Opera Mini 7.1

Opera Mini 7 .1 was released today.  New features in this release are:

  • Improved download manager. Pause and resume downloads, even across sessions.
  • Smaller files (up to around 15 MB) are downloaded faster.
  • Renaming of files before downloading .
  • Last download folder is remembered.
  • Option to open files on the device instead of downloading through Mini.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.

Downloading generally only works with phones using SD memory cards.  This is a phone limitation, not an Opera Mini one.

Type: Freeware
Author:  Opera Software – Product Page, Online HelpForum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0

Touch Support: yes
Screen Size: All
Reported working on: Kyocera Durashock, LG Rumor Reflex (unstable), Motorola Rambler, Samsung Factor, Sanyo Innuendo, Sanyo Incognito
Reported NOT working on: Motorola i776

The app “Opera Mini” (313 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”Mini71″.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 6848

Download to your PC


  1. Slow

  2. hi sir dennis does opera mini 7.1 supports my cherry mobile W6i not android

    • I don’t know anything about the Cherry Mobile W6i but if it supports Java ME Opera Mini will probably work.

  3. thaks u

  4. My opera mini 8 write failed to save page each time I want to save page

    • Do you have a memory card in your phone? A memory card is required to save pages on many phones.

  5. its saying invalid application for update

  6. cant upload files with the preinstalled version of my nokia x,everytime I try to upload something it gives me file unspecified error message,wat could be the problem

    • Use a different browser. Isn’t the Nokia X the Android phone? There should be lots of browsers to choose from.

  7. Browser not work my nokia x2-02

  8. Opera working fine but just one particular problems that occured with the opera 7 before I upgraded to opera 8.It says failed to save page,phone type;blackberry 9630.

  9. I download 0peramini 7.1 on my symbian phone… Bt if i want 2 download any file by saving it… It will bring fail to save… Pls help me out..

    • Use the Symbian version of Opera Mini. Go to m.opera.com with the Symbian browser to get it.

  10. My opera mini failed to save pages, what can I do

  11. i want to do thes opera mini

  12. Kyocera Durashock working good with this app

  13. Operamini 8 on blAckberry at the point of saving a web page I get a “failed to save page” error message. WhAt do I do.

  14. Opera Browser
    We have a new version of Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry phones (BlackBerry OS). http://opr.as/ee

  15. Personally, I think that every every version of Opera Mini from 7 upwards is broken thanks to the one click close tab ‘feature’. I mean, accidentally brush the bottom of the screen with your thumb… That’s why I state that the last fully usable version is 6.5.2.

    • I don’t remember that ever happening to me. It takes two taps to close a tab, one to open the tab selector and a second to hit the “X” on one of the open tabs. Using full screen mode would make it three taps by hiding the action bar.

  16. Operamini 7.1 e bom

  17. using opera mini 7.1 on symbian. It doesn’t download anything over 15mb in file size. It just says “Downloading ‘file name’ failed. Please try again.” Why? However, it downloads files if it is less than 15mb in size.i using samsung corby 2

    • Opera Mini has problems downloading files on many operators. The only solution is to use a different browser such as UC or the built in browser.

  18. i download opera its working on my nokia asha 201 but are an hour it says applicaton error

  19. howdee.just a thought..Are they ever going to update opera mini 7.1? =D

  20. Meant to say, once logged in to gmail, your FIRST link went to standard html. The second still goes to mobile.

    • That’s what I’m seeing too. The second link loads a mobile version which works well with Opera Mini unlike the default mobile version.

  21. I tried following your links by clicking. The second still gives a mobile version, and indeed seems to be an instruction specifically to do so, which is the opposite of what I want.

    Both, if I’m not logged in, lead to a (probably) mobile version login screen which then leads to the mobile version.

    Once logged in, if I open your second link (in a separate window) I finally get to a standard html page. I’ve copied the url of that page before logging out:


    and set it as the URL of my gmail bookmark. Again, while logged out and on logging in I got the mobile page, but activating my newly modified bookmark got me a standard html page.

    I shall see how things go from here.

  22. gmail is doing it again. Giving me an inferior Mobile version with no link whatsoever to get a standard HTML page. And I’m using the …/mail/h URL. Anybody know of something to append after a ‘?’ to force standard HTML? (It still gives some semblence of the standard page when I use UCB.)

  23. I cant download on opera mini 7.1

    • What phone and what’s the error?

  24. amencountering problem on how to save page in opera 7.1

  25. Gmail has apparently removed the link on their mobile page which allowed me to switch to a plain html display. Does anyone know what can appended to the URL to get around this and force a plain html view?

    • https://mail.google.com/mail/h/ usually works for me. Sometimes it still loads a mobile version but if I click the menu icon at the top right there’s a link to the desktop version at the bottom of the menu.

  26. I like the opera mini version 4.5.

  27. Is opera mini 4.4 is better than opera mini 4.5

    • Not in my opinion. There’s not much difference though, use whichever one works best on your phone. 4.5 fixes several bugs on touchscreen phones

  28. degree of data compressibility?

  29. opera mini is not useful to my mobile.

    • Try Opera Mini 4.4.

  30. opera mini 7.1 is downloaded but it is not working.

    • What’s the error message say?

  31. Pls i just downloaded opera mini 7.1 and it doesn’t allow my pages to save. everytime i try, it tells me it has failed to save the page. what do i do?

    • Not all phones allow 3rd party apps to write to the file system. It’s generally only permitted on phones with memory cards. In some cases using a signed version of Opera Mini downloaded from http://m.opera.com using your phone’s browser, will allow you to save pages when this unsigned one won’t.

  32. Veryfast

  33. i like that

  34. Awsome

  35. Works perfectly on the Innuendo and the download updates are great. You now can now open any file with either Opera or your phones’ default browser which enables you to download from sites like Myxer without having to exit Opera. Very convenient. Just b sure to upload ur speed dials, bookmarks, etc thru Opera Link or you will lose everything because this update overwrites version 7.0.

  36. Hello. My phone was recently stole and is currently being used. Is there any way I can track my phone. They have made calls but will not answer. Thinkin of hiring a private investigator as the contents of my phone are this important to me. I had the telenav on it. will that help?

    • Did you report the phone as stolen? Your mobile operator can track your phone but generally only at the request of law enforcement. As far as I know Telenav doesn’t do tracking, just navigation.

  37. Good

  38. I cant view videos from opera but i am able to from my default browser. I have an innuendo.

  39. Its so niCe 🙂 i like this application .

  40. I can’t save page on my opera 7.-

    • Not all phones support saving pages. Which phone are you using?

  41. nice

  42. i’ve already download from m.operamini but still can’t download I use nokia x2-00. My problem same with liong park

  43. I can’t download any files over Opera Mini 7.1,but can with older version,since i upgrade to new version downloading files is error,i’m sorry for bad english,my phone Asha 311,

    • Try using the signed version of Opera Mini from http://m.opera.com Our go back to the old version that works.

  44. Hello. i hav a Boost Array and I need help dwnloading apps. which link do i use? zip? jad? or send to phone which my number doesnt show up valid. thanks

    • Use the jad link for the Array.

  45. i downloaded opera mini 7.1 on my phone.was working good for awhile.now its saying pages are unavailable or it cant load them.

    • I’d try re-installing Opera Mini.

  46. Hi Dennis,I am looking into buying a JUNO or SAMSUNG ARRAY boost mobile phone.But first I need to know which would be more compatible with installing an app in particular “Honey location”.Which one would you recommend? Plz let me know soon!!Thanks in advance!!

    • That’s not going to work:

      1. It looks like Honey Location is out of business. Their web site is a parked page.

      2. Historically, Boost has blocked third party apps that use the GPS on their CDMA phones to force you to use Boost Navigator. That might be changing. Accutracking.com claims that their app, which isn’t free, works on the Motorola Theory and Kyocera Innuendo. I haven’t tested that claim. If Accutracking works on those phones other GPS apps probably do as well. I know that GPS access is blocked on the Juno but the Factor is a new phone and might possibly work.

      This page is about Opera Mini not GPS or Honey Location. Please do not post off topic comments, it makes it harder for others to find relevant information. If you are have a comment or qustion about a specific app like Honey Location use its page. If you have a general comment or question leave it on the Help page

  47. Hi can i download a second browser on my samsung gusto verizon if so whats the url? thanks

    • Verizon’s phones don’t support Java apps. The only apps they can use are the ones Verizon sells.

  48. New Opera update works well on my Incognito…no problems yet

  49. Works perfectly on the Innuendo and the download updates are great. You now can now open any file with either Opera or your phones’ default browser which enables you to download from sites like Myxer without having to exit Opera. Very convenient. Just b sure to upload ur speed dials, bookmarks, etc thru Opera Link or you will lose everything because this update overwrites version 7.0.

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