” dialog. Go to the “Power Management” tab and un-check the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Click “OK”. Repeat this process for every USB Root Hub under the “Universal Serial Bus Controller”. Reboot the computer. Then retry the operation.

Download iDEN Phonebook Manager from: Motorola or BoostApps.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Motorola – Product Page, User’s Guide (PDF)
Supported iDEN phones: All

  1. Off topic . How to convert windows phone to andriod

    • As far as I know it’s impossible to run Android on a Windows phone.

  2. How to get back on internet connection with my mobile nokia 2330_c2

    • If your data stopped working all by itself it’s likely an issue with your account or the mobile network. Contact your operator for assistance.

  3. Whare cn i fine games to download? Help me

  4. how do can get a back up cantact .

  5. SM G530H

  6. very said

  7. How do I get the contacts Somehow lost just in the past hour or two ?

    • They are probably gone for good but But?
      What make and model phone?
      What were you doing when your contacts went missing?
      Do you have a backup?

  8. Is there a backup app for the ZTE Warp ?

    • Android will sync your contacts to your Google account if you turn on sync in Settings > Accounts and Sync.
      If you want to make backup up to your SD card thhere are dozens of apps in the Play Store that can do that. Super Backup : SMS & Contacts is a good free one.

    • how to download my you tube apps

  9. Hello,I am looking for a pc app similar to mpt to use with my i465,I know if there is anything that will work this is the place to find out..Thanks for all the help and info, it has been very useful and has helped me get the most out of my phone and service:)

    • There’s no single program for iDEN phones that does everything that MPT does for Motorola GSM and CDMA phones. There are separate programs for varios tasks.

      iDEN Phonebook Manager – edit and backup contacts, transfer contacts between iden phone

      iDEN MP3 Loader – transfer music files from a computer to your iDEN Phone.

      iDEN Media Downloader – copy pictures and videos from an iDEN phone to a computer.

      iDEN Software Upgrades – update your phone’s software
      All the above are available from Motorola’s – Free iDEN Software page.

      There’s also the iDEN Java Application Loader downloadable from this post on BoostApps: How To: Load (Almost) Any Game or App On Boost and Nextel.

  10. Would you know about an app that could stop messages from being deleted? Something like I would have to put a password in to delete any message from the conversation listing.

    • For which phone?

  11. i have motorola i290 i restor the phone and all my contacts are delete how can i backup it?

    • If you deleted your contacts and don’t have a backup there’s no way to get them back. After you re-enter them, follow the instructions in the post to back them up in case you ever lose them again.

  12. to all who have usb connection issues, this little trick may work for this application as it has with nextels custom in house tools. There is a registry value for the program that tells it to use usb, if you change the value to 1 or true it will force the program to connect via usb. this works because the program is trying to find your phone via com port by default but you are using usb.

  13. I have an i465 and have used phonebook manager for ~a year. I changed OS from XP (sp3) to Win 7 this week. The phone originally did not respond to being plugged into the usb. After updating teh driver you list below the phone is now recognized and will charge. However, the phone is not recognized by phonebook manager. It gives an error of:
    Unable to communicate with the phone. Please make sure the COM port setting is set correctly in the Options dialog…
    For USB users, please disconnect and reconnect the phone from the cable.
    I do not have the option of not using Win 7. I have also set compatibility mode to Win XP ((sp2) and tried sp3). Anything I can do to get this phone recognized?

  14. what about restoring deleted messages from the boost i465. i see many software programs, free shareware, and fizzbuzz? when you put the search in for free undelete messages…. what software program would work and how do you sync with a usb cable??

    • If you delete a text message from your phone it’s gone forever. I don’t know of any app that can restore them.

  15. will this work using bluetooth?

    • No, cable only.

    • thanks Dennis!!!

  16. Trying to connect i465 to manage phonebook, every time I plug USB cable, it connects/disconnects/connects/disconnects/connects/disconnects etc.

    I ordered the correct cable, and it sees the phone, but does not stay connected long enough to do anything.

    Anyone have a solution to this problem???


    • Connecting to these phones can be problematic. Things to try include:
      Powering down the phone, removing and replacing the battery then restarting the phone and rebooting the PC
      Using a different USB port or computer. Windows XP seems to give fewer problems than Vista or 7. If you must use Vista or 7 install the latest Motorola USB drivers
      Uninstalling Phonebook Manager and reinstalling it and the drivers.

  17. Hi,
    great site dennis.
    how do I transfer my contacts from I465 to a BB curve 8330 ( both boost mobile)

    • You should be able to transfer them one at a time using Bluetooth.


  19. it’s actually: s=2#777 many will have probs without the #777 included. love ur site. filled my i465 with TONS of goodies from here! mad thx Dennis!

  20. I have a i856 w/boost service. The phone shows I can use it as an usb data modem, however it does not connect to my pc running XpPro, Ver 5.1, sp3. I tried using software from servicemyphone.motorola.com what else do I need to do?

    • I haven’t tried it myself but it’s supposed to be possible to use any Motorola iDEN phone as a modem. It works but is very slow, even slower than dialup.

      To tether with a cable you need to download the USB drivers from Motorola: http://servicemyphone.motorola.com/iden/support/software/usbistallation.jsp.

      Installing the drivers will to make the phone appear as a “Motorola iDEN USB Modem”. Create a new dialup connection using that modem and the dial string S=2

      For more information see: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1613778

    • my only internet connection is thru my tethered clutch. its not hard to set up. dennis’s instructions are right except the modem should dial s=2#777 . and my settings are just #777 without the s=2. everywhere ive read says s=2#777 but the s=2 precursor is isnt needed. i only get speeds bouncing between 1kps to 6kps so dont expect much. the cdma phones oughta be able to acheive bout 20kps. at least thats what i was getting prior to my move to boost. i know it works on xp sp2, vista, but its contrary on 7.

  21. I have had my i875 for about 3 years and have NEVER been able to do anything with it but make calls, and I hate trying to get the characters I want on this phone, so I never had a contact list. This app is the FIRST thing that has EVER worked on this piece of crap! THANK YOU!!!
    Now, since I finally found someone that can make something work on an i875, is there a way I can delete unread messages that were sent to me, (that’s what invoked my search to begin with), because I don’t read them unless they are free ones from boost because I don’t want to waste the money on childish crud? Question 2, is there a way to delete the worthless java junk on here? And question 3, How can I get MY OWN created ring tones and wall paper on here? … Again, thanks for something USEFUL that actually WORKS!

    • You get charged for messages whether you open them or not.

      To delete a Java App, highlight it, press the menu key and choose “Deinstal”.

      Look in the Tutorials section for instructions on loading your own ringtones and wallpapers.

  22. I figured out my connectivity problem using this program so I thought I’d share the info and save some from a minor headache. If you are using a USB cable, go to settings; connections; usb; select application access… back out. That simple…ur done;-)

  23. I have a i856 and was wondering if you could get the game wedding dash to work on my phone.

    • I can’t post commercial games like Wedding Dash, sorry.

  24. Hey Dennis… is there any way we can get the Ultimate Video application found at http://www.getjar.com under the entertainment catagory? It lists Boostmobile’s i465 clutch as one of the phones that it would work on. why wouldn’t it work on the i9? Is there any way we can get any video app to work on my i9? Streaming or otherwise? Thanks for all your help. -Fiory.

    • Don’t go by what GetJar says is compatible. They don’t actually test the apps, I think every Java app is listed as approved on Boost phones. I’ll take a look at Ultimate Video but I don’t see how it could possible work.

      The i9 (and 1856, i860, i875, i885) can play videos if you convert them to 3gpp format on a PC and copy them to the phone following these instructions: http://www.howardforums.com/showpost.php?p=6629513&postcount=1

  25. Can anyone help me find an application that plays videos and podcasts…??? I can’t play streaming videos with opera mini or bolt. Thanks a mil!

    • Videos don’t work in any browser on Boost. The network is to slow and the Java Virtual Machine doesn’t let third party apps open the Media Player.

      If you have a model that has a memory card and a media player, like th i856 or i9 you can play videos from the memory card if you convert them. Instructions here: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=833259

  26. Hey I just got a i465 Clutch… will this program work on vista for this phone??? I can’t seem to get my phone to register on “my computer” at all but it charges just fine ???? WTF? Um… What do I need to do to get this phone to work on vista so that I can copy pics, .mp3’s, and my phonebook stuff???? I just got this phone today and seriously downgraded from my BB Tour 9630! I hate this phone but refuse to pay $250 for a BB Curve 8330! Can anyone help plz?

  27. Ok Dennis, sorry for being a dingbat! The OS that I am currently using on this machine is MS Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3. The problem I am having is with the IDEN phonebook mgr. app. I’ve read the other suggestions assuming that they would be useful with my issue. When I connect my i9 via a USB/micro cable, Windows detects it fine. It’s only when I open the IDEN phonebook mgr. that it doesn’t detect it when I run a connectivity test or when I attempt to copy my cells phonebook. In the meantime I am going to try some of the other suggestions and report back ASAP. Thanks so very much for your interest in helping me. Bye. – Fiory

  28. I’ve never had any real problems with Phonebook Manager but I know that others sometimes do. Here are some tips I copied off a now defunct site some time ago:

    After you press the connect button on Phonebook Manager, Quickly unplug the usb cable from the computer and quickly plug it back in. If you time it just right, it will establish the connection and work. It normally will take a few tries to get it to connect.

    If you have a phone with a micro sd “Multimedia card” card, try powering off your phone. Remove your micro sd “Multimedia card” and power on your phone. Now try Phonebook Manager.

    If your phone has this option, in settings, advanced, memory card, usb mode set it to off.

    Close any suspended java aps running by pressing menu and choose java aps. You will see a folder called suspended aps. Choose it and you will see the applications that are still running. Choose close or end.

    Running the installation file again is really not reinstalling the drivers and 9 out of 10 times will not fix anything.

    Reinstalling consists of the removal of the modem and unknown hardware 1st.

    This will fix 99% of communication and baud rate errors including the error that says no usb drivers installed.

    Go to the control panel.

    Choose modems (could be under other), then the modem tab.

    Delete all of the motorola iden usb modems.

    While still in control panel choose system, then hardware, and device manager. Look in the trees by hitting the + sign and then look twice in the Universal serial bus section. Do you see an unknown device? Delete it

    While still in the system under hardware choose device signing. Choose Ignore.

    Unplug the phone and cable. Rerun the Phonbook Manager Installation program Turn off the computer. Plug the phone back in to the computer. Turn on the computer. It should find new hardware when it starts.

    Choose Install from list (advanced)

    Choose don’t search


    choose continue anyway

    Then unplug the phone and turn it off.

    Press and hold the top 2 buttons (contacts & messages unless you have changed them) in and turn on the phone while still holding them in.

    It will turn on in flash trap mode. It will say “code ok ready to program”, at the bottom of the screen it will have a message like “connect USB or RS232 data cable”.

    Plug in the phone. It will remove the “connect USB or RS232 data cable” part if your data cable and data port on your phone are ok. If it errors on the phone then you may have to clean the data port with a dry tooth brush or a lightly moistened with alcohol tooth brush or it could be a defective data cable. The computer will now find a new hardware called a p2kdevice automatically install it and hit yes to continue if it prompts. If it doesn’t find anything do like above when you removed the unknown device except this time if you can not find an unknown device remove a p2kdevice if you see it. Now turn off the phone, if it doesn’t respond to the power button just pull the battery. Now power cycle the computer and the phone and try Phonebook Manager again. It may ask you to install the p2kdevice mid process choose to automatically do it.

  29. i keep getting the error that says my phone will not connect that i should make sure my usb wires are connected i purchase a new cable from motorola any suggestions

  30. “My Computer” is normally in the upper left corner of your desktop. It’s also in the top right of the Start Menu.

  31. i know this may sound dumb but i’m not too computer literate how do i get to “my computer” to select device manager
    thank you

  32. Fiory, It’s pretty hard to help you if you don’t give any details about your environment and what you are trying to do and w. Like:
    Which OS (XP, Vista, 7)?
    Is this with iDEN Phonebook Manager or with some other app?
    What is the error message when you try to connect and at what point in the connection process does the error occur

    In general USB works best with a short (less than 6 ft.) cable and a direct connection to the computer, not through a hub. Connection issues can often be resolved by disconnecting the USB cable and power cycling the phone and PC.

  33. I have tried everything I know and cannot communicate with my Motorola i9 via a USB cable. Any ideas people? Help!! Thanks!

  34. I’ve tried many ways to trick this app (and others) into going over the bluetooth, like telling it to use the corresponding com port associated with the obex serial port, and nothing I’ve done has been successful. I can only transfer a contact manually back and forth with outlook. No genuine syncing. 🙁

  35. will this work with bluetooth?

  36. My experience with this utility is that it works very nicely on my i776 phone with the exception that VOICE tags assigned to contacts do not transfer. After writing contacts back to your phone, the voice tags will need to be re-recorded.

  37. ha ha! My sister was just askin me about this. thanks again for makin iden mobile pooh easier, D.

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