Hold'em Poker

A nice implementation of Texas Hold’em poker with good graphics and a responsive user interface.  The game is ad supported using GameJump but the ads are un-intrusive, only appearing at the beginning of some games, not all.

Type: Ad Supported
Publisher: Beamable.biz LLC for GameJump
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: Most.  Confirmed working on i776, reported as not working on i856

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 290

Download to your PC


  1. Link please

    • Download links are in the post above.

  2. google 4 “LabJal” WELL worth ur time! loads ANYTHING without blocks u can also edit ur codeplug but AT UR OWN RISK. 😉

  3. works on i465 use send for ok

  4. best way ive found to load tones and pics is myjal woks great but need to know how change tones to 8bit and resize pics. Oh and you have to pay to reg it or it deactivates after 7days unless you find the crack for it

  5. game is onphone but when i go to game it wont download i have a i856

  6. lee, If the error occurs dring the “loading classes” or “validating classes” part of the install it means that Hold’em is not compatible with your phone. If that’s the case can you tell me which model you are using so I can update the compatible phones list in the post.

    If they error occurs during the “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash” install phase it means you don’t have enough free space on the phone. Delete another app or game and it should then install.

  7. when i download i get a vmload class error

  8. The Way BoostApps works is that I send a zip file containinfg a game or app’s .jar and .jad files to the Sprint Developer portal’s “iDEN Content Uploader” at

    Any one can use the Content Uploader site to send their own games and apps to their phone. It’s very fussy about what it accepts though so lots of trial and error is needed to find files that work.

    The Content Uploader only works for Java apps and games. It doesn’t do ringtones or wallpapers. I believe that you need to use a cable or Bluetooth to load tones and wallpapers on the phone but I don’t have any experience doing that.

  9. I was curious if there was a way we could choose our own files to send them to our phone in this manner…

    say i wanted to send a ringtone or a graphic to my phone, is there a way i could do this? please respond in email or….

    make a post telling us how!!!!

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