UC Browser Cloud 8.3

UC Browser Cloud 8.3

This is a new Beta release of the UC Browser which UC calls the “Cloud Version”. According to UC “The cloud version offers official cloud service in which every bit of data was compressed by our servers.” Which is confusing as all versions of UC Browser are server or “cloud” based and as far as I know compress all parts of every web page. The cloud version is supposed to be faster.

The Cloud Version installs alongside the regular UC Browser rather than replacing it.

New features include:

1. Different menus for touch screen and non touch screen phones.
2. The app is smaller, faster and runs more smoothly
3. Automatically matches the interface language to your phone’s language, so you no longer need to choose it manually. You can still switch the language at any time.
4. Support for UDisk cloud storaGE
5. Supports GIF animation
6. New App Gallery feature for quick access to UDisk, bookmark backup and “Quick Reads” news reader.

Type: Freeware
Author: UC Browser Product PageForum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
iDEN Compatible: (tested on i776): No (Java verification error while installing)
Boost CDMA Compatible: (tested on Motorola Rambler): Yes
Supported Boost phones: All CDMA  (Incognito, Rambler, Seek, Rant, Mirro, Juno,  etc.)
Reported Working On: Motorola Rambler
Reported Not Working On: Motorola i776

The app “UC Browser Cloud” (363 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename: “UC83Cloud

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jarzip