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BoostApps Forun member jnsbigbie discovered that the Opera  Mini “Mobile Downloads” App Store works with his Boost Mobile Sanyo Incognito.  Opera’s  App Store is one of the default speed dial shortcuts in Opera Mini.  If you deleted it or you are using a different browser the URL is mobilestore.opera.com. jnsbigbie says that most of the free apps he tried downloading from the store worked for him.

This a great find for users of the Incognito and the other Boost CDMA phones like the Mirro, Seek, Rant, Rambler, Bali, Juno and W385. These phones can theoretically download apps through the built in browser or Opera Mini but they are very fussy about the formatting and content of the JAD file. Many downloads from sites like GetJar and Mobilrated fail to install or run on the CDMA phones.

I was hoping that some of the apps in the Opera Store would also work with the iDEN phones like my i776. Unfortunately, I had no luck using either of the bookmarklets to send apps to the phone with the Universal App Loader.

Adrenaline Racing

I was able to open the Opera Store in Firefox on my PC and  send a couple of games to my phone with the Loader.

Both the games I tried, Adrenaline Racing (which works on jnsbigbie’s Incognito) and Contraflow. installed and ran on the i776 but hung on the startup screen. I’m going to keep trying to see if I can find some games in the Opera store that work on iDEN phones. If I do I’ll post them here and also try find a way to make the bookmarklet work.

If you want to try sending games and apps from the Opera Store to your iDEN phone with the Loader, here’s the process.

  • Open mobilestore.opera.com in your PC browser. I tested it with Firefox and Opera PC, but Chrome and IE should work too.
  • Click “Java” under “Choose Platform”.
  • When find an app you want, click the “Download” button. Choose a phone (several iDEN models, including the i9 and the i776 are listed).
  • Press the “Start download” button and then cancel the download when it starts.
  • Right click the “Start download” button and choose “Copy link address” (Opera) or “Copy Link Location” Firefox.
  • Open the Loader, right click the “Enter JAD or JAR URL” box, choose “Paste” and press OK and enter your phone number on the next page as usual.

If you do try this let us know in a comment below or on the forum if you find a game or app that works.

  1. i like this app.

    • pls.download this to my phone.

    • Only YOU can download apps to your phone. Click the Download link above to do it.

  2. guys is this app will work on nokia 3120 classics

    • Opera Mini Webstore is a website not an app. It should work in your Nokia’s browser.

  3. very super

  4. please get my mobile alcatel 616c mts and i want sharing opera mini family please get gpr setting sent t

  5. ok so im totally lost, can someone please tell me how or where i find the jump code????

    • You get a jump code when you use the Universal App Loader. It’s on the next page after you press the OK buttom. See the Universal App Loader Help page for more information.

  6. Did he say wich phone model he chooses when prompted? The incognito is not listed as a choice…

    • I don’t think it makes much difference as long as you choose a Java phone. I suggest picking the Micromax Q5 as it’s near the top of the list and it has a QWERTY keyboard and the same screen resolution (320×240) as the Incognito.

  7. When i use the Rumkin – Boost CDMA/Sprint Phone Uploader it does not allow me to send .jad files only .jar. Also, anytime I click on a .JAD file from my phone it will not download it always gives some kind of an error.

    • When you send a JAR file to Rumkin it creates the JAD file and sends you a link to the JAD which you should click to install the JAR.
      Not every app is compatible with Boost phones but others have reported using Rumkin successfully with the Incognito.

      See: What apps are you running on your Sanyo Incognito and CDMA Games and Apps That Work for some apps that work.

  8. I have the samsung seek and from what i’ve noticed it only excepts .JAR files even on the cdma uploaders you don’t have the option to send a .JAD file. Is there any way to make the .jad files to .jar files?

    • I’m not following you. The universal uploader already creates both JAD and JAR files.

      It is not true that the Seek only accepts JAR files. Both JAD and JAR are required, however these phones will not install JAR files directly.

      The ONLY way to install an app on a Sprint or Boost non-smartphone, click the JAD file link in the phone browser. The JAD is a small text file that contains a pointer to the JAR which is the actual app.. The phone will read the JAD and download and install the JAR if it’s compatible with the phone.

  9. The app store for opera mini sucks. A lot of the apps only install shortcuts and a few install ads.

  10. Not too many running on my Incognito. I’m getting lots of file size errors, some try to access features that are blocked from 3rd party apps (i.e. camera & gps) or just crash when you try to run them. I’m having better luck with games as opposed to apps & utilities. A few of the games have the top or bottom cut off but run fine otherwise. The three sites I’ve had the best luck with overall are here on boostapps and at gamejump and getjar.

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