Mobile Zelda Beta 2

Thanks to a tip from a Facebook fan of BoostApps I’ve found a new version of “Zelda Mobile“, Gorthwogh’s unofficial clone of the classic Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda“. This version is only available from the Zelda Forum. It’s labeled “Beta2”. The one I posted earlier was “Demo3”.  There is also a Beta1, but this one is the latest.

According to a post by Gorthwogh on the forum, the changes in this release  are:

changes from beta1:

added “getting out of the castle sequence..”
added final showdown with ganon boss-battle
remade the menu added world map
3 save slots

Changes from demo3:

Chests added
more music added
more sound effects
two new dungeons
3 new bosses
3 new monster types
bosskeys (in the new dungeons)
2 new items, boomerang + showel

Things still missing:
The fishing minigame and the shooting range are dissabled
the last dungeon
triforces for the two new dungeon
the new bosses aren’t completely done (they miss some of their attacks)
cutscenes aren’t done yet
world map
spin attack

This is a huge app, 716 KB. The previous one I posted was 579 KB.  I had to delete a half a dozen other games and apps to get it to install on my i776.  If you get an error installing while it’s “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash” that just means that you need to free up more storage memory by deleting another app or ringtone.

Type: Freeware
Author: Gorthwogh – Product Page, Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: No
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 909

Download to your PC


  1. Hey, thanks for this game but, i have trouble on figureing out how to defeat the last boss(ganon). Can you help me, please???

  2. This game is soooo easy oh! And mahmut to curve the boomerang just hold the botton you use to fire it and press which direction you want it to go.
    Ps. You can curve it as many as you can as long as it doesn’t hit a wall

  3. Where I can get “Zelda mobile” for Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  4. Hey guys I have a problem. I can’t curve the boomerang when I throw it. why? must I do something or so ? I’m in the 8 “cave” . I have a Samsung star 2. I hope u can help me :]

  5. i’m playing zelda mobile beta 4 using nokia x3-02 and now i’m stock in stage 8 b.coz i can’t control boomerang to get inside the room the shovel for digging i cant find which button to control the bomerang using x3-02 keypad and i already use the key configuration but it doesn’t work. Plz help me how to control bomerang using nokia x3-02 keypad. Jujuju

  6. having trouble finding the boomerang. Help please!!!

  7. When you enter the second dugeon, in the first room you go left. There you have to solve a bommerang puzzle. And remember you can control the bommerang direction by pressing b or a. One of those buttons.

  8. where is the shovel, i am in the last dungun and it says if you dig you will find? Is it in the dungen i just conquered?

  9. I have the full game downloaded its bett 4 .

  10. As for making the boomerang change direction, press and “hold” the “B” button (the one used to throw the boomerang and while holding use the arrow keys to change the direction.

  11. Harmony said it right. You have to slash your sword right before the fireball hits you. It will bounce back to Ganon and it should put him in a state of dizziness. Get to him quickly and start slashing at him as much as you can. Sometimes he will bounce back the fireball as well, so you will have to play a game of ping pong until the fireball hits someone.
    As for the Beast Ganon, it was really self explanatory. Don’t want to spoil it those that haven’t reached there yet.
    All said and done, great game for a mobile and does the Zelda series proud,

  12. how to make the boomerang change direction

  13. Cant get the shovel…. The boomerang is passing right over the orb and nothing. I know its behind that door. Please help. Its driving me crazy leaving it unfinished. Thanx Baby

    • i am having the same problem. can’t hit the orb to make it switch. let me know if you figure it out.

    • i figured it out you just have to hold down the boomerang button and you can change the direction the boomerang goes with the directional pad

    • There are two petrol solders. Trap one or two of them by downing the outer blocks, then down the inner blocks. The solders will petrol & will press the button. Then go & collect the shovel. The master key for beating this monster is in the top right room.

  14. Gorthwogh…?

  15. I talked with the creator. It is possible to defeat Ganon. You have to swing your sword early enough to shoot the energy balls back to him. This will send him in a temporary shock, and you should take advantage of this time by hitting him with your sword. It takes a while but eventually he will die. Note: Make sure your potion bottle is full before going.

  16. So ten people have ask how to beat Ganon and no one has answered which leads me to beleive that it cant be done, ive been trying for four days and absolutly nothing kills him if someone knows how please please tell me.

  17. I can’t figure out how to defeat Ganon. Is that part finished?

  18. where do yo get the bombs at i cant find them

  19. Use the candle it might take a while

  20. How do i kill the LAST guy, nothing seems to do anything to him and all my boxes are full so im not missing anything. What do i do?

  21. Nvm i got the shovel n all but how do u kill the spider in the dugeon where u hav to beat the big boss

  22. I beat the tree one but there was no left room my arrow is in where the 8th part of the triforce is the old guy says tht the key is in the top right room but i dnt hav the shovel to get it i dnt knw which dugeon ur talkin bout to find it in

  23. Mmm well if the map tells you with a red point in it thats it

  24. The 7th dugeon is the one thts a tree right? sry havnt playd for a couple days

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