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If you have a Jump Code from the BoostApps PC site, enter it  in the box above and click the "Jump" button to go straight to the download.

Please read the help pages linked below for more information:
New BoostApps Site Feature: Jump Codes For All Apps
How to use the Universal App Loader with a PC
How to use the Universal App Loader without a PC

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  1. Oh Well annoying sites.. -_-

  2. Your website is nothing but shit ive been promised free java games.but i get tons bullshit.just close down yo site before u annoy more people.yo site's a waste of time and money.

  3. i trie many many many many times t0 click that f**k*n jad to download opera mini through my phone samsung neo champ duos gt-c3262 but it was not really free! it leads unnecessary charge if u have regular load damm! im so annoyed of this i had no rest in whole night b,cause of this damm foolish site! im sorry for the words but im out of patient anymore badtrip.com!!! f**k!

    • I'm sorry you are unhappy Richard but why did you think that downloading apps would not use data and thus be free?

      Where on this site does it say that downloading is free? Is there some other site where you can download for free? BoostApps has no control over your operator's data charges.

  4. Load is very important, I can tell

  5. why i can't play

    • what are you trying to play? "Enter Jump Code" is not a game.

  6. I tried many times just to download this game and app but I think it was'nt compatible using my ckk mobile phone(local brand) and it's not a free downlodable. So sad :(

  7. why I can't play?

    • Play what? There's no game on this page.

  8. Why i cannot download?

  9. i want to download this game pleaze help me!

    • There's nothing to download on this Enter Jump Code page. To download a game go to one of the game pages and click the Download (JAD) link. If your phone supports Java ME apps it will download the game and attempt to install it. If the game is compatible with the game it will install and you will be able to play it.

  10. I can't play how to download this game

  11. LIKE

  12. I Flnd the word ENTER JUMP CODE but the code itself is hard to find,..pls help ...tnx

    • The Jump Code is only useful for users with PCs. If that's you:
      1. On the BoostApps PC site find an app you like and look for the Jump Code. It's at the bottom of the post.
      2. Go to boostapps.com with your phone browser and click the "Enter Jump Code" link just below the page header.
      3. On the next page enter the Jump Code in the text box (image far left) and press the "Jump" button which you take you to the app's download page.
      If you are browsing BoostApps on a phone the Jump Code is useless. Just search for an app using the search box at the bottom of the page or browse through the categories. When you find a app you like click the DOWNLOAD (jad) link at the bottom of the app's page.

      4. Click the JAD link near the bottom of the app page to download and install the app.

  13. I want to download game and apps but i cant do it.please help me

    • For help with the Universal App Loader use the help links in the post.
      For general help with BoostApps go to http://boostapps.com/help/

  14. how to play this? i can't make it.

  15. how can i play this game star girl

  16. howw can i donwload the games to my cp : nokia asha

  17. i need some apps and game how can i do

  18. I cn hlp u man if we cn tlk

  19. i hv a samsung ch@t E222 bt it does nt download operamini browser,wat can i do to make it work?

  20. Nice site here
    gave me all ma basics to ma old vodafone chat

  21. Just downloaded the Google Maps app to my LG840g. Works as advertised. Easy to install. Thanks.

  22. How do i install facebook browser on my micromax X337????????plz mst answer......

    • The Micromax X337 doesn't support apps so there's no way to install the Facebook app. If the phone has a Web browser use it to go to facebook.com

    THIS SOON? 6/24/14 11:21 PM

    • Whats with the ALL CAPS. Hurts my eyes. The apps on this site are for non-smartphones. You need to use Android apps on your Android smartphone. The built in Mail and Gmail apps on Android are way better than Picomail but if you don't like them there are dozens of other email apps in the Android Play Store.

  24. Need gps tracker

  25. Where do i find the jump code? im new at this phone and its driving me crazy trying to just downnload an app to be able to download apps? that doesnt even make sence! please can you tell me how to get to the first app downloader? not the whole run around mumbo jumbo! please help me before i through my phone out the window.

    • If you are browsing BoostApps on a PC:
      1. On the BoostApps PC site find an app you like and look for the Jump Code. It's at the bottom of the post.
      2. Go to boostapps.com with your phone browser and click the "Enter Jump Code" link just below the page header.
      3. On the next page enter the Jump Code in the text box and press the "Jump" button which you take you to the app's download page.
      4. Click the JAD link near the bottom of the app page to download and install the app.

      If you are browsing Boostapps on your phone
      1) Use the search box or categories at the bottom of every page on the site to find the a game or app you want.
      2) Click the "JAD" link below the app's description. The phone will download and install the app

  26. I.like being with boostmobile .

  27. i want you peaple to send me unlock code

  28. Pls what do you mean by jump code

    • If you browse BoostApps on a PC there's a Jump Code on every BoostApps download page and when you run the Universal App Loader. When you browse BoostApps on your phone you can enter the Jump Code here to go straight to the download.

  29. This is very hard

  30. Im using boostapps and i want to download opera mini on my mobile.but i couldnt make.it is an error.please help me what to.

    • What does the error message say and what phone make and model are you using.

  31. I have the app on my phone but i don't get updates or messages from this app. like i use to on my juno. It says that it will charge me .99cent a day to use the link. It did't do that before.

    • I don't understand.
      What app are you taking about?
      What link costs 99¢/day to use?
      What does this have to do with the Universal App Loader?

  32. how do i get skiller 12 pack

    • Click here: http://boostapps.com/files/skiller.jad using your phone's browser. If it works on your phone leave a comment saying which phone you have so I can add Skiller to the site. So far I haven't heard of it working on any Boost phone.

  33. Whats the jump code?

  34. So after more calls and research I need to know how to retrieve my old jump code or get a new one so I can upload pictures to facebook.com Thank you for your time. Brian Nagle

  35. On the original page you sent it read "on the phono's page click (upload photo's)then click the browser button. Click the my pictures, but the only button avalable os my xxxxx@m.facebook.com button. When I click that it askes me to get a handler, when I choose that it takes me to boost.cellmania.com How from there. (I will do it that way if possible or is it possible to retrieve my old information That I was linked with, before the shut down. Thank you.

  36. On my phone, the incognito(fully updated)that button (browse) does not exist!

    • I don't understand. Where are you to expecting find the Browse button? On this (Enter Jump Code) page or some somewhere else?

  37. I wana know what data error 903 loss of service handoff means?and also when im on the web i get a memory shortage message what does that mean?

    • Error 903 occurs when the phone loses the signal, it usually happens when you move from a good signal area to a bad one. Memory errors when browsing occur when the page is too large. Try using Opera Mini which can handle much larger pages than the built in browser.

  38. I had a handler, and was able to put pictures on facebook from my incognito. I had battery problems replaced it and of course that ability is gone. PLEASE explain what to do to add pictures to facebook directly. (to change profile picture as an example) Thenk you Brian Nagle

  39. I have the incognito and the skiller 12 app does not work on my phone. Can anyone help

    • If it doesn't install try from here: http://boostapps.com/files/skiller.jad

      If it installs without errors but doesn't work when you try to run it. It's incompatible with the phone and there's nothing you can do.

  40. I dnt hav an incognito i hav a mirro so can u help me 2 get skiller 12 pack

    • Mirro and Incognito both run Java apps. Try the link I posted for you a couple of days (it's 4 comments below this one). Let us know if it works on your Mirro.

  41. Stil didnt find skiler 12 pack is it on ur sight

    • It is not.

    • Here's Skiller 12 pack: http://boostapps.com/files/skiller.jad Try it on your Incognito and let me know if it works.

      On my Rambler Skiller loads and starts but I can't get past the accept TOS page as there's no accept button.

  42. I have trouble uploading photos to Facebook with my sanyo incognito phone!

  43. Like to have games in my phone

  44. what is jump code?
    -anyway, im lo0king for pdvd player b'coz i have "real player" in my but it doesnt play pdvd/mp4/dvd format..
    -someb0dy help me please

    • Jump Codes come from the Universal App Loader. Read the help pages linked above for the gory details.

      MP4, DVD and PDVD formats require a powerful processor and graphics sub sytem to decode and render. Boost Mobile phones are too basic to handle these formatys so you won't find a player for them on this site.

  45. Looking to play videos or view pictures on the boostmobile devices... You will have to download a different Browser... I have two on my phone .... BOLT and Opera 4.3 .. Both work and I like the fact that I have a backup Browser.. Their is an Update for the boostmobile Browser ... But I havent looked for it much and as for Videos... I havent had time to try the different Browsers... Maby check with their makers.... Their should be a weblink to them... Regards.

  46. Can you send me a ' jump code ' I dont know how long the code would last or exactly what its for... But I thing you should add a jupm code generator to the site... Then you wouldnt have to fool with it any more... It would be automatic. Thanks again.

    • Please read the help page. It will answer most of your questions.

      The Universal App Loader is not needed for CDMA phones. If you want to learn more about it read the help pages linked off the Loader's page.

  47. Hosw do i get jump code?

  48. How do i shut off ssl mode an how do i send ringones to my innenudo to assign?

    • BoostApps doesn't use SSL so there's nothing to shut off. You can only download games and apps from this site, not ringtones. For ringtones try http://www.myxer.com/

  49. What other phones can u hlp wit

    • Boost Mobile phones.

      This is yet another off-topic comment (nothing to do with Jump codes) For general help questions use the Help page not this one. People read the comments for help about the topic of the post. No one wants to have to scroll though lots of off topic junk to find an answer. Future off-topic comments will be deleted, unanswered.