Boost i1 Firmware Updated

i1 Trace Mode Showing Firmware Version

Motorola finally pushed out the much delayed RBE.3.00 firmware update for the i1.  It has the YouTube app preinstalled and fixes a bunch of bugs including the one that made Skyfire and other alternate browsers crash when using WiFi. There’s a full list of fixes here.

To install the update over the air:

  • Be sure you have a fully charged battery and a solid WiFi connection (the update will not install over the Boost iDEN network)
  • Open Settings, select About Phone, then “System Update”.
  • After a  short delay you will be prompted to install the update.
  • After the download finishes, you will be prompted to “Install”.
  • The phone will restart during the update process. Do not turn the phone off or mess with it in any way during the update which will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Interfering with or interrupting the update could make your phone unusable.
  • When the phone has completely restarted and the normal standby screen appears the update is complete.

There are more detailed instructions with screen shots on the Motorola site

It’s also possible to download the update to a PC and transfer it to the phone for installation using a USB cable.  The update file and instructions are available from Motorola.

To check the current firmware on your i1 go to Settings > About Phone > Trace Mode > Unit Info > Software > AP Version. It should say RBE.3.00 after updating.

  1. All Boost customers with IDEN phones should be getting text messages about the towers being shut down. If you don’t buy or call boost and get a CDMA phone before January your account and phone number will be lost when they shut off the last towers. You may want to look into getting a dif phone soon.
    As far as getting an I1 from someone for almost $300 that is up to the Boost dealer who sets his own prices and is independantly owned to inform you that those phones are obsolete soon. I’m sorry that the person you bought the I1 from ripped you off. That is not Boost Mobiles fault!!

    • While it’s true that the iDEN network is shutting down, it’s not happening until June.

      Now is still a good time to switch to a Boost CDMA phone as Boost just raised iDEN rates to 25¢ per minute or message on PayGo and added a $10 surcharge to monthly plans. Now through Nov 17 Boost stores will give iDEN users a free CDMA phone.

      Even if an iDEN user waits until the network shuts down in June it’s highly unlikely that they will loose their number or account balance.

  2. So my i1 phone went down today (red circle with a line through it). i called boost and rep adv me they turned off the tower and rep said she could send me a comperable cdma phone to all the featues i had on my i1 phone. i expressed concern that i just bought the i1 phone 15 months ago at a boost store for $249.00. to please not send me the cheapest cdma phone they have and she told me again it would be comperable. So my main question is does anyone know what phone they are sending out to customers that had the i1 phone. I asked the rep and she could not tell me.

    • Interesting, let us all know what you end up getting from boost.

  3. Hello Dennis,
    Thank you for all of your great answers. I am quite upset with Boost and Motorola with Sprint running in 3rd. My question is in a few parts: Is there any verbage in any contract that has been made available to Boost customers prior to spending $350.00+ on a I1 that states in any fashion that ” No company (Boost, Motorola,Sprint) involved shall be held responsible for selling said I1 phone with full knowledge that it is to be made obsolete by 2012″. I’ve been hearing on chat boards that Sprint has the 2.2 Firmware build for their I1 but that Boost will not. Is this true? I would also like to ask that if these companies have committed such a grand theft of customer funds, can we all help each other by creating a class action lawsuit to reclaim funds or have the phone replaced “free of charge” with a comparable and upgraded phone and firmware? I will chat with an attorney on the matter to have the policies, warranties and other legal homework done.

    • Boost Terms of Service say: “We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates, charges, how we calculate charges, discounts, coverage, technologies used to provide services, or your terms of Service.”

      Sprint i1’s are on Android 1.5 same as Boost, there’s no 2.2 update and Motorola has stated that the i! will not be updated beyond 1.5.

    • Dennis,
      Thanks for the answer. That statement being understood as you have the right to terminate service should Boost make any of those changes and you do not agree with them but, (as if it wasn’t expected) to sell a product for that kind of cash knowing full well before it hits the market that it has been issued a timed death sentence is in every way deceitful theft. The statement that you quoted should not be viewed as a means to steal peoples’ money or “loophole” if you prefer. From my recent experiences Boost techs maintain the reason for video or youtube not working is because tower maintenance is being done (after they ask for your zip code) and my WiFi network has low connectivity. Ive been in 3 different cities in the past eight months and videos will not play yet Boost still explains the problem as tower maintenance. If you have a different forum for this content please send me a link as I have no desire to confuse the firmware issue with the subject matter we are discussing.

    • YouTube is broken on all Android 1.5 devices. It’s been discussed on the YouTube and Motorola Forums.

      motorola i1, android 1.5, youtube.apk. Worked great for a year till last week, whats up? – YouTube Help Forum

      Youtube was working on i1, now will not play! – Motorola Owners Forum

  4. Here lately my I1 seems to die more often. Ill have 50 % battery when I go to sleep, when I wake up its dead any Ideas?

    • Did you install the RBE.03.02 update that came out in November? I did and my battery life became much worse. There doesn’t seem to anyway to roll back the update either

    • yes I did, really aggravating.

  5. good day i read the statements you get and the replys and the only thing that troubles me the most about the i1 is the people you reply to dont seem to understand that ” THE I1 IS A IDEN PHONE WHICH WILL BE DISCONTINUED IN 2013 WHICH MEANS BOOST IS NOT LOOKING TO SPEND MONEY TO FIX SOMTHING THAT IS GOING TO BE GONE IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME SO WHAT YOU HAVE NOW IS WHAT YOUR GONNA HAVE UNTILL THE PHONE IS NO LONGER WORKING”………whew…….sorry about that but i hoped this helped answer all the agrevating question that you have been receiving have a good day

  6. Will the i1 still be able to be used after the walkie talkie is no longer available? Why would boost want to end this feature?

    • No, the iDEN network which the i1 runs on is scheduled to be shut down in 2013. After that the phone will no longer be able to make or receive calls or texts. It will still work as a music player, eBook reader, camera, etc. and for browsing etc. on WiFi only.

      Sprint wants to shut down iDEN because it’s old technology with relatively few users that costs money to maintain. They also want to use the iDEN radio spectrum for LTE 4G. If you have an active iDEN account when the shut down comes they will probably give you a free CDMA phone but I doubt it will be a very high end one.

  7. U NEED WI-Fi for everything, wack i paid to much money for this phone and cant do anything…….

  8. Hello, my phone stopped playing yutube videos all of a sudden. It shows I have wifi full strenght and I can view the picture, but when I try to play one its reads, “sorry, this video cannot be played” I am really bummed. Help


    • No need to SHOUT.!!

      Us “guys”, there’s only one of us BTW, don’t have any say over what Boost and Motorola do. Motorola has stated that they do not plan to update the i1 beyond 1.5.
      iDEN will be shut down in 2013 and I doubt we will see many more Boost iDEN Android phones

    • the update to android ver 1.8 will be out for boost in january2012 per mortoloa

    • I’m skeptical about this. First Android 1.8 was never released for any device. Android releases jumped from 1.6 (Donut) to 2.0 (Eclair). Plus, the Motorola Device Update page at https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/manager/softwareupgrades says “MOTOROLA i1 – Will remain on Android 1.5”

      If you have a link where Motorola says they will update the i1 beyond 1.5 please post it.

  10. Dennis….

    If you were fixin to upgrade your phone with Boost…would you chose the “i1” or the “prevail”…I Love my walki talki but I was told that is a feature that is going to be removed soon anyways…so Help me pick the best phone please!! I want the most features and the most Apps…what is the difference in the OS 1.5 and 2.2….is speed the only difference??

    • I can’t because I’m, on Pay As You Go, but if I could I’d get the Prevail (or the Transform Ultra when it arrives).

      I like my i1 but there are just too many apps that aren’t available for it because of 1.5. For example there’s no Google Navigation, Opera Mobile 11.1 or Bolt UC Browser for 1.5. The 2.2 browser and Gmail app are also much better than tthe one for 1.5 The i1 is also way too expensive, $300+ new, 200+ used.

      Sprint’s supposed to start shutting down the iDEN network in 2013, so in less than two years the i1 will no longer be usable as a phone. There’s supposed to be some sort of CDMA walkie talkie in place by then. But there’s no guarantee that Boost will be getting CDMA walkie talkie phones

      The lack of apps is the biggest difference between 1. and 2.2. There’s no difference that I can see in the speed of scrolling, launching or switching apps. Browsing is really slow on the i1 but that’s due to the iDEN network not 1.5.

    • Thank you so much Dennis…I found a i1 for $145.00 and it is in great shape, but if it will be pretty much obsolete in 2 yrs.. i dont want to put that much money into it. when is the “Ultra due to arrive?? ” Is it a Android phone as well? Any info it as far as price and features yet?

    • The Transform Ulta is a QWERTY slider Android phone for Boost that’s supposed to be released next month for about $230. It has a better camera, faster processor and a bigger screen than the Prevail. There’s more about it on PrepaidPhoneNews.com, which is another site of mine. See:
      High(er) End Android Phone Coming to Boost Mobile?
      Manual and Online Tutorial For Boost’s New Samsung Transform Ultra
      Boost Mobile Samsung Transform Android QWERTY Slider Unboxing Video

  11. hey dennis

    will boost ever have a phone that operates with a better android like 2.2

    • The Boost Prevail runs Android 2.2

  12. I Dont Understand How This Works??
    Hepl Please!!!!

    • I think my instructions are pretty clear. If you can tell me what exactlly it is you don’t understand or doesn’t work I’ll try to help.

  13. DENNIS ,

    • Why are you SHOUTING? Please do not post comments in all caps.

      “Enter Special Code” means you are trying to use a SIM from a different operator than the phone has been programed to allow. Boost phones only accept Boost SIMs and Nextel phones only accept Boost and Nextel SIMs.

      The Special Code unlocks the phone so any SIM can used. It’s unique to each individual phone. I don’t know of any free or easy way to unlock the i1. You will probably have to take the phone to an independent phone shop that does unlocking and pay $$ to get it unlocked.

  14. has anybody experienced issues since the new update?

    • I’ve had no problems.

  15. Does the battery have to be fully charged if you have it plugged in?

    • Possibly not, but I wouldn’t take the chance. Running out of juice during a firmware update can brick you phone

  16. Is it possible to upgrade the 1.5 to 2.1?

    • No. Motorola has stated that the i1 will never be upgraded beyond 1.5 and there are no 3rd party ROMS either.

  17. so im guessing its runing on a better version of android so that more apps will work on the phone?

    • It’s still Android OS 1.5 but some bugs that kept certain apps from working have been fixed.

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