For as long as I can remember Boost Mobile users have been complaining of problems uploading photos to Facebook. Actually, for many users it flat out doesn’t work.

Update: Thanks to tips from BoostApps readers we now have solutions for uploading photos to Facebook from iDEN phones plus  the Mirro, Rambler, Incognito, Innuendo, Seek  and possibly other CDMA phones.  Here’s how:

For the Mirro and Rambler (tip by Shawn Grambo, aka shawn1g614 )

  • Go to m.facebook.com with the phone browser.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Photos.
  • On the Photos page click Upload Photos, then click the Browse button.
  • Click the My Pictures folder and choose the photo you want to upload. Hover over the filename to see a thumbnail.
  • Enter a caption and click the Upload button.
  • Uploading is slow. It takes about a minute on the Rambler.
  • The Rambler browser has trouble keeping me logged into Facebook. Sometimes I get logged out while uploading and have to start over.
For Boost Motorola iDEN phones (i465, i475, i856, etc.)
  • Find your unique personal Facebook photo upload addess by clicking “Upload Photos” from yourFacebook Mobile homepage.
  • Send an MMS (a “picture message”) to your Facebook photo upload email address

For the Incognito,  Innuendo and Mirro (tip by KrazyKev and Shawn Grambo)

  • Install the latest version of Opera Mini from here.
  • Run Opera Mini
  • Go to m.facebook.com with Opera Mini.
  • Click Photos at the top of the Facebook page
  • On the Photos page click Upload Photos, then click the Browse (or  Search) button.
  • Browse to the photo you want to upload (On the Innuendo you may need to copy the photos to the memory card and upload them from there)
  • Enter a caption and click the Upload button.
For the Seek (tip by Angela Simmons)
  • Download the Facebook App from the Facebook mobile site using the Seek’s browser (if you can’t find it on Facebook or their version doesn’t install get it from here.).
  • Go to your main screen on phone. Go into your Applications. Click Facebook. Follow everything until main screen.
  • Click on photos and take pics and upload.
If your phone’s not listed try all three methods and let everyone know if it works for you and with what phone.
The original version of this post from Ap. 25, 2011, titled, “Editorial: Facebook Photo Uploading Needs To Be Fixed Now”, is reprinted below:

According to Facebook, users can upload photos by sending an MMS (a “picture message”) to a special email address. Every Facebook user has a different address, you can see yours by clicking “Upload Photos” from the Facebook Mobile homepage or by going to facebook.com/mobile with a PC browser. I’ve used the email technique with a Boost iDEN Motorola i776 and it does work. Not so with the Boost CDMA Motorola Ramber. Every time  I try to send a picture message to my Facebook email with the Rambler instead of a picture, this is what shows up in my Facebook status:

You have received a Multimedia Message – You received a Media Mail from {TRIMMED_SENDER} Click to view. http://mediamail.boostmobile.com/share.do?invite=XEOrJBm1Yk7pqhOhzUeQ

That’s all, no picture, just a link. Clicking the link does take you to the picture but that’s not a satisfactory solution. Facebook users expect the actual picture they uploaded to appear in their status or album on Facebook, not a link.

Boost Mobile has a Facebook fan page which is updated frequently.  They also have a Facebook discussion board. Often a user will complain about the Facebook picture uploading problem on the Boost’s Facebook Wall or on the dDiscussion board.  The official Boost Mobile account will typically respond with something like;

“Please try to send your pictures as an MMS to the Facebook short code 32665, as long as you have your phone registered to your Facebook account this should work.”

The only problem is that it doesn’t work. There is no error reported and it looks like the message is sent. If you’re on the Pay As You Go plan you even get charged 25 cents for sending a picture message. However, the picture never shows up on Facebook. Maybe it worked at one time but it doesn’t now.  You can send a text message to 32665 and it get’s posted as a status message but sending photos to that short code does nothing.

One thing I’ve heard that does work is using the built-in email app found in some Boost phones. On the Incognito and Rant, the app allows you attach pictures to emails.  Several users, both here on BoostApps and on the Boost Facebook discussion forum, have reported that they are able to send photos to Facebook using the Incognito’s email app and a Gmail account. However that doesn’t help the users of phones like my Rambler whoose enail apps don’t support attachments. If you have a Motorola i1, the official Facebook Android app does work for photo uploading  as well.

Facebook is the biggest Website in the US and the third largest in the world and is an important part of many Boost Mobile user’s lives. Posting photos is a popular activity on  Facebook and the fact that is doesn’t work with many Boost phones is inexcusable. I don’t know if the fault lies with Boost or Facebook, although I suspect it’s Boost as photo uploading (using your Facebook personal email addresses, not 32665) seems to work with every every other mobile carrier. Regardless of who is to blame Boost and Facebook need to work together to resolve this issue.  The current situation makes Boost look incompetent and I suspect causes more than a few Boost users to switch to a different carrier.

How about you? Can you post photos to Facebook using your Boost phone?  If you can leave a comment mentioning which Boost phone you use and how you upload the photos.

  1. Af tried installing Facebook on my phone bt its nt installing. I access Facebook through opera mini bt I cnt upload pictures. If any picture eventually upload, its always d stupid ones nd I dont know aw to delete dem. I donno y its difficult to install afta wasting my mb trying to download.

  2. sir I have tried a lot to upload only one photo but there are three caption if I enter one of its caption then rest are also have to fill why and I can’t comment on that which I have to upload

  3. I upload my pictures on faebook by sending them to my gmail account and then downloading them using Opera Mini 7.1 by clicking the browse button on the facebook page. I usually rename the files so I know what Im uploading to my facebook page. Plus all my pictures are safely stored in my email account.

  4. I got 2nd listed & did the personal email thing-nothing. It sucks. I have to sed pictures to my email and save then upload to Facebook. Annoying!!

  5. frickin help , im trying to upload pictures of my art to my email & facebook so i can have them on my computer, (i have a sanyo juno) and whenever i use the media mail thing and try to send the pictures to my email/fb it fails. i reallllly want these pictures on my computer so i can save them. its so annoying.

    • You should be able to send the photo as a picture message to your email. Just put your email address in the to: field in messaging.

      No one has found a way to upload pictures to Facebook from the Juno. But if you send them to your email you can upload then from the PC to Facebook

  6. I am trying to stop my pictures from going straight to Facebook as soon as I take them! How do I do that?

    • Sounds like you are using the Facebook Android app. To stop it from uploading photos automatically tap the main menu icon in the top left corner and then tap Account > App Settings > Sync Photos > Don’t sync my photos.

  7. I just got a boost ZTE WARP SEQUENT..I CanT SHaRE on the page nor email pics to my phone..I am not happy at all!R

    • It’s not clear what you are trying to share but you need to install the Facebook app to share posts from this and other sites from the browser to Facebook. Installing the app adds Facebook to the browser’s share menu.

      An easy way to email a picture to an Android phone is to send it to your own email address and they open it in the email or Gmail app on the phone.

  8. Has anyone had any experience with uploading photos to FB using the Motorola Theory? I got 2 Junos but there is just no way to upload photos to FB no matter how hard I try and strain my brain. I will be returning one of them and selling the other to a friend. However, I am torn between the LG Rumor and the Theory. The one which can upload photos to FB the best I will buy.

    • I don’t have either the Theory or the Rumor Reflex. I’ve never even seen a Theory but I suspect it’s a lot like my Rambler (Moto never changes anything if they can help it) where you can upload with the built in Myriad browser but the browser is pretty annoying to use and uploading with Opera or UC doesn’t work at all.

      I played with a Sprint Rumor Reflex briefly and it seems nice. The keyboard is good and the Touch screen is very responsive. Opera Mini 7 seemed to run perfectly but I didn’t try uploading anything. The phone is a lot thicker than I like though.

  9. I have a Nokia Asha,,I have just switched over to boost,,since then I can not upload any photo’s from Facebook,,,Tried downloading,,opera mini,,but it didn’t let me cause I had no memory card,,,Both Nokia,and Boost(Optus),,cannot help me,,does any one know what I can do,,Thanks..

    • Memory cards are cheap why not get one it will make your phone more usable as a camera and music player. But you can probably upload files from the internal memory with the built in Nokia browser or a signed version of Opera Mini

    • Thankyou,,I will try that….

  10. I have a Nokia Asha 300,,302,mobile,,I was with AAPT,,then I changed to Boost,,I have phoned(Optus,,Boost),,and also Nokia themselves,,they told me to do a few things,,I can browse the web,,I can log into my Facebook account,but it will not let me upload any photo’s to my Facebook account,,I tried to download,opera mini,but it said to insert a memory card,,which I haven’t got,so I just clicked on save,,it said uploading,then it said Operation Failed,,Neither Nokia or Optus know what to do,,can anyone please help me out,,Thanks….

  11. How do you post pics with no memory card… I just see a bunch of words and numbers and stuff..

    • I’m not sure if you can upload pictures from the Innuendo without a memory card.

      Could those words and numbers are file names that you see when you are using Opera Mini to browse for a photo to upload? If they are the ones ending in .jpg are images. Try uploading one and see what happens.

      I don’t have an Innuendo but many of these phones only support uploading from the memory card.

  12. I don’t see that this was mentioned.

    I don’t have boostmobile (never had it), but one of my FB friends does and I noticed this and tested it out and it worked.

    The link that is posted to your FB wall instead of your photo includes your “secret facebook email address”, this email address lets you post pictures and text directly to your wall. The problem, is the email address is made available to EVERYONE who clicks on the link. I took her email address and sent emails directly to it, which ended up on her wall.

    • You are correct. Not only does posting a photo to your Facebook email address not actually post the photo but it also exposes your personal Facebook email posting address, which is a security issue. Boost and Facebook really need to fix this. In the meantime you need to delete those posts from your wall immediately.

  13. i have a Samsung Factor SPH M260 and i’ve tried the facebook email address i was given to send the pictures via email/mms as an attachment or whatever… anyway it didnt work. It reads on my wall on facebook you have recieve a multimedia message. I download the facebook app also… nothing. The samsung seek was so much easier, memory card and all. this phone really bites… but i broke the screen on the previous one. HELP!!!!

  14. I found the problem with uploading pics from my incognito to facebook if u already knew how to upload pics from this phone via email and now u cant all u have to do is check ur facebook email mine changed again some how so i changed it to the new one and now it works again so if anyone has any questions on how to get pics uploaded from the incognito just ask me

    • how can i post pictures from my incognito?

    • Use Opera Mini, instructions are in the post.

  15. i have a boost juno and ive tried to download a bunch of diff ways to get on facebook so i can upload pics but no matter how i try to upload them once i get to the part where i click to upload a photo it wont even let me click it. It will highlight and i even have an option to click it but everytime i do it it wont do anything like i didnt click it in the first place

    • Unfortunately, no one has found a way to upload photos to Facebook with the Juno.

  16. just uploaded two pics from my incognito.one from mem.card & one
    no mem.card..any of the phones that you can get in to the files.you
    should be able to upload.just click the photo link @boostapps.com the top of youre fb
    page. Works with the Mirro also =)

  17. They should make a video upload section,too.

  18. Yep , I can upload pictures to m.facebook.com with Opera Mini 6.5 on my Sanyo Innuendo using my memory card .
    I use an AmazonBasics 8GB microSDHC card I ordered from Amazon that cost a little under nine dollars .
    Royal File Explorer sure does come in handy for renaming pics so I can figure out which picture I want to upload 😀

  19. i tried it but when i press the browser button nothing happens

    • Which phone?

  20. i have an incognito phone but every time i up load and attched it , its says i need my memory card but i dont have one

    • You do need the card, they aren’t very expensive.

  21. I have a Seek. Download the Facebook App. Go to your main screen on phone. Go into your Applications. Click Facebook. Follow everything until main screen. Click on photos and take pics and upload.

  22. i use a juno and have tried to upload pics and have even got a diff fb email address. the same multimedia link popped up. if theres anyone tht can assist me id glady appreciate it

  23. i have the motorola theory..it dont have a memory card..so does that mean i cant upload picture to fb the right way..when i send a picture it has a link u have to click to see the picture i dont like that i want the pic i post to be on fb..and not have to click a link to see it..

    • Try the method in the post that works with the Rambler, i.e, using the built in browser and the Facebook mobile site.
      Or f the Theory’s email app lets you send attachments you should be able to do it that way.

  24. I have the samsung seek and would love to know if anyone has successful uploaded photos to fb with there phone! If so please let me know! This is my only source of internet and it is VERY frustrating!

    • I don’t have a Seek but based on my and other’s experiences with other phones there are two ways to upload photos to Facebook that may work:

      1: If the Seek’s email app (which might be be an email option within the the messaging app rather than a separate email app) allows sending attachments, compose an email to your Facebook Upload address (you can find yours by clicking “Photo” on your wall) and attach the picture and send the email.

      2. Using Opera Mini go to http://m.facebook.com and click the Photo button below the Share textbox and browse to and select the photo you want (may only work with photos on the memory card) and click OK and then Upload.

      Let us know if you try either and it works.

  25. Dennis, I KNOW this was not the right post entry, I wasn’t getting any help when looking at the other IM programs commentary that I looked up on this site.

    The “Help” page was really of NO help to me, nor were the IM apps’ commentary as I just said. After all, this posting entry is the “Boost Annoyances” post.

    So excuse me, and if you don’t mind approving this entry, I’d appreciate it if I could get some assistance here.

    If not YOU, then isn’t there someone, ANYONE who reads up on these posts and/or is more knowledgeable than the two of us that can help me find a WORKING IM program with correctly mapped keys, IS COMPATIBLE with my W385 CDMA phone AND does NOT require “registration” at all??????

    Someone? ANYONE???? Please???

    Would really appreciate clear, concise help with this from someone who has the time and patience to help me here.

    Thanks in advance!!

    • I thought I made it clear in my first reply to you that ALL the IM apps I have seen have some issues with every Boost non-smartphone I’ve used or heard about. I’ve never used a W385 and I don’t think anyone who comments here regularly uses one either, but I wouldn’t expect it to be much different as all the Boost phones use basically the same Java Virtual Machine from Qualcomm.

      Issues include key mapping problems or not working properly (crashing, freezing, connection issues, etc.) or at all with one or more IM networks. The posts for each IM app include any issues that I experienced personally. I don’t use IM on a regular basis so my experiences are generally limited to verifying if the app installs, runs and appears to have at least some functionality on my Boost phones (an i776 and a Rambler). In the comments other users have described their experiences with the various apps.

      BoostApps is a community of users sharing their knowledge and experiences. None of us have a database of what features in each app work or don’t work on each Boost phone.

      I urge you to read the posts and comments and then try the apps and report back in the comments what works and what doesn’t on your w385. In reality the only person who can find the best IM program for you and your phone is YOU.

      The apps that require registration generally do so because they use a thin client and server architecture to offload some of the processing away from the under-powered phone to the cloud. As far as I remember, the most any of them require is a username, password and email address. If you are worried about spam or identity theft use a unique name and password for each app and disposable email addresses.

  26. I need help and am thoroughly annoyed and frustrated with my Motorola W385 phone by Boost. As you may know, it is a CDMA phone, yet NONE of the JAR links for the IM programs work for my phone correctly! All of these stupid, nosy programs want you to register somehow and even when I can download them, they don’t open/load properly and the goddamn keys are mapped wrong! I mean what the fuck? Seriously? What the hell is up with this? Isn’t there an IM program that’s 1)hassle free, 2)that works right with the keys mapped right and 3)no registering is needed AND 4)is compatible with my W385? I mean, I am at my wit’s end here with no help!! Sorry, but I am not leaving my email address; I simply find it totally unfair you get to see and keep posters’ e-mail addresses when we can’t even see/know yours, and I get enough spam anyhow. Hope you still approve this post so I can actually get some real help! Thanks anyway.

    • Unfortunately the IM programs here on BoostApps are the only ones I know that even partially work on Boost’s phones. The key mapping and performance issues occur to one degree or another on all the Boost CDMA and iDEN phones.

      Blame that on:
      1) The very loose and ill defined Java ME spec which has allowed every manufacturer to implement different key mappings and leave parts of the spec out if they so desire.

      2. Sprint (including Boost) phones being a tiny part of the global universe of Java capable phones. Worldwide most Java ME developers have never seen a Sprint/Boost phone and have no way of testing on them.

      A really don’t care what email address you use to comment on this site. Use a fake or disposable one if it makes you feel better.

      This comment has nothing to do with Facebook, which is the topic of this post. Please don’t post off topic comments, which are just noise to anyone interested in the original topic. There are plenty of posts about IM apps on this site, any of of which would be a more appropriate place for your comment as would be the Help page.

  27. I have the Juno and have tried every method possible and I’m still unable to post photos to facebook through my phone. I’ve tried the text message- 32256, I’ve tried MMS, going through facebook and posting photo and none of them work.

    • @boostapps.comDanielle: get Opera mini browser from this site, install it. Open opera mini browser and go into settings and change ‘protocol’ to html. upload photos from opera mini. Opera mini has a facebook app also.

    • @boostapps.comCorky I got Opera, installed it and I can’t find the “protocol” to change it to html. I am also still getting the error message.

      You have received a Multimedia Message – You received a Media Mail from {TRIMMED_SENDER} Click to view. http://mediamail.boostmobile.com/share.do?invite=XEOrJBm1Yk7pqhOhzUeQ

    • There is no way to change the protocol with the latest Opera Mini. It should still work though. Click the upload button on the Facebook mobile site and browse for the picture you want to upload.

    • I have tried to use the upload on Facebook with Opera mini and when I click on the browse button to pick my photo nothing happens. I’ve sat for almost 5 minutes waiting for it to open so I can choose my photo.

    • I will update my Opera mini to the latest and get back with you.

    • There should be a “Browse” or “Chose” button on the upload page. You should get a list of the folders on the phone when you press the button.

    • @boostapps.com Dennis I click on the Choose button and it does nothing. It just sits at the photo upload screen.

    • Do you have a memory card in the phone? With some phones 3rd part apps can only access the memory card not the internal memory.

    • @boostapps.com Dennis the Juno does not have a slot for a memory card. I don’t understand how even accessing through FB mobile, (not Opera) I am unable to post. I can’t send it as a text or a MMS message. It is very frustrating.

  28. incognito using opera mini, i am able to use Facebook image uploader from my wall. The fix for me was to load opera mini browser, nit menu button and open settings. I changed the prorocol from “socket” to “HTML”. At first, images were off, so i had to go back into settings and turn them on. Now, image uploader works fine on FB from opera mini and the upload real quick (unlike UC Browser). I hope this works for Rant also.

  29. Found a solution…. Using the photo upload from my incognito did not work, it would not allow me to select a file. Everytime i tried to use my personal address, it stated that i needed a handler. The UC Browser will work for that…i sent the wrong picture the first time. I decided to try from my Yahoo email account. It posted right away. I finally have a profile photo…:)

  30. I can;t upload my pic in my profile. pl. help.

  31. the i465

    • Thanks, It looks like the picture message to email method works with all the iDEN phones other than the usual iDEN MMS delays and flakiness. I still haven’t heard of anything that works with the Juno and Mirro.

  32. Yep works fine for now anyways! Everyone I’ve sent goes through. I am glad to see that it is working finally

    • Good news. Is this on the i465 or the Juno?

  33. I changed my password after sending the first pic. So sure enough that “special” email was changed. I tried it with the new one and so far it hasnt posted to my fb yet. I will keep looking and let you know if it works

  34. I have the Incognito…. First , I suggest , If not mentioned before? You all like the fb page Known Issues On Facebook.. They actually do read all the issues and try and work on the major ones first… I have saved my facebook photo uploading email, to my phone.. Each time, I change my email or password.. It seems to change, so anytime .. I just update it in my phone contacts.. I store under my nickname.. I just eaither send photos i get off the net.. On opera mini think.. Its tools then page info.. you can download images, so you save it to your phone in like my photos….. but, write down or remeber the photos u save have three sets of numbers to identify them. So write the numbers fro left to right the sets w a dash but enter just the first 2 or 3 digits… then when you want to upload it to Facebook. Maybe as your default profile pic? You search for it under browse…… If not you can search for your phone in other ways.. I also look in tools then memory storage then file manager Open it then search under myphotos.upload it. But it cant be too large or if its smaller than 140 pixels…. Fb doesnt allow those anymore… If not I also send a message attach the photo and send to that email u send to ur contact thats ur contact you have saved on ur phone. send it.. then withing five minutes itll be in your mobile photos folder…

  35. Ok I take back my previous comment. It worked once and now I can not get it to work again!! It may be my phone though b/c I just switched from Juno. On it I couldnt even get the phone to send pics to MY email

  36. I just sent one from my 465 using that special email address they give you. It worked just fine!!

  37. I set up my yahoo email on my phone and it works just fine i dont have gmail so i know it works with out it just let me know if you have any other questions

    • Thanks, good to know that it works with Yahoo as well as Gmail.

  38. I have the Rant. I tried to upload a pic from the mobile site on my phone and it wont even let me click the “browse” button. It does let me upload them through the email app on my phone though. I’ll just be glad when we can just send it directly to Facebook from a picture message. It works with Myspace. Step your game up Facebook!!

  39. I was wondering if this might work for Boost phones with a memory card . Picomail 1.9 has a built in web browser and an option to upload photos with its safari based browser . Does it work with Facebook , or anything else ?

  40. Thank you for the update. It worked and I found it to have been pretty quick from the default browser. Now if I can only find a way to send pics to people via email rather than MMS from either a site or app, I’d be thrilled.

  41. For the incognito you can send pics via email if you have your email set up on you for all you need to do is go on your facebook page from your phone scroll all the way down and click on photos then scroll down a little and it will give you your facebook email write it down then add it in your contacts under email then go back into contacts under what ever you put it under i just put facebook on the bottom left corner it will say send email select that then your email will come up select the menu on the bottom and select attach (now you have to have the picture you want saved on your phone before selecting) then go to File then photo and select your pic it may take a few minutes but it works

    • Thanks Chris to you use Gmail as your mail service or something else? I’m wondering because I’ve heard it works as you describe with Gmail but not Hotmail or Yahoo.

  42. It just struck me as that it could be a problem with the MMS server that Boost/Nextel uses . When I upload photos to Prodigits , it often looks like the photos you would see on a six bit computer .

  43. I don’t use facebook myself , but I would lay the blame on the lack of support for MMS texting . Since they read it as an email , the 10 digit phone number on the email address is probably intercepted as a bot generated spam .

  44. I agree with mydian

    Since I no longer use boost myself, both i776 i425 never had an issue with the email uploader. now the 32665 I heard NEVER supported the ability to upload photos via text.

  45. I just recently started using Boost mobile web on my Rambler (mainly for Facebook and email) and I also find this to be extremely annoying. I have tried everything to post pictures on FB with no results. Not only does the email app not support attachments, but where I am on the pay as you go plan and am trying to avoid the MMS charge, I even tried going directly to the aol and hotmail websites and they do not either.

  46. No longer using my i465 or i776 but I always uploaded to the email with very few problems. Occasionally a pic would take a few hours to show up. Never had any luck with the short number.

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