Update: I’ve managed to modify this app to use the same US based English server as UCWEB’s official English releases.  This means that Facebook, Twitter, My Opera and all the other sites that were blocked by China’s “Great Firewall” are no longer blocked. In addition the start page is in English instead of Chinese (which appeared as a bunch of little boxes because iDEN phones don’t have Chinese fonts).

This is an unofficial translation of the UCWEB Browser’s version  for “low memory” phones.  Only these rare low memory versions work on iDEN phones. The full versions all fail to install, even the just released 7.0 version. You don’t really give much up though, the main difference is that the low memory releases omit the download manager,  SMS sending and calling  features, none of which would work on iDEN phones anyway because Motorola’s “security” blocks 3rd party apps from accessing the file system, microphone and messaging.

Compared with the earlier UCWEB 6.0 and 6.3 versions I’ve posted on BoostApps this one has a couple of very nice enhancements.  It has a new “small” bit mapped font that looks looks great on my i776 and it does word wrap instead of splitting lines in the middle of words. Scrolling is much faster than with Opera Mini 4.2 or Bolt and images and text are fit to screen width so horizontal scrolling is never needed.

The only thing I haven’t been able to change is that the browser still sends “zn-ch” in the HTTP accept-language header.  This causes some sites including Google to serve their Chinese version.  It’s usually possible to switch to the English one.  With Google click the  “Google in English” link at the bottom of most pages.

I really like this browser. Although pages don’t look as nice as they do in Opera Mini and Bolt,  the user interface is much less “laggy” and it has tabbed browsing and copy/paste.

Some tips for getting the most out of UCWEB:

  • Go into Menu -> Set -> System Settings and change the following:
  • Set Text section to “Do not use sub -” To keep the browser from splitting pages which isn’t needed on iDEN phones.
  • Change Picture Quality to “Standard” (“Low Color” is faster but pretty ugly, “Full Color” is slow and doesn’t look much better than Standard
  • Change User-Agent to “Safari” if you like to see the full versions of sites or to “Openwave” if you prefer sites to server their mobile web version.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: UC.cn, translated by Sergyu – Product Page, Forum, Manual
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Touch support: Yes
Reported Working On: Motorola i776, LG Rumor Reflex
Reported Not Working On: Sanyo Incognito

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 968

Download to your PC


  1. But i think opera mini is the best browser.

  2. How to use free

    • That’s not possible. It’s a browser, there’s no way it can work without using data. Mobile data is not free.

  3. hahaha☺☺☺

  4. useless i cannot download on my own phone

  5. I like these game

  6. I can’t download a game please help me.

    • If downloading fails it usually means you either don’t have a compatible phone or you don’t have enough paid data available to complete the download. Check your plan’s available data balance and verify that your phone supports Java ME.

  7. Realy nice,,,,,

  8. Very flop game

  9. I love java games

  10. very nice app

  11. uc and google is the best browser.

  12. Its hard 4 me to d0wnload coz can cost money,how about freedata?

  13. Excellent communication

  14. can I get games here because my phone is ZTE

  15. can i get a games here my phone is samsung android GT-S5670

    • Not here. Use the Android Play store for Android games.

  16. Thankyou .

  17. hey all i cant find ucweb compatible with my phone i try install all version but cnnot connect to the internet please help me..im sorry for my english sir its very hard 4 me..my phone is samsung gt-s3353…tnx..

  18. As I said above, it is ucweb 6 beta ‘2’.

  19. No No. It is officially updated with eng server. It does not have chinese in any thing. News and other lame options are removed from this. It is updated recently and officialy.

    • The only references Google can find to Ucweb 6 beta 2 on the ucweb.com domain are from this Forum thread from 2008, five years ago: http://forum.ucweb.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=118

      If you know where to find this “updated recently and officially” version please post a link. If Google can’t find it neither can I.

  20. Hey Dennis! Ucweb 6 beta 2 with eng language is released with download manager and other updated features. Can u just upload that? Please? I can’t find the right file. Hope you will upload. When uploaded, reply me the link please!

    • UCWEB 6 has got to be at least 3 years old. I don’t know where I would find such an old version or why anyone would want it. New versions, even the Lite versions for low memory phones, are almost certainly better than some ancient Beta.

  21. Every time i open a web page the language always chinese, can you help me?

    • Dennis said: 2013.05.26 13:12
      That’s a problem with this version of UC. If one of the new UC versions works on your phone use it. Otherwise, there’s usually a link somewhere on the Chinese page that lets you change the language.

    • Okay, Thank you sir.

  22. i didnt know there was ucweb for iden but i tried this one on my i465 works very good not perfect but it has more fetures than opera mini, only problem i found every time wanna search on the Google bar it always comes back with error 405 not allowed nginx dont know if there is a fix for it, dont know why it does that

  23. Believe me … You need to make a version that doesnt have facebook or twitter… We just need a version that will load an application. If you should come out with one that will work on boostmobile .. CdMA … type… Let me know and i’Ll tell you something you would really like to know… Thanks again. all i really need is an app loader… I guess boostmobile doesnt care about their customers… My phone has room for 16gig memory so i wouldmt think memory would be a problem… It uses NetFront Browser.. But I have Bolt and Mini Opera on it also… I would still like to have a universal app loader… Without having to connect a cable to the mini USB interface…

  24. unfortunately im a boost customer with a useless i465 phone. Wont let me dwnld any apps. Error msg evrytme. Cant reach human @boostapps.comcstmr svc for help. Right now using straight talk samsung to post.

    • Is your account new? Downloading typically doesn’t work until three working days after an account is activated.

      If your account isn’t new please help me troubleshoot the issue by answering the following questios:

      1. Are you trying to download UCWeb 6.7 to your Boost i465 by pressing the “Send To Phone” button and entering your 10 digit Boost phone number when prompted? If not what are you trying to do?

      2. Are sending the app from this page with a PC browser or with the phone’s built in browser?

      3. Do you get a message that says “Something went wrong while sending the file to your phone. Usually this means that you did not enter a valid 10 digit Boost or Sprint/Nextel phone number…” or some other message?

      4. If you are using a PC. Try it again and if you get the error please look at the address bar and tell me what the last part of the URL is after “http://boostapps.com/error/?” (the “err=&msg=” part). If you are using the phone browser, save the error page as a bookmark and edit the bookmark so you can see the URL and tell me what the last part is (the “err=&msg=” part).

      Boost CS is not going to help you with a BoostApps problem as it’s not their site and they don’t support it. If you have some other reason to call boost, the easiest way to reach a human is by choosing the “Activate a new phone…” option

  25. as i said, i entered my number correctly. i checked and rechecked.

    • Are you on Boost or Nextel USA? Which app are you trying to download?

  26. i cant download crap on my i465. keep getting error msg not valid # when entered correctly! i HATE my phone! had nothing but problems n bad svc!

    • When entering your number, don’t enter the leading “1”. The number should be 10 digits, no spaces, dashes or dots.

  27. i have the boost mobile incognito and the problems i am running into are it will say its loading but then it says checking device fonts. Any thoughts

    • If it doesn’t start up after checking fonts then it’s probably incompatible with the Incognito. Opera Mini 5.1 is a much better browser anyway and works great on the Incognito.

  28. I prefer this over Opera so much, clean, great ui, fast, features make more sense, day night mode. And then cant get cookies to work so cant log into anything and no settiings for it, damn. Any help?

    • UCWEB has problems with cookies. There is no known fix.

  29. there is a updated ucweb browser on getjar 7.2. i try to put it on my phone i think it work. maybe you ccan get it to work(dennis) on your i776 and post it on here for other ppl/ just saying

    • I get an error Loading Classes with UC Web 7.2 on my i776. Can you confirm that it works on your i856?

    • i got a vm class loading error as wel

  30. […] Install the UCWEB 6.7 browser if you haven't already.  Get it here. […]

  31. it makes my i465 shut down

  32. Hello… Autoblank in login twitter, msn, yahoo… Thx.

    • All English versions of UCWEB are currently having severe server issues causing blank pages, login problems and lost cookies.

  33. wow! thx for the link Dennis! i just downloaded the latest generic ver7.2, which i wasn’t able to download from several other websites. now i get to try the new skins. thanks again =)

  34. neither jad or jar works on my sanyo incognito. i get ‘data error 906’ message when downloading with jad. Any ideas?

    • That error indicates it’s not compatible with your phone. You could try one of the other versions of UCWEB at http://wap.ucweb.com Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the English version.

  35. UC Browser 7.2 Beta English,I found this while useing ucweb.I went 2 the ucforum(in uc browser)linked 2 f.book & thats were seen there was a new version.

    • It doesn’t work on my i776.

  36. only thing good about this app is the copy

  37. it wont let me send a message on myspace, why is this?

    • Probably there is some complex JavaScript on MySpace that UCWEB can’t handle. Try Bolt or Opera Mini 4.2 which have better JavaScript support than UCWEB.

  38. awesome, altimate apps for facebook.

  39. facebook works great on here as a matter of fact this is the best browser i’ve seen so far better than opera and bolt IMO

  40. For help with download problems please provide details:

    Does the download appear in Download Apps on the phone? If not, double check the phone number you are entering. It should be 10 numbers only, no dashes, spaces and no leading 1.

    If you can see the app in Download apps, what’s the error and does it occur during downloading or installing?

  41. i can’t download it to my i 580 WHY?

  42. Dennis…whaddayathink?

  43. I found a english translated version,ucweb on get jar on opera4.but dont have PC to mess with it. thought yall like to know.

  44. Facebook works on Opera

  45. I’ll skip this. Sounds great, but need facebook. Lots of hacker stuff comes from China too.

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