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Downloading games and apps can be confusing. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Be sure your phone supports Java ME (also called J2ME) apps. Check your phone’s manual or contact the phone’s manufacturer if you don’t know.
  2. Free Basics blocks downloads using free data so be sure you have sufficient paid data to download the app.
  3. Visit boostapps.com with your phone’s browser
  4. Find a game or app you want.
  5. Click the “DOWNLOAD (jad”) link below the app’s description. The phone will download and install the app.
  6. Not every app works with every phone. Check the “Reported working on…” and “Reported not working on…” lists on the app’s download page to see if the app has been tried on your phone>

In addition to BoostApps, Java ME games are available from several other sites. The procedure varies a little from site to site but is generally something like this.

  • Go to a mobile download site (see below for a list of ones that work) with the phone’s built in browser
  • If it asks you to pick a phone and yours isn’t listed pick one with the same screen size, for example:
    • Use Motorola V300 for phones with 176×220 screens.
    • Use Motorola V190  for phones with 128×160 screens
    • Use Samsung A707 for phones with 240×320 screens
  • Find a game you want and click the download link or button
  • Don’t expect every game or app to work.  Typically only about half of them do

Download sites that work: I’ve successfully downloaded and installed games from these sites to my Boost CDMA Motorola Rambler:

GetJar: wap.getjar.com If GetJar says it doesn’t recognize your phone choose Samsung, Motoroloa , LG or Java.  It doesn’t seem to matter which.

Hovr wap.hovr.com

Mobilerated mobilerated.com/wap/

Phoload m.phoload.com


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  1. sir dennis what will i do my samsung phone is a java phone but when i try to install the game it says jar not found what will i do

    • What game are you trying to install and which model Samsung phone are you using?

  2. Free basics means a free product but from what I’ve seen ,free basics uses data because you cannot download

    • Free Basics only supports web browsing. Downloads are handled by your mobile operator who will charge you for the data used to download.

  3. I like this

  4. plss… help me how to download

    • Read the post, it tells you what’s required to download and how to do it.

  5. How to download cherry mobile ACE 100

    • Use the Marketplace app on your phone to get apps that will on it.

  6. its easy to download!

  7. how can i download other camera in my phone nokia asha300

  8. How can I download pokemon go?

  9. Free dounload games.?

  10. I want download Pokemon go Games??

    • You need an iPhone or and Android phone to use Pokemon Go.

  11. any free games qualified to my phone

    • No one can answer if you don’t say what brand and model of phone you are using.

  12. also my cherry spin s970 cannot download in boostapp?

    • No, the Cherry Mobile S970 Spin is an Android phone. There are no apps for Android phones on BoostApps.

  13. why always Java supported can download from here…its unfair…

    • Not really. I can’t download Java ME apps from the Play Store. Is that unfair too?

  14. can android 4.4.2 access to download here

    • Your question is answered in the post above. Please at least read the page before asking questions.

  15. what type of cp can be downloaded of this applications here..

    • CP? What are you talking about, this isn’t Pokemon Go.

  16. Can i download games to my samsung galaxy young GT-S5360

    • From the Play Store: Yes
      From BoostApps: No

  17. does ur games and apps works on andriod phones like gionee p5

    • No, I guess you never even read the post before asking.

    • know how to read all the information given in the apps ..

  18. how can i download free games to my cherrymobile T18

    • The Cherry Mobile T18 does not support Java ME apps, so the games on BoostApps will not work on that phone

  19. how can i download free game to my NOKIA E63?

    • The instructions above apply to all phoness that support Java ME, including the Nokia E63.

  20. i want download games nba my phone model is c7i

    • I never heard of a phone called c7i so I don’t know if it’s supports Java ME. If it does read the page above for downloading instructions.

  21. I really like these game…

  22. how can i download free game to my samsung 350

    • If you mean the Samsung Metro 350, it does not support user installable games.

  23. can i download the free games in my samsung j1?

    • Use the Android Play Store for free games that work on your Android phone. The games on BoostApps are not for Android.

  24. What is java me phone??…The brand of my phone is ZH&K, is this a java me phone?? Im looking a game for this phone, can you help me??

    • Java ME is a runtime for apps that some, mostly older non-smartphones support. ZH&K makes many different phone models. None of the ones I’ve found specs for support Java ME. Check your phone manual or ask ZH&K of your phone supports user installable apps andwhere to find them.

  25. iwant download a free fb w/picture,how?

    • iwant download ringtones in my j3

    • beautyfull

  26. I need to download a music. How? use in free basic. how?

    • There’s no music on BoostApps, just apps.

      Do a web search for a song you want to find sites that have that song. Free Basics blocks downloads so you will need some paud data to download music.

  27. I want download Pokemon go

    • You need an iPhone or an Android
      phone to run Pokemon Go.

  28. pls.download the flash keyboard

    • Flash Keyboard is an Android app. Java ME phones don’t support custom keyboards.


    • You can’t download Java ME, it’s built into some phones. I don’t thibk any Firefly Mobile phones come with Java ME.

  30. OK thanks..

  31. I want download a pokemon go-

    • You need an iPhone or an Android phone to run Pokemon Go.

    • It’s challenging to find a Pokemon but challenge is better than unchallenged !

    • iwant to play clash of clan

    • Clash of Clans is not available for Java ME. If you have an Android phone you can get it from the Play Store.

  32. i want download,,cleveland keyboard

    • The Cleveland Cavaliers emoji keyboard is only available for iPhones and Android phones. It’s in the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

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