This is a version of Google Maps which has been signed by Google. Signed apps contain a digital signature and a checksum. If the app is modified after it was signed it will no longer work, which helps to protect the user from malicious hacks.

More importantly to most users, if an app is unsigned many phones will constantly prompt the user to grant the appĀ  permision to connect to the internet. This makes map apps, which have to download new map tiles every time you pan or zoom, almost unusable.

This app doesn’t work on Boost Mobile or Sprint phones which do not support the industry standard signatures which Google uses. It does work on many Samsung and Nokia phones from T-Mobile USA, AT&T and Tracfone.

Type: Freeware
Author: Google
Data Connection Required: yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Touch support: yes
Reported Working On: LG 306G, LG L840G, Nokia Asha 501, Samsung GT-S8500
Reported Not Working On: Nokia Asha 302

The app “Google Maps” (436 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename: “maps_m2_ts”.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 6944

Download to your PC


  1. working on my Corby 2 but can easily low my
    phone memory I can’t open other apps or receive new mes

  2. great app support on nokia asha 501

  3. Some people say’s that the google map is you can use w/out internet connection..but how??

    • The Android version of Google Maps lets you download maps for offline use but the old Java Java ME version on this page doesn’t.

  4. hello can dz work on android via java emulator ?

    • Yes but why Android apps and games are a thousand times better than these old Java ME games.

  5. Ow i see..

  6. this app very super

  7. Good

  8. I won’t to to see wabie01 on a Maps ok

  9. the map is useful but its upgrade not available

  10. Why did the apps cant installed in my phone???

  11. This application (Google Map) is a great application. Definitely it works better on all (Jar/Jad) supported low memory mobiles. This application is working better on my ‘Nokia Aaha-501.

    • My phone is ace cheery mobile ist svailable

    • The Cherry Mobile Ace is a Firefox OS phone. It runs apps and games from the Firefox Marketplace, it does not support the Java apps on BoostApps.

    • The name of my phone is ace cherry mobile ist availabe????

  12. Worked for me on my LG 306G. Thanks!

  13. Awesome great for my LG 840g. Thanks!

  14. free best maps

  15. Works great on my LG 306G. Speedy, “simple” download for old farts like me. Thanks.

  16. wow ‘google map’ app is really best for all…!!!

  17. Just downloaded & verified that the signed version of Google Maps 2.3.2 works on my new LG 306G (TracFone). Maybe you can add that to your “Reported Working On” list.

  18. It Doing Great Function with my Samsung GT-S3850 Corby II, But I Can’t Use A Google Maps function like my Blackberry phone such as Phone Number GPS Searching

    • I won’t see wabie ur princess_janice

  19. I downloaded JAD file for 9644 app directly to my LG 306g. I was able to launch it immediately after installation. After I exited the app, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere on my phone. I tried to re-install it, and got message that app is already installed. Despite warning I re-installed. Again, I was able to start immediately after launch, but not after exiting. My minutes get deducted if app is running. I just want to uninstall it. How do I do it?

    • I think you mean 6944 (Google Maps) as there’s no 9644. To find it on the phone tap the menu icon (looks like four squares in the lower right corner) on the home screen, then tap Games and Apps and scroll down to Google Maps. To delete it; highlight Google maps, tap the menu button and tap delete.

      If you use Google Maps on WiFi it won’t use minutes.

  20. Anything special about the maps app for the lg305c that anyone knows about? It is sister to the 306g. I am desperate for some kind of nav app that will run on this phone. Trac rather deceptively advertised the 305c as having “GPS capabilities.” Then tech support says that means the locater works on GPS. My devotion to TF has diminished considerably!

    • Feature phones generally don’t expose GPS location information to 3rd party apps. The GPS is chip is only there meet 911 requirements.

  21. download of gps to my LG840g was downloaded great. Thank you

  22. I can not believe how easy ..had never downloaded anything in phone before .. Thanks so much.

  23. It only took a minute to download and set-up. Great apps. I wish they all worked that easy.

  24. jad does not work says invalid jad.jar works with annoying popup.zte z431 phone.i have signed opera working fine

  25. this is a good app

  26. Thanks! Are there other apps downloaded like this?

  27. Downloaded directly to my LG840 per your instructions. Not a glitch. Thank you very much for your help. This site is an outstanding resource especially for older (pushing 71) people who are electronically challenged.

  28. very best map

  29. Just loaded to my LG840. Works great. I’m a novice at this stuff and I “did it”, hooray!
    Thanks so much. Now off to find an app that will work with audio books from the libaray.

  30. thanks

  31. Hi, thanks for the app, i have been using this app on my j2me, but it was deleted. i re-installed it, but when i open it it tells me “serious error ,exit and restart” over and over again. Plz help

    • No idea. The app hasn’t changed so it it worked before and your phone and settings haven’t changed it should still work. You could try deleting and re-installing it.

  32. I downloaded Google Maps and it runs fine I keep getting “Untrusted Midlet you are accessing the network.
    Data charges may apply. Continue?” when I bring up and when I navagate. ny suggestions on how to correct that?

    • This is a signed Midlet so you shouldn’t be getting an “untrusted Midlet” message. The signature is in the .jad file so you must install using the JAD link. If you install using the JAR link the app may work but it won’t be signed.

    • Thanks a lot Dennis, worksfine now, Jim

  33. Just downloaded google maps onto my LG840G, and its works perfectly. thanks a bunch. shame there is no Pandora app.

    • Very encouraging. Just ordered an LG840G myself, and am not savvy at all about these matters. Do I need a signed version of Opera? If so, do you recommend a specific version? Also, does google maps operate like a GPS (that question alone will tell you how little I know). Thanks for any input.

    • You don’t need a signed version of Opera Mini but you might want one. See How to Download Opera Mini Signed Versions for more information.

      This version of Google Maps doesn’t support GPS. It displays maps for any location you specify and can provide directions between two addresses.

    • After entering the jump code, does it make any difference whether whether I select JAR, JAD or ZIP? Thanks for your assistance!

    • You should use the jad file which is a small text file that contains the digital signature plus meta data that some phones require, like the jar file size and a list of which APIs the app uses. The phone uses the information in the jad to verify and download the jar.

      If you get an error with the jad you can try clicking the jar link which sometimes works when the jad doesn’t. If you’ install using the jar the app will not be signed.

      The zip is an archive containing the jad and jar intended for download to a PC. If your phone supports installing apps with a cable or Bluetooth you can download the zip, extract the files and push them to the phone. Phones can’t install it directly.

  34. This is a great site. It took very little time to download the app to my LG840g phone.

  35. this is a very popular site for apps.I like it.

  36. I like of this site because it’s verygood tankyou verymuch!

  37. A whole lot of work to get nothing useful.

  38. thanks i got it to work , now I would like a bible I could read on my Lg800g, maybe it would stop me from smashing up my phone with the largest hammer I could lay my Hands on, so it should be signed SIGNED, everywhere a sign as the 60s song goes

    • There are a bunch of Bible apps here: http://boostapps.com/tag/bible/

      None of them are signed but the “GoBible” apps don’t connect to the web or read or write to the filesystem so the phone shouldn’t annoy you with prompts to allow anything.

  39. I tried download to a pc then I put it i n my LG800g it came up with the comment “Invalid descriptor” I tried with the in built crappy browser To go to boost apps but the phone froze and i saw I was going to be charged lots of minutes for nothing so I had to take the battery out to unfreeze it! Why is it so hard I have spent waaaay too much minutes on what should be simple!I am verry computer savvy. Please Help before I throw the phone at someone?

    • Try putting both the jad and jar files on the SD card and then go to MENU > MY FOLDERS > MY MEMORY CARD and highlight the .jad file and choose “install/run”

      If that doesn’t work downloading with the browser probably won’t either. If you want to try anyway use this URL to download just the app without loading any web pages http://is.gd/goomaps

  40. I’m content because now I have google maps 232 for navegatio web and pesquise geografic realy.

  41. u said before post in help but theres nowhere to post there….is there a pandora app for j2me? i heard there was but cant find it anywhere except them fake sites that you have to sign up for

    • There is a comment form at the bottom of Help Page but there’s no Pandora J2ME app.

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