The “Send to Phone” button and The Universal App Loader on this site as well as the Sprint iDEN Content Uploader use Sprint/Nextel’s provisiong system and only work with phones on the Boost Mobile and Nextel USA networks.

But customers of any iDEN network can load apps and games to their phones using Motorola’s iDen Java Application Loader  or iDenJAL.  It’s a Windows program that lets you transfer Java apps and games from your PC to your phone. No network connection is required so iDenJAL works with any iDEN phone including ones on other networks like Canada’s Telus Mike, Nextel Mexico, MIRS in Israel, Nextel Brazil and Southen Linc in the US. iDenJAl is only for Java Apps and games. You can’t use it to install ringtones or wallpapers.

You can download iDenJAL from developer.motorola.com/docstools/idenjal/openJAL/. It’s part of Motorola’s developer site and you do need to  register as a developer in order to download. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.  Downloading from Motorola insures that you have the latest version. But if you don’t want to wait you can download iDenJAL directly from here. The download is a .zip containing a single file, IdenJAL.exe. Extract the file and launch it to install Open WebJal.

You also need a data cable. These are available on the web from eBay, Amazon and many other vendors. I use iDenJAL on Windows XP.  I heard reports of it not working on Vista or Windows 7 but haven’t tried it myself on the newer OSs. Hopefully Motorola will update it to work with the latest version of Windows.

iDenJAL is pretty easy to use. Connect the data cable to your PC and to the phone, which should be powered up and not running any Java programs. The first time you do this Windows will want to install some drivers, let it and if it tells you you need to reboot your PC do that too. Click the Connect To Phone menu item. I’ve found connection problems are rare with Open WebJAL. If you get the message “The phone is currently busy performing another operation…” it means that a Java application is still running on the phone. Go to the Java Menu on the phone and you’ll see the message “End all running applications”, choose Yes and then Finish and try connecting again. If you get “The application was unable to read the required phone information… ” disconnecting and reconnecting the cable usually helps.


To load a game or application, press the download button and browse to the location where you have saved the .jad and .jar files, double click the .jad and WebJAL will copy the game or application to the phone. It’s as simple as that. Unlike with some phones both .jad and .jar are required.  The part of jad and jar file names to the left of the period need to be the same and no more than 11 characters long. For example:

Mini42.jad, Mini42.jar – Correct

Mini42.jad, Opera_Mini42.jar – Wrong, names don’t match

gmaps-232-m2_L1.jad, gmaps-232-m2_L1.jar – Wrong, left portion of the names is more than 11 characters long

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  2. Can I Download Apps Without A Using load?

    • No, you need a load to download.

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  8. What about nokia 111

    • What’s your question about the Nokia 111?

  9. I m using a HTC hero but it can download whatsapp what can I do

    • The HTC Hero is an Android phone so you need to use the Android version of WhatsApp from the Play store. WhatsApp requires Android 2.1 or later, so you need to upgrade your phone if you have an older version of Android.

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  12. I say wanna more games in my phone. Samsung galaxy.

    • You won’t find any Android games on BoostApps. Use the Play Store for Android Games.

  13. it’s very useful, thanks, idn’t know if there is someone still working for iden device but i’m..

  14. how can I extract an app from a nextel iden phone

    • That’s nor possible, as far as I know.

  15. it only connects to the computer in flashstrap mode
    Is that good?

  16. my computer wont detect my i465 and idenjal wont connect to my phone

    • USB connections to iDEN phones tend to be flaky. Scroll down this page to my comment from 2010.06.30 13:25 which has lots of tricks you can try to hopefully get it to connect.

  17. does it work for i465 clutch?

    • Yes, it should work with the i465.

  18. Im having a problem i have a motorola i1 and im trying to download a program that they use for transportation …they told me i cant download it but wondering is if there is another way to get it the program in is called datatrac the problen is the phone is an android thats what they told me….

    • I don’t know anything about Datatrac but you can only run Android apps on the i1. Ask Datarac if they have an app version for Android. If they don’t it’s not going to work.

  19. Can you try to get gigapets to download on my i856 or the sims game please

    • What are the URLs of the games you are trying to download and what sort of error do you get when you try?

  20. Thank you for all your help. I have a i465 clutch and can’t wait for the cable I bought off ebay ($3.18, free ship) to get here! So I can test this out. Been wanting to put Opera mini on this phone for a little while now! after that, the games!

  21. Well the problem is that it was not a standard app. Its a program from DataTrac called DT Mobility and its for courier companies. I can see it on the phone with iDenJAL and I know there is a program out there for backing up to a pc but the are programs that run on the phone 🙁

  22. Is there a way that I can move an app from a bad phone (screen is toast) to a new phone. I see this is an uploader… is there something for copying the apps off a bad phone and then use this to upload to the new phone?

    • I don’t know of any way to copy apps from a phone to a PC. But if you use the same SIM in your new phone all your old downloads should be available in Download Apps’s Re-downloads section.

  23. when i try to connect my i856, it shows a message “the phone is not responding….”
    i’ve tried to reconnect and restart both phone and computer, but none of theses seemed to work…could you help me, please?

    • Here are some tips I copied off a now defunct website years ago:

      After you press the connect button on iDenJAL, Quickly unplug the usb cable from the computer and quickly plug it back in. If you time it just right, it will establish the connection and work. It normally will take a few tries to get it to connect.

      If you have a phone with a micro sd card, try powering off your phone. Remove your micro sd card and power on your phone. Now try iDenJAL.

      If your phone has the option; settings > advanced > memory card, set USB mode to off.

      If your phone has the option; settings > connection set USB to “Application Access”

      Close any suspended java apps running by pressing menu and choose java apps. You will see a folder called suspended apps. Choose it and you will see the applications that are still running. Choose close or end.

      Running the installation file again is really not reinstalling the drivers and 9 out of 10 times will not fix anything.

      Reinstalling consists of the removal of the modem and unknown hardware 1st.

      This will fix 99% of communication errors including the error that says no usb drivers installed.

      Go to the control panel.

      Choose modems (could be under other), then the modem tab.

      Delete all of the motorola iden usb modems.

      While still in control panel choose system, then hardware, and device manager. Look in the trees by hitting the + sign and then look twice in the Universal serial bus section. Do you see an unknown device? Delete it

      While still in the system under hardware choose device signing. Choose Ignore.

      Unplug the phone and cable. Rerun the iDenJAL Installation program Turn off the computer. Plug the phone back in to the computer. Turn on the computer. It should find new hardware when it starts.

      Choose Install from list (advanced)

      Choose don’t search

      VERY IMPORTANT!!! CHOOSE Motorola iDEN USB Modem

      choose continue anyway

      Then unplug the phone and turn it off.

      Press and hold the top 2 buttons (contacts & messages unless you have changed them) in and turn on the phone while still holding them in.

      It will turn on in flash trap mode. It will say “code ok ready to program”, at the bottom of the screen it will have a message like “connect USB or RS232 data cable”.

      Plug in the phone. It will remove the “connect USB or RS232 data cable” part if your data cable and data port on your phone are ok. If it errors on the phone then you may have to clean the data port with a dry tooth brush or a lightly moistened with alcohol tooth brush or it could be a defective data cable. The computer will now find a new hardware called a p2kdevice automatically install it and hit yes to continue if it prompts. If it doesn’t find anything do like above when you removed the unknown device except this time if you can not find an unknown device remove a p2kdevice if you see it. Now turn off the phone, if it doesn’t respond to the power button just pull the battery. Now power cycle the computer and the phone and try iDenJAL again. It may ask you to install the p2kdevice mid process choose to automatically do it.

  24. OK, I just discovered this site through a Facebook page, I have read this entire post along with the comments — so I am still wondering:

    1)What EXACT make AND model data cable can I/should I get for my Motorola i335? Is there some kind of universal one for cell phones or even iDEN phones at all?

    2)Can I get one from Radio Shack?

    3)The other question I have is, HOW EXACTLY can I “offload” content from this same i335 I have to a PC, etc.? I have some VoiceNotes I want to be able to actually save somewhere, somehow instead of simply deleting it,or letting it take up space on my phone (which has abysmally low “storage space”).

    Any ideas, please feel free to reply here in detail. Thanks 1,000,000!

    I lied, one FINAL thing — are there plans to include an e-mail address (or even a contact form??) on this page to submit inquiries, technical issues, etc.? It’d be so much more convenient for everyone, I feel.

    • 1) The i335 takes an industry standard micro-USB cable like this one: http://astore.amazon.com/ba046-20/detail/B0009RKGEO
      2) You can get the cable at Radio Shack although they are overpriced
      3) I don’t know of any way to transfer content from an i335 to a PC, only from PC to phone

      I prefer to have users ask for help on site so that others can share in and contribute to the solutions. Plus, this site has thousands of users and a staff of one, me. I’d rather spend my time finding apps and enhancing the site than providing one on one help.

  25. I have the i856 also n none of these tutorials have worked for me so u r lucky

  26. I have tried this way n the other to put games on my phone. I have followed ur instructions and I get nowhere. Is there any other way because this is a joke!

    • It definitely works. What sort of errors are you seeing?

  27. so the only thing a data cable is good for then is to use the phone as a modem? cause i thought the nextel series you needed a data cable to send wallpapers and ringtones to the device.

  28. my i465 is plugged in as a modem not as a usb port to send pictures and ringtones through any on know how to change it from a modem to like a folder to install pics and ring tones?

  29. Does this procedure work for the Sanyo Incognito phone?

  30. every time i try to connect my i465 to pc via data cable it installs it as a modem and keeps disconecting and reconnecting….can anyone help me

    • Installing the modem is normal the first time you connect the phone to a new USB port.

      If the disconnections are interfering with sending apps to the phone using iDenJAL be sure that the cable is fully seated in the phone. You may have to trim away some of the plastic part of the cable connector to get it to fully seat on some phones, especially the i465. Also, if you are connecting to a USB hub try connecting directly to the PC.

  31. Just used the JAL loader to get Mini-Notepad onto my i680 Brute and it worked like a charm, even though the i680 isn’t listed among the phones supported by the loader. Just make sure that first you connect your phone and let Windows automatically install all the various iDEN USB drivers it wants to install (there are several), then disconnect and reconnect the phone and set USB to application access per Giovanni’s instructions above. Then start the loader and hit the connect to phone button. Once it connects to the phone hit the download button and navigate to wherever you saved both the JAD and JAR files for your application (you need to download both to the same directory and the filenames-minus-extension need to match). Note that once the “download” of the app from your computer to the phone is complete, the loader will list the app as “uninstalled”. Not to worry. Disconnect the phone and run the app and the next time you connect the loader to the phone it’ll list the app as “installed”. Guess the app “installs” itself the first time you run it. My OS is Win2k, btw. This loader is a real help, especially since “send app to phone” never gets anything to my phone (possibly because it’s Sprint?). Anyway, this little tool is a great thing to have around! Thanks for this tutorial that led me to it!

  32. I am so frustrated! I do not have the Internet so I cannot download the IDEN JAL! I dont know what to do and I need help

  33. I need help. I bought the data cable for my i856 so I can download games and apps to my phone. I am having a hard time understanding how to do this. I have ADD and I need a step by step instruction that I can understand so I can download

    • The article contains step by step instructions. I’ve copied the meat of them below as numbered steps:

      1. Download and install iDenJAL

      2. Connect the data cable to your PC and to the phone, which should be powered up and not running any Java programs. The first time you do this Windows will want to install some drivers, let it and if it tells you you need to reboot your PC do that too.

      3. Click the Connect To Phone menu item.

      4. Press the Download button and browse to the location where you have saved the .jad and .jar files, double click the .jad and WebJAL will copy the game or application to the phone.

  34. I too loaded Opera on my boost i465 and must say it is soooooo much better and faster than the phones original browser. The olny version I could get to work is Opera 3, if anyone knows of other versions that are compatable with my i465 I would love to upgr

    • I have had opera mini 4.2 on my i465 for a while now, and i have had no problems with it.

  35. Although it’s not listed among the supported phones on the download site, my i465 Clutch was recognized by IdenJAL and my installed apps were listed. I haven’t tried to install anything yet, but I recently found a Bejeweled game I might try.

    For those of you who (like me) have too many Barnes & Noble gift cards, the cord that comes with the Nook will act as a data cable for the i465.

    Dennis, you’re being marvelously helpful. Many thanks, both for your instructions and for hosting these apps. May your downloads be ever speedy and your signals always clear!

  36. I would like to know where would i download these .jad or .jar games from online to my computer before i put them on my phone. i have a i776 and i need HELP!! lol im confused

  37. I have been using my data cable since September. This is great. I have downloaded apps to my I880, 870,615, 415 with no problem, after Boost apps showed me how to use the Jad maker. I so tried of hearing about how slow the web is on Boost. I bet my opera mini speed is as fast as most people’s 3G on other carriers.

    The Opera Mini 4 turns your phone into a poor man’s smartphone. I show people how fast I can get on the web, or check my mail, and they can not believe it. “Yes it’s Boost, and it’s not a smartphone. Boost should make the Opera Mini 4 it’s default browser.

  38. Now no texts working!! Boost betta b upgrading!! Joy :/

  39. Forgot to mention that the man told me they’re working on this cell site over here in New Hampshire. He said 5 and I got back online with my Falcon i776 at 3pm EST! I’m soaring again, hate that OpenWave browser! 🙂

  40. Hi, I’ve had problems running my java apps from last night till today. I called Boost and the guy was so nice he credited me $5 for my inconvenience. But I told him I need my Opera browser up and running so I can promote BoostApps.com!He smiled,now online

  41. Ive had the same problem using apps and trying 2 download anything. Called Boost-she says there upgrading server-then she says there having problems with server-lol final outcome-u just gotta wait.UNBELIEVABLE!!

  42. well for people who have i856 debute(im not sure if his works for other newer iden phones) if the phone isnt recognized…just
    open iden java app loader (IDEN JAL)
    connect the phone
    press the menu button
    go to settings
    click on connections
    click on usb
    scroll down to access aplication..

    the phone will automatically link and now you can download the apps

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