Remote PC has been removed from BoostApps because at least two anti-virus programs (AVG and Norton) report that the PC server portion of Remote PC contains the backdoor trojan, “Trojan horse BackDoor.Hupigon4.IBL”.  Trojans are malicious programs that allow others to access your PC remotely without your knowledge.  Unlike viruses, trojans do not replicate and spread automatically, they a must be downloaded and run to be malicious.

Thanks to readers Lockdown and Shadoe for reporting that AVG and Norton found malware in RemotePCServer.exe. I installed and ran AVG which confirmed that the file was infected.

If you have downloaded and installed the PC portion of Remote PC (RemotePCServer.exe) I recomend that you delete RemotePCServer.exe and the zip file it came in.  Then do a full system scan using your anti-virus software. Because the malware is a trojan and not a virus the scan should not find that particular malware anywhere else. If you don’t have an anti virus program, AVG  Free Edition is effective aginst this malware.

The phone portion of Remote PC is not infected but it’s useless without the PC Server so you might as well delete it from your phone as well.

I apologize for posting an infected file. I think I’m pretty carefull about keeping malware off my systems and BoostApps.  I scanned PCRemoteServer.exe  twice with Avast anti-virus before posting it and Avast found no problems.  Avast is well regarded and  is rated higher than AVG by PC Magazine.  In the future  I will scan any PC software with both AVG and Avast before posting it.

  1. avg and norton fail no virus in it ive had it and used it as long as its been out and just to make sure I got it again and still have NO I repeat NO viruses scanned with avast and panda its clean man put it back up!

  2. Avast is the best free AV software out. It’s better then a lot of pay AV software like Norton. Norton and AVG are know for giving false positives.

  3. Closest i can find to Graybrowser is Redbrowser. Does Remote PC use SMS? The A/V could be seeing some code n assuming. Any of them give match type, or extra information. File size, files in the installation, can google key file names n words to learn more.

    • I’m sorry. I had combined the names by accident from two different anti-virus programs. The actual name of the virus was Backdoor.Graybird . As I stated before, I received this message from the newest NIS (norton internet security) 2010. AVG, on the other hand, stated that it was a Trojan.Redbrowser virus. Hope that clears it up for you Tommy. Once again, sorry about the mix up.

  4. So unless you provide the exe for download to work on the PC side of things, pending further investigation of the virus issue, this app is basically useless?

  5. Don’t Know If It’s Just Me. But After Unziping The PC Software, My Virus Scanner Picked Up A Torjan Off The EXE. FIle.

    • Hm, Avast says it’s clean. What anti-virus are you using?

    • AVG

    • I downloaded AVG and scanned RemotePCServer.exe. AVG reported it infected. I’ve removed the file from BoostApps pending further investigation. Thanks for letting me know.

    • My Norton (NIS2010), newest version, also said the file is infected, with a Trojan.Graybrowser virus.
      On seperate note, Dennis thanx so much 4 this site. U r da man! 🙂

    • No Worries. Just Glad We Caught It Before It Any Real Damage Had Been Done To Anyone.

  6. Screenshot, chat, command and reboot make sense, but that last command sounds a little bio-organic, which i dont remember hearing about windows supporting. Nice looking app tho, i was just wondering other day if j2me could even handle this. Thanks Dennis

    • HeHe, thanks for the heads up 🙂

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