Updated 22-Apr-2010: Until recently, the only way to get Life in Pocket was to visit the LifeInPocket.com PC site and to register and then push the app to your Boost or Nextel phone.  The PC site is Flash based and doesn’t work with mobile browsers, so users without a PC were out of luck. Now Life in Pocket has made their LIPsignup app available for direct download from a mobile friendly page at lifeinpocket.com/s.html.

The direct download doesn’t work with iDEN phones but it did make it possible for me to add to to BoostApps where Boost iDEN and Nextel USA users can send it to their phones using the Send to Phone button below.

Note that the LIPsignup app is just a small 33KB loader that lets you register for the service.  When you register be sure to choose the right carrier (Boost or Nextel) and enter your mobile number correctly as 10 digits with no leading “1”. When you finish registering, exit the signup app and go to Download Apps again and you will see a new “LIP_056” download – which is the actual 736 KB Life In Pocket App.

LifeInPocket is the only free GPS aware turn by turn navigation app with voice guidance I’ve found that runs on the Motorola iDEN phones. It actually does a lot more than just navigation including free messaging with other LifeInPocket users, a friend and family locator, address book and text note synchronization, calendar, task manager, weather forecasts and a news reader.

LifeInPocket tries to do too much, in my opinion. It’s a huge app, consuming over a megabyte of precious space on the handset. Navigating the menus is confusing and the LifeInPocket website is worse. Fortunately the core navigation feature works really well, with loud, clear and timely voice prompts. There’s no reason to pay $9.95/month for BoostNavigator or Sprint Navigation when LifeInPocket does the same thing for free.

Type: Freeware
Author: Roadcomm – Product Page, Help
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series with Java (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)
Does NOT work on Boost CDMA phones like the Incognito, Juno, Seek or Factor.
File Size: 736 KB

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 285

Download to your PC


  1. Cool

  2. Hi dennis i got a samsung f700v touchscreen it is a 3g but when im downloading the navigation it says incorrect description what must i do?

    • It probably means your phone is incompatible with the app but you could try emailing Life In Pocket support at beta@boostapps.comroadcomm.com and see if they have a fix.

  3. I have a boost Motorola Theory, and have tried several ways to download this software, I am using opera to try to d/l it, and when the phone says that it will have to close the app to proceed wth updating the phone, the phone locks up. Anyone have any suggestions for getting this file to My phone?

    • I’m not sure this app works at all any more, But It only ever worked on iDEN phones, not CDMA phones like the Theory.

      Boost CDMA non-smartphones block all 3rd party GPS apps to force you to buy Boost Navigator.

    • is there a way around it, such as downloading it to My pc and the uploading it to the phone…..or is there another gps app that I can use to get the result I wish


    • Not that I know of, the phone blocks the installation of apps that contain commands to access the GPS. It might be possible to hack the phone to remove the restiction (it could be done on some old Sprint Samsung phones like the A920) but I haven’t heard on anyone doing it to any recent phone.

  4. you used to have TeleNav GPS Navigator on boostapps what happened to it, and is it ever coming back?

    • Telenav is commercial, it costs $10/month to use. It was never on Boostapps, everything here is free. I think it’s available from Boostmobile.com as Boost Navigator.

  5. excuse me but i have a question when i try to signup using this signup app it wont let me enter the last digit of my boost number why is that?

    • Your number should be exactly 10 digits long, no leading “1” and no dashes, dots or spaces, just 10 numbers.

    • ok i have signed up but when i try to update it says to go to java app and look for the update except its not there?

    • Which phone are you using?

    • im using an i465 clutch from boost mobile

    • There are 4 steps to downloading Life in Pocket.
      1. Click the “Send to phone” button on this page, enter your number and press a second send to phone button
      2. On the phone Open Java Apps (called Games and Apps on some phones) and choose Download Apps and then New Purchases and click GuestMidlet which will install on the phone
      3. Run GuestMidlet choose Boost, enter your number and a user name and password and hit next.
      4. Go back to Java Apps > Download Apps and repeat the step 2 process but this time choose LIP_056 to install the app.

      Which step is failing for you; 2 or 4?

    • when you mean guestmidlet do you mean lipsignup because thats the only download on this page

    • Yes, I meant LIPsignup.

    • ok then i dont have any problems with any of these steps and have installed the update but when i go back to the app it says theres an update available again

    • After you download the update you have to install it : Then highlight Life In Pocket in the Java Apps menu, press the “Menu” key and choose “Update”. Choose to “Keep existing data” when prompted and you won’t lose your login information.

  6. Data error 909 message… Whatever that means.

    • This is app is only supposed to work on Motorola i series (iDEN) phones. What phone are you using?

  7. ok so i downloaded it. i signed up, created a user name and password, and hit the next button. after that, it said some hoopla, and i cant figure out how to use it lol. i have a i686

  8. Everything works fine (GPS, Services etc on the i465, the only problem is that the Voice Turn by Turn is not loud, I CANNOT hear it through the Speaker, only through the earpiece. Any advice/help?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Start at the phone Menu, choose Settings, then Volume, then Java Spkr and set it to the max.

  9. Its giving me error message

  10. I did everything I was to do, but now where does this show up on my phone? I have gone to GPS, Java, games and apps. Where is it that I pull up?

    • I finally found it under Java. However, I am advised I must login to lifeinpocket.com and select SYNC and then select update. Anyone know where I will see this function on the website? I have tried selecting SYNC on my phone, yet no success. Help please.

  11. I have a Bold 9700, Lifeinpocket has google maps as the default map and voice navigation is not working, isn’t it supposed to work in google maps in the first place, I keep getting distracted because I always have to look at my phone… I wish someone could help me here,,?!

  12. Want download on my samsung seek

    • You can try downloading it (click the JAD link in the phone’s browser) but AFAIK LifeInPocket doesn’t work on Boost CDMA phones like the Seek.

  13. Once I enter in the destination info, how do I get the turn by turn dirctions?

  14. Hi I downloaded this app and it work fine but as soon as I upgraded it stop working I get error loading error opening can you help

    • Sounds like the update failed. Try deleting it and reinstalling. If that doesn’t do it log into LifeInPocket’s site at http://lifeinpocket.com/ and click on “Report an issue”.

  15. BoostMobile blocks internal GPS of all CDMA phones from 3rd party apps’ access. That means we can no longer support Boost Mobile phones except BlackBerry smart phones. Existing iDen LifeInPocket users can continue using the app but download is no longer available.

    All BlackBerry user can download the latest LifeInPocket from BlackBerry App World or from our site LifeInPocket.com directly.
    We apologize for the inconvenience,

    • The GPS is still open to 3rd party apps on Boost iDEN phones. There is no reason to remove the iDEN download.

  16. I’m messing with the new Sayno Mirro, and not having luck. It’s probably the same story as the Incognito. I’ll keep you posted if I figure it out

  17. i have downloaded life in pocket on my i465. however everytime i go to it I have to re register and doesnt let me go any further. any suggestions?

  18. I am using lifeinpocket in my Blackberry 9700 and my wife’s 8200. We attempted to befriend each other via email address… Did not work. My wife tried to search and invite myself via name and the program invited some guy that wasn’t even in her address book… Did not work. Lifeinpocket sucks MASSAVE amounts battery power if left on. We have removed your product from both phones.

    • The version of LifeInPocket on this site is only intended for Motorola iDen phones so if that’s what you tried I’m not surprised it didn’t work well. You might want to try the BlackBerry specific one at http://lifeinpocket.com/s.html

      BTW, LifeInPocket is not “my” product. It’s published by RoadComm, Inc. BoostApps is a free download site for Boost and Nextel Motorola phones and is not affiliated with RoadComm, Inc.

  19. No go on the Incognito. As far as I’ve found, the Incognito’s GPS is blocked from all 3rd party apps.

  20. i keep running into an this “HTTP Status 404 – /html/gsmo.jad

    type Status report

    message /html/gsmo.jad

    description The requested resource (/html/gsmo.jad) is not available.
    Apache Tomcat/5.0.30” The sprint one is actually something like lip179 or something, but it has the same error. Having any luck with the incognito yet? If it wasn’t so hard to get the actually app this would be such an easy process. x.x Thanks!

  21. Does anyone know how to zoom using the map feature in this app?

  22. I have personalized my service, however when i try to sync it to my i465 it say you have not personalized this service yet.

    • It woks ok, it 2 tries

  23. i went tolip.com the webmaster says lip only works with blackberry because other carriers wer blocking the gps

  24. when i try to sign up where it says mobile phone with it only lets me type in numbers not letters what should i do?

    • You mean in the LIPLoader app? The phone field is for your phone number so only numbers are allowed.

  25. Final update… I got the installer installed and that was about it. Logged into my account on the LIP website to try their download button but the only phone option that would come up was a Blackberry (tried OperaMini. UCWeb and Bolt with the same results). My conclusion is that LIP is not going to work on a Sanyo Incognito. Oh well…

    • If the loader gives you an option to pick an operator, try choosing Sprint.

  26. Update:

    I tried copying your JAR URL and pasting it into the uploader to get a JAD file. Worked like a charm! Got the LIP installer installed and running. Still waiting on a text message with the link to install the main program. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

    Thanks for your help!

  27. Having a heck of a time getting LIP onto my Sanyo Incognito. Had no prob with my i465, but this is driving me nuts.

    Using your JAD link I get a 909 “Application Authentication Error”. Going to the LIP website I can click on their link to get the app from the Blackberry site but can’t direct download it. Using UCWeb to copy the link and paste it into your Universal Loader doesn’t work because the link is javascript.

    Is this something where I need to get hold of a pc with internet to have the Universal Downloader create a JAD from the LIP JAR, or is there something else I should be doing? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    -Adam S.

    • I don’t think anyone has succeeded in getting LIP to work on the Incognito. The 909 error is probably because the JAD on this page is the original one from LIP and it’s signed with a certificate that the Incognito doesn’t support.

      Something you could try is pasting the JAR url on this page into the Universal App Loader with UCWEB. The Loader will create an unsigned JAD which you then should be able to click on in UC or the phone browser. I don’t know if it will work or not and I don’t have an Incognito to test it with. If you try it let us know how it works out.

  28. Google Maps app even the newer version despite it being a tad slower than the 1st version is still great and fast MGMaps or whatever that other app is called is so slow that I just uninstalled it. Do you have any other suggestions for a GOS solution without paying for Boost Navigator if Life In Pocket will not go?

  29. Hello, I have LifeInPocket downloaded and installed on my I465. Everything is going fine but for some reason I can not log in on my phone. I get an error and just the basic help menu. On the website lifeinpocket.com I can log in but for some reason it thinks I am using a Blackberry. Now I downloaded using the send to phone option and on the install app on the hone I clicked on Boost Mobile. Keep in mind the app opens fine, I agree to the license agreement but on my i465 I can not log in as with the app om the phone but on the website no issues except it thinks I have a Blackberry. Yet it shows my home address fine that I set on the phone during initial setup. Any ideas?

    • You’re not the only one who has trouble logging in to Life In Pocket. It’s probably another sign due to their servers being overloaded. Just keep trying you’ll get in eventually though I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble.

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