MEBoy Gameboy emulator with Pokemon Crystal GameBoy Color game. It works on the Incognito (thanks to Teddle for finding it and confirming that it works).

This game will probably also work on the Juno, Mirro and Innuendo and possibly some of the Boost Samsung and LG phones. The game doesn’t seem to work on Motorola’s. It installed on a Motorola Rambler but crashed on startup and it failed to install on a Motorola i776.

If you try it on any phone please leave a comment saying whether it works or not so I can update the supported phones list.

When the app starts choose the game and then press the softkey labeled Menu and choose Set buttons  to set up the keys you want to use.

Type: Open Source
Author: Jörg Jahnke
Data Connection Required: no
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Boost CDMA Compatible: (tested on Sanyo Incognito): Yes
iDEN Compatible: (tested on i776): No
Reported working on: Sanyo Incognito, Sanyo Innuendo, Samsung Seek, Nokia N96, Sanyo Juno, LG Rumor Reflex
Reported NOT working on: Motorola Rambler, Motorola i776, Motorola Theory

The app “Pokemon Crystal Eng” (1078 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”PokemonCrys”.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 6210

Download to your PC


  1. I’m asking for pokemon fire red version rare candy cheat on game boy advance pls reply me the code

  2. Mr.dennis do you know some pokemon games except for Pokemon red that will surely work for NOKIA ASHA 503?

  3. Dennis does it work for touch screen NOKIA ASHA 503

  4. Dennis , it works on a Nokia N70???

  5. all the apps and games in boost apps are working in my samsung 5620 powered by java.

  6. can It Work To Astro Phone..

    • I never heard of an Astro Phone. Does it support Java ME apps? If so, Pokemon Crystal will probably work.

  7. it work on w7i cherry mobile

    • Are you saying that Pokemon Crystal does work on the Cherry Mobile w7i?

      Or are you asking if it does?

  8. I can dowload this games

  9. my device is Jetel Mate7, you think its work?

    • Does it support Java ME? If it does the game will probably work.

  10. dennis did you have game that name is diamond rush by gameloft???

  11. Dennis do you know any games that do work on my phone torque Droids Sky 3g
    Please find one for me….

    • The Torque Droidz Sky 3G is an Android phone. User the “Play” app on your phone to download games for it. The games on BoostApps are for feature phones and do not work on Android devices.

  12. Pls pls pls make an apk and send to my phone via Bluetooth my Bluetooth name is
    Morales send me on 12:30pm
    My Bluetooth visibility is on
    1:00pm my Bluetooth is off OK
    Pls pls pls send to my phone

    • I’m not a Java ME developer and I did not create the apps on BoostApps.
      I do not have the skills to create an apk version of MEBoy.
      Bluetooth has a maximum range of 30 meters.

      There are many GameBoy emulators for Android that you could use to run a Pokemon Crystal ROM

  13. Dennis I have another phone model it is Samsung GT E2202 do you think pokemon games will work in it TY.

  14. Dennis my torque i80TV+WiFi has an opera mobile store it is located in the opera mini but icant find pokemon games and i cant download anything

    • Do you have paid data available? You can’t download from BoostApps or the Opera Mobile Store using Free Basics free data.

  15. Dennis do you know any game that do work on my phone torque i80TV+WiFi,I just wanted to have a game on my phone please find one for me THANK YOU 😀

    • I’m not familiar with that phone. Check the specs and see if it supports Java ME.
      If it supports Java ME the games on BoostApps should work.
      If its an Android, iOS, FireFox OS or Windows Phone smartphone there should be some sort of App Store on the phone that lets you download games.

  16. IS there any pokemon games for touch screen java mobile?

  17. it says file too large to be saved

    • What phone is this happening with?

  18. i want more pokemon games

  19. I have an incognito, runs very slow and if you quit out of it at ALL it pops the app terminated error next time you try to run it…. Very sad indeed 🙁

  20. I have the sanyo innuendo and it ran good up till i got the pokedex. I quit the program and receaved an unexpected error message. I tryed to reload it and receaved an application termination mesage. I get some of the same errors on gold but at least it will load back up. I would like to see a fix to this game if possable. Anyone know if one is out there?

  21. Why after a while of playn silver gold n crystal it say game/application terminated n u cnt play it nomore u gotta delete n install it again n i have a sanyo incognitoO

  22. Have you ever thought about putting pokemon mystery dungens on here

  23. i have the lg rumor reflex all three sliver crystal gold work very well but no save data can be recorded 🙁 and i really wanted to play them

  24. Playable on Sanyo Innuendo. Slightly slow but has a bigger screen than Pokémon Silver. Also has a Bluetooth option to send and recieve saved games from other phones. Havn’t tried it out yet so not sure if it works or not.

  25. i have a motorola theory WX430..just to let you know it dont work on my phone..have a good day!

  26. It works for my juno now

  27. it works for nokia n96

  28. Hey dennis. There is an app that you can play gba games on mobile devices. Idk if it works for cdma users but ik it does work for android users. Its called visual boy advance

    • There are at least three GBA emulators for Android but none for Java ME, AFAIK

  29. I mean it trys to load but it dosnt it goes bak to the main page

    • Sounds like it’s not compatible with the Juno. Thanls for letting me know. I can’t fix it but I can warn others it doesn’t work on that phone.

  30. Good game works perfect on my juno but when i tried to play it jus downloads a little and then cut off nd goes back to the main page i like the game so umm help

    • If the game works perfectly what are you trying to download?

  31. ok thanks for the info dennis

  32. I think my incognito could hande the narto game. I have a st least 40 megbytes on my incognito. If you give me the link i could test it

    • If/when I find a link I’ll post it here.

    • It seems I was mistaken about MEBoy supporting GBA games. It’s GB and GBC only. All the Narutos are GBA and there don’t seem to be any mobile Java GBA emulators so I don’t think Naruto on your Incognito is possible.

  33. Dennis. The yugioh 2 is playable. No i cannot read japanes but u can kinda understand what theyre basically saying iF u played number 1.. Gameplay is no different. Other than the language difference the game runs a lot smoother than yugioh 1

  34. I had the same issue on the incognito, with it having the ‘Application Terminated’ error. It seems to messes up when you are exiting. If your ever are exiting and a screen pops up saying something about an unexpected error, make sure to click restart, then exit using the meboy main menu. This may solve the problem.

  35. hey dennis. yu gi oh 2 is okay. its a little slow. the problem is that it in japanese and when people talk the words pop up as gibberish. by the way could you please fine a naruto app and game. thnx dennis

    • Is it ac tually playable like that? Can you read Japanese?

      I looked for a Naruto MEBoy jar today and came up empty handed. All the Narutos are for GBA, which the latest MEBoy supports. But the ROMs are huge 8 MB or more. I’m not sure the Incognito can handle something that large but if I find one I’ll post it in this comment thread.

  36. hey dennis. just thought to let you know the yu gi oh two game works great. although the text is a bit slow. the problem is the main menu is in japanese and so is the gaming menu. but when people are talking all the txt box has is gibberish. still playable though

  37. Hey dennis. Could you pleade look for a naruto and/or another yu gi oh game. Thnx id appreciate it

  38. It works on samsung/seek but i cant save?

  39. yes. Could it be a memory issue for the incognito?

    • Others say it works on the Incognito. Do you get an error message when you try to launch it? What’s it say?

  40. Oops, nevermind. I see that you have the Incognito.

  41. This game works perfectly on my Sanyo Innuendo, including the game saves.
    @boostapps.com E. J. FLANAGAN, which phone are you using, and does it have a memory card?

  42. it nolonger loads and terminates itself. Im not sure what hapened. I downloaded it four times and each copy will not work like the first did for a short period.

  43. it work at first (incognito) but now it wont load. Im going to try downloading it again.

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