Facebook 2.5.1

Here’s the latest version of the Facebook app. The version number is 2.5.1. According to Facebook, the new features in this release are:

  • Support for more languages including  Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese, Devanagari and Hebrew.
  • Photo tags are now displayed
  • Added ability to “Like” comments and photos
  • Photo uploading supported on more phones including the Samsung Seek

I’m not sure which Boost phones it works on.  On my Rambler and i776 it installs and runs but most of the keys don’t work and as a result there’s no way to get past the login screen.  The previous 2.3 version didn’t work on my phones either but BoostApps readers reported that it worked on the Incognito, Juno, Factor, Rant and Seek, so I’m hoping this one works on at least those phones.

Type: Freeware
Vendor:  Facebook
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Reported Working On: Samsung Seek, Sanyo Innuendo
Reported Not Working On:  LG A290, Motorola Factor, Motorola Rambler, Samsung gt e2652w Champ Duos
Let us know in a comment if it works or not on your phone

The app “Facebook” (130 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”FB251s”

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 5779

Download to your PC


  1. Perfect download but “Unsupported midlet” are only showing….

    • What make and model phone are you using?

  2. new version of facebook also.doesnt work on my phone samsung sii lte. Please me. Thank u.

    • That sounds like an Android phone, you need to use the Facebook app in the Android Play Store.

  3. For some stupid reason all the facebook app can’t run it at all on my samsung gt e2652w champ duos n i really can’t find one fb app with photo support to use it n i really tried all the versions i can upload on my phone !! that’s completely depressing

  4. I think I might have your answer. Not 100% sure, but I have had this problem since I started FB. Never had any of my own pics, just ones I tagged from friends. Hahaha. Anyway, try this cuz it worked for me finally! Yay! Go to ur phones’ built in browser (not Opera mini, UC, etc.). Go to m.facebook.com. Go to bottom of page and click on “photos”. Once there you should have the option to browse, click browse, than it should have your different folders (my pictures, etc.) click your pictures and choose which one u want. Add a caption than click upload. Your pic should be there. Dennis has an “update” thing in the UC browser comments that might explain a little better :-). Hope this works for ya.

  5. So i just got the sanyo innuendo for boostmobile and i can do just about everything like a higher tech phone…like take vids download vids download free games and stuff….but i still cant download my pics to facebook and thats what ive been wanting to do for the longest time…like when i send it how do i get it to go into my mobile photos album? How do u ppl do it? Lol

  6. Is out the version 2.7.1 please post it

  7. So i have an incognito. I have a memory card. I have emailed pics to my fbook acct. It seems to show my pic in mini form but then again it shows pic i dont want shown. Its crzy aggravating tome.so i always remove the pics all together. Walk me threw how to download or email my pics with ease.

    • Teena

      I am surprised but all Incognitos should be using UC Browser 8.0… I mean if you prefer this app more power to you but Ive already tweaked the Browser and memory cofig of this phone and for a 3G phone… We are viewing full screen pics and uploading/downloading pics and other material to Facebook like a PC… Plus fullsite and mobile modes are available… I have a 4gig card and it flies Facebook like a PC…:)

      I almost feel like starting a closed group on Facebook for the Incognito/Innuendo so I can provide the other benefits of my tweaking… I am almost on there constantly…LOL! 🙂

      My neighbor purchased an Innuendo and we put his latest Droid next to my Incognito and his now tweaked Innuendo and nodded his head at me! LOL Blowing Droids online with speed alone…. Hey so its 3G but I love speed and this app…No thank you…Nice but its ok! Grin

      The Opera Mini was fine on my i776 but now its inability to view full screen photos! THAT is a disability since I study graphs online in another group and now I can magnify them with UC Browser 8.0! Theres only one browser that can fly the Internet for our phones with the least amount of disabilities and its the UC Browser 8.0…:) I know all of its bugs and I know how to keep her from crashing… Theres still a couple lil tiny bugs but theres workarounds…

      My Facebook ID is Stephan Kruge LoRe Kupisz to any Incognito/Innuendo user…

      Lets Fly like the mini laptops we are! 🙂 Seeya Online…

    • When you up load photos to facebook using they are displayed as a small thumbnail image, click the image to view a larger version. Then click the “View Full Size” link to see it even bigger.

  8. I tried the updated version of Facebook with my Seek and it totally wiped out my upload photo button. Then I re-downloaded the older version with the udate helping and it still didn’t work. No upload photo button. So I canceled when it asked if I wanted the updated version to help and I got my upload photos back. The updated version of Facebook doesn’t work with the Seek or Juno or Innuendo. I will continue checking to see how to upload photos with the Juno and Innuendo and comment back.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “… when it asked if I wanted the updated version to help”? Do you mean when it asks if you want to keep data from the previous version?

      I’m surprised the newer version doesn’t have the photo upload button on the Seek, as Facebook claims that the new version enables photo uploading on more phones including the Samsung Seek.

      Glad you got it working using the old version, though.

  9. I have the innuendo and it stays in the loading screen so it does not work…very disapointing

  10. my facebook mobile app keeps reloading when i go and try to do anything

    • i have the samsung seek m350

    • There’s an older version here: http://boostapps.com/apps/facebook/ Some people say it works on the Seek.

  11. still don’t work on motorola theory.

    • I have a Motorola theory as well and so far none of the apps have worked on my phone. Very disappointing

    • The Facebook apps don’t work on any of the Boost Motorola phones. Many of the other apps should work on the Theory.

  12. it work good on my juno phone

  13. Theres also an option to email photos in if you know your Facebooks acct. email for photo uploading…. Just select Photo again on Facebook and it will tell you what your uploading address is… Use your email provider and email from your email account to Facebook if need be…

    Save yourself the headache and if you can run UC Browser 8.0 I can walk you all thru the ropes…. Very Easy and more efficient! 🙂

    Trust me…:)

  14. HOPE this one is somthing else…….lol

  15. This App is still VERY limited on the Incognito! The photos I tested for viewing for instance I used my friend Pamela Mager… Her profile pic does not fill the screen in Opera Mini 6.5 or with this App… Now the UC Browser blows that up to full screen!

    You can upload/download pics with the UC Browser… To upload merely click the photo uption and it will bring up your menu of where you wish to upload from: Phone or Memory Card! You can upload and download with UC Browser!!!! Its VERY POSSIBLE… Ive done it plenty of tiimes…:)

    This App also does not show the complete profile of someone or even their bio! It lacks alot and speed!!! I will keep it but its a no frills basic Facebook App… Nothing to significant here…

    You get much more even if you use Opera Mini for browsing Facebook….But if you want the BEST App for viewing Facebook is the UC Browser 8.0… It has speed an elegance with an Opera Mini style to it.. 🙂

    Thats my report on this App…:)

  16. Erm , you have to have your own photos and upload them .
    You may need a phone with a memory card to be able to upload photos .

  17. I could never get past the loading screen on my Innuendo . I tried adjusting the settings a bit , but after waiting five minutes I gave up . 🙁

  18. how do i download photos i cant even find a place where it says download photo or browse photos

    • You can’t download photos (save a copy of a Facebook photo on you phone) with this app. You can do that with Opera Mini on any of the Boost phones with a memory card

      If you mean upload (send a photo from the phone to Facebook) I think that only works on the Seek with this app.

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