Super Bluetooth Hack

This is another Bluetooth remote control app that was requested by a reader.  It’s similar to MagicBlueHack but seems to work better. The app’s real name is “:BT_INFO” but most free download sites list it as “Super Bluetooth Hack”.

I installed it on my i776 and used it to connect to a Nokia N95-3 phone. The two phones need to be paired and the remote phone’s user has to allow the app to access it.

Many of the advertised functions (accessing the media player, making the remote phone ring, setting alarms, reading stored SMS messages, locking the keyboard, disabling the cellular radio) were either disabled as incompatible or did not work, but a few did:

  • I could make calls from my i776 using the N95-3’s account and radios.  The calls seemed clear and I could hear the other party and they could hear me.
  • I was able to view a lot of information about the remote phone including; phone number, firmware version, battery level, signal strength, network ID and SIM ID.
  • I could turn the N95-3 off by choosing “Minimum Functionality (Transceiver Off) “from the “Phone Function” menu.

The supported functions will vary depending on the type of phone you connect to.

When you first start it the app is in Slovenian.  To change it to English:

  • It should start on a page labeled “Nastavenia”, if it does not click on “Nastavenia” in the main menu.  On the “Nastavenia” page.
  • Click – “Sloven ina”
  • Click “English”
  • Press the Menu key
  • Press the Left Softkey (labeled “Spa “)

Type: Freeware
Author: Marek Šedivý – Product Page
Data Connection Required: No
Reported Working On: Motorola i776, Motorola, i456, Motorola i856, Nokia N95
Reported Not Working On: LG ks360, LG Cookie Lite, Motorola i290, Samsung Craft

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 691

Download to your PC


  1. if i try to connect it shows 2 options and if i select any of them nothing appears.what should i do

    • The app doesn’t work between all phones. If you followed the instructions and it doesn’t work there’s nothing else yo can do.

  2. it works at my nokia E5

  3. I need to english(england) versian

    • This is the only version. It defaults or Slovenian but also supports English. To change it to English:

      It should start on a page labeled “Nastavenia”, if it does not click on “Nastavenia” in the main Menu. On the “Nastavenia” page.
      Click – “Sloven ina”
      Click “English”
      Press the Menu key
      Press the Left Softkey (labeled “Spa “)

  4. what if i run a java emulator on my android phone will java apps work on my phone.

    • Yes if you can find an Java ME emulator that works. It’s not worth the trouble though, much Android apps are much better than equivalent Java ME apps.

  5. could you give me a list of java enabled phones.

    • No, ther’se no list but there are thousands of phone models that support Java including all Nokia S40 and S60 models and most Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG feature phones.

  6. thank

  7. Hope this works

  8. thanks a lot. app was very helpful

  9. plz plz plz Tell me how to use it, I have nokia 5530 xpressmusic, downloaded BT Info, many times, paired my phn with another phone via bt, bt then what and how? Plz provide snaps.

  10. Can it hack modern phones or just old ones? I have this installed on my old nokia and it can hack a samsung galaxy Note 3

  11. Ok thanks. can you recommend an app like this that works on my lg?

  12. Gt540 running on 2.6.29 starts up for two seconds then gives me the message

    • The LG Optimus GT540 is an Android phone. The apps on this site are Java ME apps for feature phones, they do not work on Android phones.

  13. It says that it cant get midlets because theres
    No sd card or its busy. It isntbusy and theres a micro sd in my phone. can u help

    • What make and model phone are you using and what are you trying to do when you get this error?

  14. I installed super Bluetooth on my nokia c6 it opens and runs fine. but every phone i try to connect to nothing happens. whats that all about?

    • You need to turn on BlueTooth and visibility on are the phone’s you try to connect.

  15. I just got the super Bluetooth hack but it says it’s not supported on my device. I’m running the most resent iOS why won’t it work?

    • It’s an app for feature phones not iOS. You can only use apps from the iTunes App Store on iOS.

  16. seems like this app. Doesn’t work.. Tss i just deleted off. What a nice app. If this gona work on my phone

    • It would be helpful to others if you told us what phone is doesn’t work on.

  17. Please can someone help me with the right appliction for my LGks360.i reall need to install the Bluetooth hack appliction please how do i get the rightful one for my LGks360.THANKS

    • There are only three Bluetooth spy apps on this site. Why not try them to find the one that works best for your phone and needs?

  18. Kudo to u all, infact u ‘ve done a great work .Tnks

  19. install it on to my old lg cookie lite and opened it, but when after I click connect, inquiry devices or from list wont work when clicked and on my old lg ks360, I try installing it but it says that the MIDlet could not be instantiated

  20. Can I have the phone that I control call me and can I listen in to their conversation? I wanted to be as sneaky as possible on my boyfriend cuz he might be sleeping with my cousin! Please help! I want it to seem like the phone called me by accident so I can hear the conversations if they been together

    • That’s not possible and you should be glad of that. If your could do it to your boyfriend, your boss, parents, boyfriend and worst enemies would all be listening to your calls too.

    • can I help U?

  21. If u want some of the disabled functions to work.such as java opening media player and others..just go to settings and unmark the.’LED’ and ‘disable’ option….although it wont work 4 too long.

  22. […] Super Bluetooth Hack | boostappsSuper Bluetooth Hack lets you remotely control another phone. Free mobile … Supported iDEN phones: All with Bluetooth (i776, i465, i9, i335 etc.) Type: Open … […]

    • plz hlp me .i want use the blututh hakar .but iknow what to do

    • There are some instructions here.

  23. I gotta question i have a i465 and i need to know does this app also work like a normal bluetooth and allows you connect to any bluetooth devices? …because the regular bluetooth program won’t let me connect.

    • No, this app relies on the phone’s Bluetooth to make the connection.

      Your Bluetooth has to be working for this app to work

  24. now i finally downloaded it..how does it work? what’s the first thing to do?

  25. Well now i found the spa key but wen i click it it still stays in the other language (boost incognito)

    • You have to change the value in the “Jazyk” drop down from “Sloven ina” to “English” before pressing the “Spa” key. If you are doing that and it isn’t switching to English you are probably out of luck as there doesn’t seem to be any other way to change the language.

  26. Theres no spa key there.. I have the boost incognito… Any other ways to change to english???

  27. Ohh Ok Thankz Dennis..I’ll Try It!

  28. How do i install it on my samsung craft 4g (metro pcs)..???can some one help me!? please!

    • I don’t know anything about the Craft but for most non-Boost phones the way to install is:
      Go to http://boostapps.com with the phone’s browser.
      Find an app you want and open its page
      Click the JAD link on the app page, the app should install.

    • It Says. Unsupported files….What can i do!!?!?!

    • Most likely it means the Craft doesn’t support Java, most Metro non-smartphones don’t. If that’s the case there’s nothing you can do.

    • Ohhhh To Bad 🙁 i Can have the bluetooth hack now !!

    • by the way…thanks dennis.! i appreciate your help! 😉

  29. Ok. I got everything in English :-), but the phone that I am trying to get to pop up never does. Others phones do but not this particular one. Its an lg dare from verizon

  30. so i’m trying to do this program and when I change it to english everything is still in the crazy languange. Except for the word english

    • Did you press the softkey labeled “Spa”? It should work.

  31. like this..

  32. how do i hack into my mac

  33. Hehehe I finally got it. Had to cancel out mid changing it or something to get it to stick. Works though awesome site by the way

  34. I am using the i465 I cant get it to stay on English. When I get to the last step it saves it back to whatever. 🙁

  35. Fred, I don’t believe I understand your ? The Bluetooth is meant to connect to devices! Not services like Metro PCS or ATT. Hmmm last time I used Metro was 3yrs ago in S. FL. Glad I switched to BoostMobile! Smile

  36. It won’t connect with metro pcs

  37. Dennis, Never mind… I figured it out! VERY IMPRESSIVE AND BETTER THAN THOSE OTHER Bluetooth programs… 🙂

  38. Dennis, I followed your instructions to the T and I still can’t get it in english. Please help? I even kept Opera on in background so I can jump back n forth to follow directions. Still nothing.. Sigh

  39. nope nuttin shows my phone jus keep sayin resolvin den go back ta da list of phones in range

  40. when I search devices it finds the devices then I try to connect but it jus says resolvin den go back to the list of people it connected with how Can I connect with people I have an i856 help me..

    • Does the “Allow connection…” message appear on the other phone? If it does, click OK on that phone. If the message doesn’t appear the phone you are trying to connect to is probably incompatible

  41. Just a quick note… this will not work with the i290 phone because it does not have the bluetooth function.

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