PicoMail is the first POP/IMAP/SMTP mail client I’ve seen that actually works on iDEN phones.  It’s quite full featured with support for secure connections, IMAP folders, viewing Word, Excel, PDF, WordPerfect and image attachments, contact list import (not tested), email search, SPAM filtering and HTML formatted emails which it displays reformatted in a single column with all images and text formatting intact.

PicoMail doesn’t support push email or even polling however, you have to choose “Receive” from the Menu to refresh your Inbox.

I tested it with a Gmail account and it works well. It should also work with other providers which support the IMAP or POP and SMTP protocols like Hotmail, AOL Mail and most ISP and university email servers.  It won’t work with free Yahoo Mail accounts as Yahoo doesn’t support POP or IMAP.

PicoMail claims to be able to auto configure the server settings based on your email address but failed to do so for my Gmail account.  I had to use the advanced setup screen to get it working for Gmail using the settings found here. Your email provider should have a similar page listing their settings.

PicoMail’s menu structure, at least on iDEN phones, is a bit clumsy and there are some minor usability issues. If you get stuck there’s a good user guide on the PicoMail site which can also be viewed from within the app by choosing Help from the menu.

Composing and sending an email is particularly unintuitive. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Menu key and click “Send”.
  • On the next unlabeled screen, enter the email title and press the soft key labeled “To”.
  • On the next screen click a contact (or press the Menu key to add a new contact) and press the softkey labeled “OK”, which takes you back to the title field rather than to the message body.
  • Press the Menu key and choose “Text” to enter the message body.
  • Press the Menu key and select “Done”
  • Press the softkey labeled “Send”.

Type: Ad-supported
Author: PicoWireless
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All with Java ( i9, i856, i776, i465, i290, etc.)
Filesize: 34 KB

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 3189

Download to your PC


  1. poor service i want to email but fail need help

    • Please describe the problem(s) you’re having, am happy to help out. If you prefer, you can also email me at support@boostapps.compicowireless.com with the details.

  2. Hello,

    I used to love picomail for years now – so I tried the upgrade to 3.0. Having installed that on a Motorola V600, now I can no longer get net access:

    # whenever trying to receive mails, I get the message “No more messages”; tried POP and IMAP on two different accounts, I’m sure I know the right access data

    # I cant access the help or privacy statement page either – just can see an empty page

    # I tried to delete PM 3.0 and downgrade to PM 2.3 – but that will crash every time I tried to receive a message

    # net access with opera 4.4 works flawlessly

    BTHW.: I can’t access the support forum either on my desktop.

    Any hints on what to try will be appreciated – I can access my phone via moto4lin in order to delete or upload files, if necessary.

    Yours sincerelly,

    • Hi Wolf, let me see if I can help out.

      By not being able to receive any content (via POP, IMAP or through the About/Privacy pages), it’s likely that the phone, or something between the phone and the server is not allowing the request (or reply) though. First thing I’d suggest is switching the ‘Connection port’ from 80 -> 8080 or vice- versa, as sometimes phones/operators/gateways block one of these ports and switching to the other makes the content flow end- to- end. I’d also experiment with turning the ‘Identify as Firefox’ setting, though I’m not optimistic that’ll do anything (the filtering may be done on the UserAgent header that this option represents, though is unlikely). I’d also try installing ‘PicoWeb’ or ‘Pico’ on the phone, see if they have a similar fate as PicoMail as, if they don’t, that’s something that could be useful.

      Per the open forum on picowireless.com — it was locked down due to spam robots. A new website is under construction, coming to a browser someday soon.

    • PicoMail 2.3 is still working with Gmail on my Motorola WX400 Rambler. I’ll try 3.0 and update this comment.

      Your best bet would be contact Pico Wireless on their support forum or at support@boostapps.compicowireless.com
      I can’t open the support forum in Opera 12 on my PC either (picowireless.com redirects to a mobile site that doesn’t have a forum link) but it works in Chrome and Firefox so if you are using Opera on your PC try a different browser.

      Update: PicoMail 3.0 is working with no issues on both my Motorola Rambler and Motorola i776. I’ve tried it with both Gmail and with Outlook.com

  3. can not send gmail by picomail only receive emails

    • I just setup a gmail account using PicoMail (allowing PicoMail to autoconfigure the gmail account settings for me) and successfully sent an email to a non- gmail account. I would suggest one of the following is causing your problem:
      – you have not allowed PicoMail to configure your gmail account settings for you (or you have, then went in and changed the outgoing [SMTP] settings). If so, try removing this account from PicoMail, then adding it again, making sure to allow PicoMail to determine the correct settings for you.
      – are you using a non gmail.com email address? If so, please post the domain (googlemail.com, for example). If you are, I can certainly check a test account using this domain to ensure PicoMail is detecting the correct settings.
      – ensure you have your account password correct (it should be correct if you’re able to receive email messages on this account). The password is case- sensitive.

      Feel free to email support@boostapps.compicowireless.com for followup.

  4. PicoMail 1.6 is now out, lots of new features, including support for free Yahoo! email accounts, zooming and fullsize image viewing, OCR of images (and attachments), more.

  5. Roger’s suggestion of using html for linefeeds worked for three variations of the break tag in Picomail and two of them on the gmail website via Opera Mini.

    Also tried Imap; I get ‘No more messages’ even when there’s new mail. POP works, but Gmail is not Archiving POP-downloaded mail like it’s supposed to. (Which worked fine when I was using Eudora on dialup.)

  6. > I cant find a back button to the main menu.

    There should be a ‘Back’ button that takes you to the prior display and repeated presses of it will eventually get you back to the main menu. There is no ‘jump right back to main menu right now’ button.

  7. > finding a way to enter Linefeeds the Send function

    You could enter for a linefeed and ensure you’re sending the email as HTML (Accounts -> Advanced).

    • Try that again: Enter “” for a linefeed and ensure you’re sending mail as HTML.

    • Forum keeps removing my markup, sorry, final try: Enter (the symbols I’m about to describe) less-than-sign, br, forward-slash, greater-than-sign. <br/>

  8. Okay, I deleted it and reloaded it and set up POP manually, and it seems to be working, at least with a test message to myself.

    It doesn’t QUITE behave like Eudora; it first downloads only a message list, then downloads each message one at a time.

    Pending finding a way to enter Linefeeds the Send function is useless unless I don’t mind my email being one long run-on paragraph. The Receive function may be useful; I’ll have to see what my normal mail looks like.

  9. finally, an iden app for the rest of us, that works. thanks

  10. Two issues:

    1. On Receive, it rejects my password.

    2. When sending, there seems to be no way to type a linefeed.

    • It works with Gmail for me. You need to go into advanced settings and set it to use secure IMAP and SMTP and enter the servers and ports manually.
      +1 on the newline issue.

  11. oh, and my picomail does not look like the picture you posted lol

    • Yeah, it’s a stock image from PicoMail, I couldn’t get the app to work in the emulator I use for screenshots..

  12. Nice app. Picomail was able to auto configure the server settings for my @boostapps.comlive.com account with no issue. Only problem i found was when im in my inbox, I cant find a back button to the main menu.

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