New Testament

I’ve received several requests for Bible reading software. The Bible is quite large, about 1.4 M,  and installing it on the more basic Boost phones would require removing most of the other apps and games on the phone.  I’ve found a version of the Bible split up into sections of 500 KB each for easier installation.  This one is the complete New Testament, King James Version.  The mobile reader app is by GoBible and features Christ’s words in red, fast search, history and  quick navigation  to a specific book, chapter and verse and you can send a passage by SMS.

Tips: The Green “Call” key is the “OK”  button in this app.

Type: Free Open Source
Vendor: Jolon Faichney Product page
Data Connection Required: No
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 1261

Download to your PC


  1. Pls thank vert much for both the new and the old testament, pls do not know if having a bible dictionary possible. Thanks

  2. yup downloaded no problem once again your the man

  3. actually even wierder i can download ebooks on this site. I just downloaded all 3 old testimate files no problem.. Still have over 7000kb left and i still cant download the new testimate file. Kep getting a 906 error

  4. hey dennis do you know why this wouldnt work on the juno scp2700? It gives me a error saying invalid descriptor… Same with any ebook

  5. finally i can do something SMART on my smartphone. what’s smarter then than reading the bible.

  6. Tgis is great, finally i can use my smartphone for something, well…. smart!

  7. Dear sir! Thank you so much for putting this New Testament app on here! You have finally put my i465 to good use! Everyone needs to read their Bible more instead of playing games and watching junk. You feed on stupid stuff, you think stupid thoughts, talk stupid talk, have stupid actions…you are stupid. Feed on good stuff, you think good thoughts, you talk good talk, you have good actions…you are good! THANKS! You are helping a lot of people to be better!

  8. hey dennis i love this app but i’m wondering way the sms doesn’t work.it lets me attempt 2 send it ask me if i want 2 grant access then it freezes after i grant access 4 this session or only once then it says,”resuming gobible old/new testament…also the cap/num lock get stuck on the top of the screen even after i end the gobible app.if u could give me sum info on y sms doesn’t work and on all i commented i would really appreciate it.i have a i465.thx again dennis

    • I would guess that SMS not working is an incompatibility been the app and IDEN phones. It’s a generic app, so it’s not surprising that not all features work on all phones.

      GoBible’s author is Australian, I don’t think there is are any iDEN networks there so he probably never tested the app on the platform. If the lack of SMS bothers you, report it on the GoBible forum http://jolon.org/vanillaforum/categories.php and maybe the developer will look into it.


    • Albert, welcome to BoostApps.
      There are already several Calculators posted here.

      Use search before posting requests.
      Post requests on the request page only (link at the top of every page) not on unrelated topics.
      Stop shouting (turn off caps lock).

      Checked the box on the comment form to get followup emails.


  10. Do you know what typically causes VM class errors?

    • VM class errors occur when the app uses a Java call that’s not supported by the phone’s Java Virtual Machine. In other words the app is incompatible with the phone.

  11. Dennis…wasn’t sure where to post but this sort of related…I have had nothing but problems trying to install GoBibles on my i856…until now. I always seem to get a VM Class error but not here. What causes this?

    Additionally, it’s important to note that all GoBibles are created with the same software. I have installed some and unable to do others. Can you help?

    • GoofyDisneyGuy, I don’t know why some of the GoBible don’t work for you. The first one I tried worked. I went to http://gobible.jolon.org/ and chose English, King James Version and “split into 512 KB applications”. I only uploaded the first part which is the new testament.

  12. HEY thank you and may jesus bless all those who seek his face….would love the old test too…if possible

  13. Dennis, I would like to speak with you privately bout a major site update. I have seen the revolution, n it involves boostapps n a c.. gargle, chug, gag.. remember me as i once was, sane (many years ago). Please IM/email me 🙂 sry crazy, tired n excited

  14. Compatibility depends on the base classes the program uses. If it goes too far beyond the very basics, then the boost mobile virtual machine cant handle it because it doesnt know how. ones with most general j2me compatibility should be good enough for iden

  15. Been trying to tether sis’s comp. An app wouldnt be too useful without good compression. k-meleon browser or opera mini 4 both small n work on pc. There are bluetooth n usb methods, n may need drivers on pc from motorola.com for usb. have to sign up.

  16. hey i appreciate your work but do you think there can be a tethering app or sumthin of that nature thx

  17. thanks for adding this i was gonna post a comment a couple days ago to ask for this and then you added it. thx

  18. thanx 4 this app dennis the greatest find ever of app may God bless u n keep u!

  19. KJV Old Testament Bible on getjar. some very foreign language versions too, portugese or somethin.

  20. this is the best thing yet. could you also get the Old Testament?

  21. Sorry d-p, this is weird. Four days been tryin to post in welcome, first try here works. maybe split it, Lol, gettin huge. BlackMetal n BlackParodius are getjar/i290+. Google “site:getjar.com compatibility i290” i***, w/a model. Nice.

  22. Sorry d-p, but this is real weird. Four days been trying to post in welcome, first try here works. maybe split it up, Lol, gettin huge. BlackMetal and BlackParodius are also getjar/i290+. Google “site:getjar.com compatibility i290” i***, w/a model. Nice.

  23. all getjar n i290+ in compatibility: JBitGameKit, Vegas Pool Sharks, Wattpad 100000 ebooks, getjar apps-program, KD Player, Bluetooth File Transfer LITE, Ringer. RAZR V3X, worth a try-Malibu Bowling. sorry post here, welcome not work 4 me 4 few days.

    • Yeah, “Welcome” is getting out of control. I think I’m going to delete all the comments on that post there are more than a week old.

      Getjar’s “Approved” status is almost meaningless, at least half the stuff they list as working on iDEN phones doesn’t. I’ve tried Wattpad and it doesn’t work. BlackParodius I haven’t tried but it’s a demo – do you really want a demo game? I try the others you mention and post whatever works.

  24. great! thanks again dennis,is
    an old testament ebooks you could post? thx-glen

  25. hey this is great thank u 😀

  26. thanx Dennis. my girlfriend and i appreciate this app

  27. nevermind it finally sent thank you for this app

  28. dennis for some reason this app is not sending to my phone i have an i856 debut

  29. i like 2 know if there is a version of the book of five rings on ebooks thank you

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