Dark Inspiration

Strategy empire building simulation game. Build factories and raise an army to defend your planet.  This game is also called jgeek.

Author’s description: “Now you are a ruler of a planet and will soon become an emperor. The goal is to colonize the universe and score points. To become the next emperor you have to gather resources while defending your planet and then you can challenge other emperors. Make alliances with other emperors and get their help to defend your planet. Dark Inspiration is the ultimate test of your strategic planning ability.”

There’s a bug in the main menu. The Phone Speed menu item doesn’t do anything. Click “Help” to open the Phone Speed Menu, Click “Exit” to open the Help menu

Keys: Arrows = move cursor; 2, 6, 8, 4 = move map; 1 = add building; 5, OK = select menu items and buildings; 7 = Resources menu; 0 = Messages.

Type: Open Source

Author:  Thilina Hasantha

Data Connection Required: No

Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0

Screen Size: All

Boost CDMA Compatible: (tested on Motorola Rambler): Yes

iDEN Compatible: (tested on i776)

Reported working on: Motorola Rambler, Motorola i776

Reported NOT working on:

The app “DI Beta 2.0.0 – SC” (251 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”jgeek”.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jar zip

8 comments on this post.

  1. Reuben Chalofwa says:

    I downloaded the game on my Nokia 2730 Classic and you cannot leave the home planet

  2. elan castro says:

    try jar downlaod but there’s no way to get out the planet

  3. vlad_basard says:

    Its true that this game works on the innuendo BUT only in a limited form. I havnt found a way to get off the planet to attack other planets nor can u build tanks. Once u build all ur buildings the game becomes boring reallly fast.

  4. KrazyKev says:

    Yes, but it does not even explain the basic rules of the game.
    I guess I was spoiled by similar pc versions of games like this that always started off with a tutorial.

  5. KrazyKev says:

    This game works okay on my Sanyo Innuendo, but it will occasionally crash when you press the 5 key. Fortunately this game does autosave so you don’t have to start all over when it does crash.
    The lack of a help guide with information would’ve been helpful for game goals does hinder progress, but what do you expect from an open beta release.

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