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Welcome to BoostApps.com. This site lets you download free games and apps to Boost Mobile and other phones  without the need for cables, loader programs or even a PC.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about using this site.

Q. If these apps are free why am I getting charged by my operator for downloading and running them?
A. The apps and games themselves are free, you pay nothing for the app or game. However downloading apps uses data and your operator will charge you for the data used downloading. In addition, many apps use data when you run them. Messagers like Hike and WhatsApp use data to send and receive messages, browsers use data to load web pages and ad-supported apps use data to download ads.  Click here to only see apps that don't use data while you are running them.

Q. I'm using Free Basics and downloading apps is using my paid data. I though Free Basics gave me free data.
A. Free Basics is a service that is operated by Facebook, not by BoostApps. It gives users of participating mobile operators free data for browsing websites, including BoostApps, that have been approved by Free Basics. However, Free Basics free data doesn't work for downloading. You must use paid data to download.

Q. What phones do these games work on? 
A. The apps and games on BoostApps are Java ME (also called J2ME) apps.They work on phones that support Java ME including Nokia S40 and S60, Asha and Symbian Belle phones and most non-smartphones  from Samsung, LG and Sony Ericisson.

Q. How can I get the games and apps on BoostApps.com on my phone?
A. Here's how to install them:

If you are browsing BoostApps on a PC:
1. On the BoostApps PC site find an app you like and look for the Jump Code. It's at the bottom of the post.
2. Go to boostapps.com with your phone browser and click the "Enter Jump Code" link just below the page header.
3. On the next page enter the Jump Code in the text box and press the "Jump" button which you take you to the app's download page.
4. Click the JAD link near the bottom of the app page to download and install the app.

If you are browsing Boostapps on your phone
1) Use the search box or categories at the bottom of every page on the site to find the a game or app you want.
2) Click the "JAD" link below the app's description. The phone will download and install the app

Q. I have an Android phone.  Will the apps on BoostApps work on it?
A. No, but don't feel bad, there are many more and much better free apps in the Play Store (formerly Android Market) on the phone. Tap the Play or Market icon on the phone to get started downloading.

Q. I have a BlackBerry, can I use these games and apps
A. The apps on this site are intended for non-smartphones. Some of them work on BlackBerrys but many don't. The best sources for BlackBerry apps are BlackBerry App World and this big list of free BlackBerry software.

Q. I have a QWERTY phone  and the number keys don't work in games. Can this be fixed?

A. You need to switch the keypad to number mode.  On most phones press Fn twice to switch to number pad mode. If that doesn't work try a long press on the Fn key to switch the keyboard to phone number pad mode. Once you are in number mode you can use the the number keys in games that use numbers as controls.  You have to do this on QWERTY phones for any game that uses the number keys. To switch back to QWERTY either tap FN once or do another long press.

Q. I have a QWERTY phone and I can't type letters or symbols in the ID and password fields of some apps. What's the solution?
A. Some apps don't "see" the QWERTY keys and  only recognize the number keys.  Do a long press on the Fn key or press Fn twice  to switch the keyboard to phone number pad mode and then you can triple tap the number keys to enter letters and symbols as if you were using a non-QWERTY phone. For example to type a "C", press "2" three times.

Q. The game or app I want isn't on BoostApps.  How can I get it?
A. If you can find the game or app on another site like Getjar or Mobilerated you can send it to your phone with the Universal App LoaderInstructions here.  And if you do find a good game or a useful app that works well on your phone and is free to distribute (non-commercial, freeware or ad-supported), do your fellow BoostApps users a favor and post a link to it in the comments section of the Universal App Loader page or on the forum.

Q. Can I watch YouTube or other web videos on my non-smart phone.
Some of the phones including the Sanyo Incognito and the Motorola Rambler will play videos from m.youtube.com and other mobile video sites.

Q. Can I listen to Internet radio stations on my non-smart phone?
A. Virtual Radio works well on many phones including the Motorola Rambler and Theory, Sanyo Incognito and Innuendo, Samsung Seek, and LG Rumor Reflex.

Q. My  phone doesn't have a music player, can I install one?

A. I've tried a number of MP3 player apps and none have worked on phones that don't have a built in music player and SD card.

Q. I signed up to subscribe to BoostApps by email but now I don't want it anymore, how do I unsubscribe
A. Click the "Unsubscribe now" or "Manage your subscriptions" link at the bottom of any of the emails.

Q. How can I change the avatar on my comments?
A. Create an account at en.gravatar.com and upload your avatar there. Be sure to sign up at Gravatar with the same email address that you use here or it won't work.

Q.  I have a question that wasn't answered here. How can I get help?
A.  If your question is a general one about using the site please leave a comment with your question. If your question is about a specific app or game on BoostApps, leave it in a comment on that app's post.

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  1. Oooo yes

  2. How to upload file Boost Apps

    • You can't, downloads only.

  3. my phone is cherry mobile w8i ,can i installed games from boostapps?

  4. How can I download this app

  5. How to install my cherry mobile phone app messenger?

  6. Can I download boostapps to my phone samsung gio gt s5660 android?????

    • No, the apps on BoostApps are not for Android.

  7. how can i download watsapp on my phone? samsung Chat E2222

  8. can these apps work on my cherry mobile and samsung young?

    • Probably not. Most Cherry Mobile phones do not support Java ME games. The Samsung Young is an Android phone and definitely doesn't support Java ME.

  9. II don't know how to use this apps

  10. I love this apps

  11. my phone doesn't have JAVA ME

  12. my phone is android (my|phone agua rain 2g)is it needed to have a wifi connection? pls help me,thanks

    • The apps on BoostApps are not for Android phones. You can get Android apps with the Play Store on your phone. A data connection, either WiFi or cellular data is required to download anything on any phone.

  13. why can't download the app?is it work for my|phone agua rain 2g?can i download the java app?

  14. Please help me how to get out of the mobile site and try the one site but not in the mobile site because I can't download the app if I'm in the mobile site...What should I do???😞😖
    Is there another site...I can't click the jump code if it is mobile site but first I know this I can click the jump code but when I go to mobile site now I can't???why is this so???

  15. Please help me how to get out of the mobile site and try the one site but not in the mobile site because I can't download the app if I'm in the mobile site...What should I do???😞😖

    • Click the "Switch to our desktop site" link at the bottom of the mobile page. Switching to the desktop site won't help with downloading, the links are the same on both versions of the page.

  16. Can i dawnload on my phone asha 200??

  17. i want to install an apps.. i can. . its not android.

    • Me me.i wont to and I won't my new password in facebook I for got

  18. zhnk z68 supports wifi,play store.i want to install games,apps I can.it's not andriod.

  19. Zh&k z68 wifi but no java ME can download games reply please....

    • You might be able to download the games but you would not be able to play them if your phone does not support Java ME

  20. how can i use wechat

  21. my problms nothing install.nothing loaded any apps
    if downloaded any app ..will preparing money if downloaded all apps..

  22. i cant see the enter jumped code link...

    • which jump code did you enter?

  23. How can i download ??? My phone is not android. ..

  24. I have cherry mobile ace can i download games hear this is not android phone. ..

    • The Cherry Mobile Ace is a Firefox phone It does not support the Java ME games on BoostApps. Use the Firefox Marketplace to download games for your phone.

  25. Di you have Mobile Apps for Heat/Cold/Air/Moist etc.?.. The Detector or Resistor... Whatever..

    • I do not.

  26. My phone is Motorola' having 201M as its model number. It is an Android versioned 4.0.4 Can I download Java apps?

    • No, you need to use Android apps on Android phones.

  27. Can I download without network connection?

    • No, that's impossible.

  28. am using sasmsung chat GT-222 E2220 but a havinga problem when I wanted to download opera mini and other important apps it normaly prompt invalid jah file.and now my question are 1.how can validate jah?. 2.how can I overcome this error without pc, andhow I can dowload appslease help me I need an opera in my phone am tired with low speed of my phone browser.thank in advance.

    • The Samsung Ch@t series is trouble. AFAIK the only way to install apps is with a PC, cable and Samsung PC Studio.

  29. The Renaming Java App Tutorial link is not working.I would like 2.3.2 and 1.5.1 google maps both on my phone.I tried modding Manifest file,but seemed to fail compressing to make new Jar.I used MiniCommander.The link should be all I need.thanks

  30. Another weird problem.With Boost web off I use to be able to do all downloads.Now no app downloads,no OM 4.5 downloads at all.UC 9.5 all music and video downloads are 16KB.OM 7.1 music and video downloads work OK.Why the disparity?

    • You are confusing me. I don't understand how you can download anything "with Boost Web off". What are you using for a connection? WiFi? I though you were using Boost PAYGO and AFAIK no phone allowed on PAYGO supports WiFi.

  31. Thanks I forgot all about that

  32. I dont currently have access to Pc or I could doxnload Jar and upload with Rumkin.

  33. There is an app I want that I can find no Jad or Zip for,only Jar.I cant use data cable.Is there any way I can download Jar Ota to phone without phone trying to put it in Apps?

    • You can use the Universal App Loader to create a zip

  34. All I had to do was stay on line when call failed.Sprint rep reset problem on their end and now Boost calls work.

  35. It is one of the Sprint phomes that Boost is wiking to actitate.I have Boost Paygo

  36. Hands free worked ok,but how do I tell it its a Boost phone?

    • Glad you got it working. But now you're confusing me with this latest question. You said it's a Sprint BYOD phone and thus not a Boost phone.

  37. By mistake I reset my phone.I still had web so I got apps back quickly thanks to this site.Anyway to get phone service back without going thru Boost?Its a Sprint Byod phone on paygo and they might say no more paygo for me!

    • Provided it's a Sprint phone you just need to run hands free activation on the phone. Google (or Bing) "Program your HTC EVO 3D site:support.sprint.com" (replace "HTC EVO 3D" with your phone's make and model) for detailed instructions.

  38. Am awaiting delivery of recently ordered LG840G Trac phone with combined angst and excitement. Have negligible electronic skills, but can still learn. Can you either help or steer me to a site that is designed to guide in simple (operative word here is "simple") steps the following: Getting Mini-Opera and a reliable GPS app into the new phone? I need a GPS that will reliably talk me through the route every step of the way. This may not be relevant, but I have a wireless Lenovo laptop. Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.