Sprint’s ADP iDEN Content Uploader at was down today from about 12:30 to 5:45PM PM (PST).  BoostApps’ “Send To Phone” function uses that service so it was down too.

Update: As of about  5:45 PM PST today everything is working again

  1. This page is one of coolest ones i have seen

  2. How do u used tha bluetooth for ringtones cuz i cant get none on my fone and i really couldn get any downloads till i found site

  3. Unfortunately I can’t upload anything to my Nextel (Brasil) Motorola i856. Once I uploaded (mini opera 4) using this very same Sprint’s ADP iDEN Content Uploader but now it just get me this Invalid PTN error.

    I think I may need a source that attends to 12 digit PTN since I’m in Brasil so I need to put 55 (Brasil) 11 (Area Code) and my 8 digits Nextel’s Phone Number.

    Tomorrow I’ll try to find the USB cable compatible with it, anyway I’d appreciate if you could bring me any solution to do this via web.

    I have the SD card also, is there any way I could do it through that?

    Thank you very much for this great site and content!

    • The phone number limit is enforced by the Sprint API that I’m using so I don’t think a web based solution is possible. AFAIK know there is no way to install apps from the SD card either. Using iDenJAL and a cable is probably the only thing that will work for you.

    • Hi Dennis, thx for your quick reply!

      I could do it once with miniopera4, I think I did through your site, so I was wondering if you could possibly still have the old system you used to use published so I could give it a try…

      I’m looking for the cable so I can solve this but meanwhile I could keep trying these apps!

      Just a thought, don’t bother if you have that no more.
      Thanks Again for your time and excelent site!

    • The “old” system just stuffed the phone number and zip file into the web form at The new one uses the iDEN Content Uploader API described here: http://developer.sprint.com/site/global/sandbox/sprint_services/sprint_services.jsp According to one of the moderators on the Sprint Application Developers Portal User Forum both approaches end up going through the same the same web service which is what is checking the phone number. It it worked before and doesn’t now it probably means that Sprint tightened up the phone number validation to block non US numbers

  4. So we can downloan music &’d ringtones now ??

  5. I know this is off topic but do you know of any other sites that you can download ring tones or any thing else to your phone without a comp for free

  6. I believe we can download now. (êê)

  7. its working as of 547 pst

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