Boost Phones On Sale This Week. Incognito $69.99 and Seek $119.99

There are a couple of good  deals on Boostmobile CDMA phones this week:

BestBuy has the Sanyo  Incognito on sale for $69.99 in store only. Regular price is $99.99.  The sale ends Saturday 2/5. has The Samsung Seek for $119.99 (Reg: $149.99) until 02/12/11. It’s available online and in stores.

If you are looking to upgrade your phone these are two of the better choices on the CDMA side. If you can decide which to get you can compare them side by side on Phonescoop.

If it was my money, I’d go with the Incognito as it’s a 3G phone with video recording and playback and the Seek isn’t.  Plus the Incognito gets much better user reviews

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  1. Hahah true . Wtff is up wt boost mobile this days ,iremember bak in 06 wen they only had walk-talkie nowthey got touch screens and everyshyt lol . Iluvbm

  2. I dont know my ingonico be freezin wen i use AIM. ND TXt . Idkk but if the other sucks this most be the best phonee boostmade lmaooo

  3. heather says:

    I took the seek back. The keyboard is not easy to use, the touch screen doesnt always work, and it is slow on the internet. Even in opera mini. I boght another incognito, its much better…,

  4. david says:

    i have the Samsung Seek its a peace a junk it freezing up all the time try to hit home button on app page the phone reboots do not buy this phone davidagarcia i wish this was up on your website be for i buy mys and Samsung has buy the Sanyo out.o boy are we in for it morn junk phones here we come

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