The problems with Sprint’s ADP iDEN Content Uploader at appear to resolved and the uploader is working again after being down since Friday evening.

BoostApps’ “Send To Phone” feature, which uses the same API and backend service, is also working again.

  1. i m sending apps and when i downlaod my apps i get errors on my phone any idea on how i can fix this

    • What phone?
      Which Apps?
      What is the error message?

  2. you should try to find an app like shazam

  3. I meant just so that you know Dennis. In my previous msg. Sorry if I post alot, I’m kinda lonely right now after the hospital. I hang out here alot n keeps my mind busy. Again, Thank You from me for this site. At least I can tell God I had fun here. Smile

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that its up tomorrow.

  4. You know its a good thing I d/l Rhynn the other day! But letting you Dennis I’m an avid downloader using my i776! 😉 Since the memory’s limited, I sometimes re d/l stuff cause I need it. But I’m ok, hope it’s fixed soon. This is storage n a hangout for me!

  5. woa until monday aww o well 🙁 till monday it is.

  6. Overwhelming EVO 4G Activations Bring Down Sprint’s System

    • That could be related. Even if it’s not all the technicians are probably working that problem. The iDEN Content Uploader and API are mainly for developers to test their apps. Sprint doesn’t guarantee their availability. It might not get fixed until Monday.

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