Tibia ME was updated to version 1.70 recently.

The are a lot of changes in 1.70 including a new island called Starrfish to explore and  the formerly premium area Aurea is now open to free players.  There are also new onscreen status icons and directional markers.  There are a lot more changes too, see the full list on the TibiaME forum

TibiaME is a multi-player online role playing game (MORPG) where you traverse a complex world of villages, mountains and dungeons slaying monsters, making friends and solving puzzles.

TibiaME looks like a great game but there seem to be some problems with the servers.  Sometimes I can run the game, other times I get the message “game world offline”.  When I can get into the game, just when it starts to get interesting I get the message “connection canceled” and I have to start all over. It looks like the connection issue was partially fixed in 1.62 and later, I was able to get connected on the second try and the connection lasted until I quit the game after about 30 minutes.

Type: Freeware with optional paid upgrades.
Vendor: CipSoft GmbH- Product Page, Online Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)
File size: 137 KB

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 1616

Download to your PC


  1. pls give me a touchscreen version

  2. sooo…i have a few friends that play tibiame that are boost customers and theres a new version released..but when i sent them the download it never worked. sooo can someone upload the new verision? i can post the link that is most likely to work http://tibiame-rulez.ucoz.com/index/0-5

  3. Most english speaking players playing in world number 3

  4. so i found a better version 4 tibia 4 java ph0nes its the basic tibia 4 java 1.70 will some1 plz post soon id do it but n0 pc and my friend who has clutch cnt play cuz java lag so bad

  5. I download tibia but whn i go 2 run game it wont load an says “unhandled excerption” can any1 help me? Im on an i9

  6. omg plz put the new version up my pc internet is gone 4 a few days i cnt download the game. 1.70 4 Java Was Released Plz Help Ima Go Insane. Cnt Play New Version

  7. they need to put a better version up period..ive downloaded every version possible for the i290 and they are all very very very slow….not worth playing on

  8. Thanks ill just mal the space that way thank you

  9. If u wanna use version 1.63 ur just gunna have to get used to not useing the spacebar and instead to make a space, press the fn key then the 0 aka the letter P key

    • my tibia always error it said mev=- error then the map in nokia 3500c plzz help me

  10. I Used 1.62 spacebar works ok but then no map :p then it lags way to much to enjoy play

    • Hmm. i use 1.62 most of the time and it dont lag much at all for me, unless i have bad service obviously. and for the incog to get ur map on 1.62 go to gold code and put in the code QYA6SW and then it will be the gold version and u can use ur map. and also anywere u have been shoul still be opened on the map now that it saves ur map to the server

  11. Dennis the space bar deletes what you write instead of a space can you fix that becasue i cant really type on their by the way i have a sanyo incognito

    • I have no idea how to fix that. Try asking for help on the Tibia forum at http://www.tibiame.com/forum/

    • use version 1.62 for the incognito. the spacebar worx normally and most of the buttns do what there saposed to. only some of the symbols when enterd do diff symbols than labeld on the phones keyboard, but that happens on either version

  12. Works ok on my i465 slow at times and menu is wacked. instead of reading use, drop, backback, look, info etc. it says stuff like incorrect gold key entered, correct gold key, not enough gold, premium, etc. whats up with all that?

  13. Jad not jas oops

  14. Is anyone else having trouble with the jas link? It keeps giving me a data error. P.s. The jar links just don’t work on my phone (incognito)

    • The link points to a valid JAD file. What does the error say?

    • I spoke too soon. There was an error in the JAD file. I fixed it. Try it again.

  15. The hi-res client for s60 v3 phones will be released in the next few weeks. Also the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch client is coming along nicely and is slated for release in Autumn.

  16. game needs more keyboard phone and touchscreen support

  17. WOOOHHH! ! ! GM Isolan was here? Dam i dont believe it! How she found boostapps? She lives in germany or werever cipsoft is! She def dont have no boost phone! ) lol. Hey isolan! Keep up the good work. and add some dam shot spells for warriors 😉

  18. Some things to remember when connecting:
    1. Select a world number between 1 and currently 26 instead of leaving the setting on automatic
    2. select a real internet point, WAP is not enough. In some cases you need to configure the phone first, the vendor or producer of the phone can help you with the internet settings
    3. make sure you have a good connection. If the connection keeps cutting out, move somewhere where you have a more stable and stronger connection.

  19. I cannot get the boost mobile bberry 8330 curve to connect to the server. You heard of any trick to get it to connect

  20. ne1 playing with the 465 clutch, if u hold the fn key while entering ur pw till it starts connectin it will make the num keys work as tho it was a 776. this is the only way ive found to enter num in the gold code sect or pw sect.

  21. oh and btw neone who wants the map feature try pulling the # menu in game, go to gold code and enter the code jbzg1w and u will be able to use the map by pressing send key then 6

  22. i can switch frm lettr to numbr mode bt in certain areas it doesn let me input numbers, i had to have sum1 go on my chr n change my paswrd just to get on.

    • in the game world sect i can enter numbrs wen in num mode by pressn the fn buttn then the num but it doesnt work in the paswrd sect or gold code sect

  23. does ne1 know how to enter numbers in the password section when using the querty keyboard on the i465 clutch? i can get numbers in the game wosld section bt nt in the password part.

    • Try pressing the menu key and see if it offers number mode.

  24. Everytime I try to play the game it comes up and lets me move my character off the dock and then I get the msg of “connection cancelled”.

  25. the new client is much slower on my i776. i got ver 1.60 to work on my phone and it runs much better and txt and chat is much better. the only thing i cant do on 1.60 is go in the scrapyard, one of the new shops they added only 4 selling items

  26. i was hopeing
    u could put version 1.60 back on this site because it runs much better and faster. if u had it in ur phone u can get it back bt if u didnt theres no way 2 get it, so if u can still find it, it would be gud if u could keep both ver here. thanx

  27. the new client is much slower on my i776. i got ver 1.60 to work on my phone and it runs much better and txt and chat is much better. the only thing i cant do on 1.60 is go in the scrapyard, one of the new shops they added only 4 selling items

  28. it do not work on my i856

  29. it do not work on mind

  30. it should only say connecting for a few sec and than say please wait for a min or so. that happns 2 me 2 tho. if it says conn for more than 15 secs or so, cancel, close the app and try again. if that dnt work try master resetn ur phone by takin the bat out

  31. It works on my i856

    • it do not work on mine

  32. i cant get the game to connect n my settings r correct the screen just displays connecting how long must i wait?

  33. thank u 4 gettin the updated client. i was able 2 get the old one 2 update by deinstalling it and redownloading n installn it but some of the new features didnt work. i havent installd the new client yet but thanx 4 getting it so fast 🙂

  34. this app no longer works on my i776, wen u login it tries to update to the new version and gets an error after 8% of the update. i hope u will be able 2 get the new client on here. u can find it on the http://www.tibiame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=126834

  35. Hey, there is a new version of tibiame coming out this spring of 2010. Im nt sure the xact relese date but if u could get it 4 download on this site thatd b awsome. There adding sum good new features and removing some glitches. It mite work better 4 ur phone. I have it on i776 n it does glitch and the connection canceld problem is when there r 2 many ppl on the server. Btw ur site is tha shiz!

  36. inari: Quite a strange error, do you have a possibly damaged phone? If you have dropped or gotten it wet, it may have damaged the circuitry without doing much to the phone. Does sound like program issue though. Anyone running this on i856w successfully?

  37. happens when i go to sign on the server before the connecting screen

  38. Worked on my i465. Glitched and errored out a few times. Does mot work with the keyboard, but can still be played. Finnished the free area but was not inspiring enough for me to pay for a premium acount, but I did play through the free area.

  39. Dunno bout that specific message, but thats a general java error. Somewhere in the program, its tryin to do somethin with an item that is outside the size of the current list. Like drunk on 13th of 12 steps, it fails miserably. When is it happening?

  40. hmm thats weird i have a i465 and it runs with no problem jus alil laggy i guess because of this phone processor and the qwerty works fine

  41. hi, i have an i856w. It isn’t listed but i tried it anyway. I get the error
    It gives me an option to say ok and goes to the next screen and says connecting.
    I have yet to connect, anyone know if this error prevents me from playing it?
    Or what it means?

    • Hard to say. TibiaMe’s servers are so flaky, it could just be a temporary server issue

  42. will this work with my bb 8350i?

    • It might. Visit http://boostapps.com with the BlackBerry browser and click the JAD link to install

  43. Could just be problem’s with the server hardware or software. If server’s supply of data cannot keep up with the client’s request’s, then one of them will have problem’s, or both. Like server is person having nervous breakdown from stress, lol.

  44. i just keep getting connection cancled on my i465

  45. i have an i465 it downloaded and installed fine but when i press start game it gives me a java error any help or ideas on this would b greatly appericated

    • My i465 runs it well. its a bit slow and does not work with the qwerty keyboard.

    • If TibiaME is showing in Java Apps with a diamond shaped icon it did not fully install. Click it again and it will try to install again and show each step of the process. If the error occurs while “loading classes” or “verifying classes” it means the app is incompatible iyh your phone (unlikely and not fixable). If the error occurs during “allocating flash” or “writing flash” it means your don’t have free space on the phone and you just have to delete one or more other apps.

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