< TTPod Music Player

An advanced music player with visualizations, playlist, album art and lyrics support , shuffle, repeat and loop play modes.

Type: Freeware
Author: TTPod, English translation by ROgeNs
Data Connection Required: yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Touch Support: Yes

Reported working on: LG Rumor Reflex, Samsung Seek, Sanyo Innuendo, Sanyo Taho
Reported NOT working on: LG 840g, Nokia 200, Nokia Asha 303, Samsung Wave 525 GT-S5253, Samsung SGH i637 Jack, Samsung Wave GT-S8500, Sanyo Incognito

Please let us know in a comment if it works or not on your phone.

The app "TTPod j2me v1.70 Samsung" (462 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:"ttpod".

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 7359

Download to your PC


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  1. Wow dennis this is awome

  2. It won't di download

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  4. wow amazing

  5. NOKIA E5

    • What about the E5? Does TTPod work on it?

  6. Not working

    • What phone? What's the error mesage?

  7. mp3 player work at w7i cherry mobile

  8. Nice

  9. I can

  10. I like it

  11. Dood, I Love Using This Music Player On My Android Tablet
    Still Using The Java Emulator

  12. U said it is free but why can't I download the apps I like?! my phone is cherry mobile w6i.I hope I can receive your response immediately.

    • Browsing is free downloading requires paid data. Internet.org doesn't allow downloading with free data.

      Your phone needs to support Java ME to run these apps. I don't know if the Cherry Mobile w6i does or not. Check the phone's specs to be sure it does so you don't waste your paid data.

  13. Flight pilot

  14. TTPod music player is a better app for Java.Thank you.

  15. do u know that this a world of android devices

    • Yes I know that Android is huge. Android has the Play Store with millions of free apps. There's no need for another Android app store when every Android app is already in the Play Store. BoostApps is for people who still use feature phones,.

  16. why don't u make all application free of charge becourse we are poor especially our country

    • I would if I could. Facebook and the operators are who decided to charge for downloading.

  17. I can't download this one. Why? :(

  18. I cant download y

  19. I want to play this game.. 👍

  20. I like this.

  21. awesome mp3 player...i like it even my friend he ask how to download these TTpod player...i hope more improve this apps...:)

  22. i can't download

  23. Really u love it?

  24. Apps donwload

    • Nice

    • I cant't download apps.free basic.

    • Nobody can. Internet.org blocks downloads using free data. You have to have paid data to download.

  25. its so amazing here,,

  26. like it!!

  27. if a cellphone is SAMSUNG-GALAXY it can download a video or an audio,pls?

  28. I love it

  29. Ttpod sprt X2-02

  30. ooops! sorry it didn't work in my phone samsung sgh i637 jack

  31. Why when custom updating or want to read from memcard, the app hangs...is there any newer or older version of this fos samsung gtc5130?

  32. Why does ths app hang on samsung gtc5130 when custom updating from mem card? Please do smthng

  33. this player not working on samsung wave 525 gt s5253.
    please do something..

    • Thanks for reporting the error. I will add the samsung wave 525 gt s5253 to the reported not working list.
      I'm not the author of this app so there's nothing I can do to fix it.

  34. Its not working on my nokia 200 cell phone

  35. It is really a great fun things.

  36. It is good and supportable app on my cell its really nice music player.thank you

  37. Is there any way to make it so the fastforwards and rewind will stop moving around its kinda anoying

  38. I. Like boostmobile.

  39. I like. Boost apps.

  40. Ahhh, That sucks!

    But Thanks For looking Though!

  41. Thanks! Hope theres a fix!

    • Based on what I've read, the runtime error "no class def found" means that the app is trying to use a class that isn't supported by the phone's Java runtime. In other words the app is incompatible with the phone.

      It's not fixable except by rewriting the app to not use the class that's missing. Only the original developer or another developer with access to the app's source code can do that and they would probably need access to the phone model that's giving the error for debugging purposes.

  42. Says "no class def found" on LG 840G, any way around this?

    • I've seen that error with other aps and other phones but I don't know what causes it or how to fix it. I'll try to find out.

  43. Works on my samsung seek

  44. Doesnt work on my rumor reflex, it works but it wont let me search for any music at all

    • I have a Rumor Reflex and it works. Tap the menu icon in the top status bar and choose File System to browse your phone's folders for music.

  45. Awesome. Thanks. This is a great app for my innuendo. I was also able to recover some pictures that got corrupted by my micro sd card

  46. Works perfectly on the Innuendo!

  47. not working on incognito game termination after launch.

  48. Works great on Sanyo Taho. Now I can use Opera with music in background.Works with flip closed too.Thanks