Cellufun Chess

Cellufun Chess

A powerful Chess program with six difficultly levels. All keys work except for the OK key. Use 5 or the green Call key as the OK button.

There is supposed to be an online mode where you can play against other people but I get a server error when I try to use it.  Offline mode works fine.

Contributed by: vurt
Type: Freeware
Author: Cellufun
Data Connection Required: No
Reported working on: Samsung Rugby 4 SM-B780A
Filesize: 64 KB

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jar zip

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  1. dale says:

    Works on samsung rugby 4 SM-B780A, with occasional glitches. I have on my rugby 4, along with chessmaster, mobilechess

  2. jesson bagas says:

    Hi everyone

  3. New PCUser says:

    File size of download 63.8 kb. Installation size 134 kb.

    Includes several programming boards for the user to change settings.
    This version is designed more for the user who likes to tinker with
    settings (including being able to reassign specific number keys to perform
    certain actions such as changing sides and highlighting the last move made).
    This version includes a clock, and various options to display previous
    moves with blinking lights to indicate the prior positions moves, as well as
    tips and a list of all moves made by both sides.The menu lists an option to
    play online, a setting I did not test. Thus, the reason for the
    134 kb size vs. that of the 62kb size for Spruce Chess. There is not a “save game”
    option, but rather a “resume” game choice which, in effect, saves the game.
    I did not see an “exit” choice that allowed me to stop the game prematurely and
    simply log out, without being held “accountable” for stopping. When I “resigned”
    the game, since there was no other way to close out the game for restarting at
    another time, the “stats” history listed that I had resigned and therefore my
    “lost” number was now at “1.” When i exited the game earlier and logged back into
    games/Cellfun Chess on my phone, the previous game’s positions were displayed,
    so the default setting for this version saves the previous game unless a player
    “resigns.” When I left the “stats” page, and attempted to exit the program, I was
    prompted to send my information to the network, meaning there would be a data
    connection for which there would be a line charge. I was prompted to never have the
    program ask me again to connect. This version is full of more technical and statistical
    features than the Spruce Chess version. For simply play and ease of use, I much prefer
    the Spruce Chess version. For technical tinkering and board features (other than the
    poor color contrast scheme for current piece position selection) this version is more fun
    and versatile.

  4. Flowerpedal says:

    O i wasnt sure if there was like a fake one that was similar to it. are there any ones similar to the sims that u wud be able to post?

  5. Flowerpedal says:

    Can u find a monopoly game for my i465

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