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Downloading games and apps can be confusing. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Be sure your phone supports Java ME (also called J2ME) apps. Check your phone’s manual or contact the phone’s manufacturer if you don’t know.
  2. Free Basics blocks downloads using free data so be sure you have sufficient paid data to download the app.
  3. Visit boostapps.com with your phone’s browser
  4. Find a game or app you want.
  5. Click the “DOWNLOAD (jad”) link below the app’s description. The phone will download and install the app.
  6. Not every app works with every phone. Check the “Reported working on…” and “Reported not working on…” lists on the app’s download page to see if the app has been tried on your phone>

In addition to BoostApps, Java ME games are available from several other sites. The procedure varies a little from site to site but is generally something like this.

  • Go to a mobile download site (see below for a list of ones that work) with the phone’s built in browser
  • If it asks you to pick a phone and yours isn’t listed pick one with the same screen size, for example:
    • Use Motorola V300 for phones with 176×220 screens.
    • Use Motorola V190  for phones with 128×160 screens
    • Use Samsung A707 for phones with 240×320 screens
  • Find a game you want and click the download link or button
  • Don’t expect every game or app to work.  Typically only about half of them do

Download sites that work: I’ve successfully downloaded and installed games from these sites to my Boost CDMA Motorola Rambler:

GetJar: wap.getjar.com If GetJar says it doesn’t recognize your phone choose Samsung, Motoroloa , LG or Java.  It doesn’t seem to matter which.

Hovr wap.hovr.com

Mobilerated mobilerated.com/wap/

Phoload m.phoload.com


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  1. Can i d0wnload Apps using cherry mobile??

    • No, there aren’t any Cherry Mobile models that support Java ME apps.

  2. will my 3T mobile phone work

    • It needs to support Java ME apps to use the apps on this site. Check the specs for model of 3T phone you have

  3. Can I download a game pleas

    • Sure. You just need a phone that supports Java ME and some real (not Free Basics) data.

  4. Can i download games on my phone,Lg

    • Maybe, check the specs for your LG phone model to see if it supports Java ME apps.

  5. Need messenger new certificate

    • Facebook Messenger for Java ME doesn’t exist.

  6. Can I download if I don’t have a load

    • No you need a load or WiFi if your phone supports it.

  7. Hi! This is a nice apps because I get it what I want any games that I download

    • how to download a game..?

    • Click “How to Download” in the main menu for instructions.

  8. i need my apps back

  9. Hello! I’m new here in Free Basics. Cai i download ebook in my phone, Cherry Mobile (Ace)? Without data package?

    • You can not download anything from anywhere using free Free Basics data. Free Basics only works for browsing.

      The Cherry Mobile Ace is a Firefox OS phone that runs Firefox apps. It can not run the Java ME apps on BoostApps.

      You need to use the Marketplace app on the phone to download Firefox apps. The Cherry Mobile ACe supports Wi-Fi. You can download apps for free using free Wi-Fo hotspots.

  10. Does my black berry phone work at this phone

    • Some of the apps on BoostApps work on BlackBerrys.

  11. does my cherry mobile C17 work in this app?

    • No, as far as I know none of the Cherry Mobile phone models support Java ME. Most Cherry Mobile feature phones can run MRE (.vxp) apps.

  12. does my cherry mobile T18 work on this apps?

    • No, the Cherry Mobile T18 does not support Java ME.

  13. How to free download

    • Wi-Fi is the only way to download for free.

  14. not working 🙁

    • Not a useful comment if you don’t say which app doesn’t work and which brand and model phone it doesn’t work on.

  15. Hi thanks for everything

    • jellybelly blast

    • It’s here. Type jelly belly blast in the site search box to find it.

  16. Sir Or Miss How To Easy Download And No Wifi Connection. The Java Games to this Apple IPad

  17. My phone is..acer liquid windows phone i don’t know how to download any games of my cp..can you please help me…thank you…

  18. So you mean my phone is not suitable for this app?
    Is that what you mean?
    Am I going to waste my time here downloading if my device is not applicable here?

  19. Come on!
    Is there an easy way to download apps?
    Can I download other apps than this ?
    I need quick response…
    With a please!!

    • It’s very easy to download if you have real data (not just Free Basics) and a phone that supports Java ME.

      Just Click the download link and the app should download and install itself.

      Not every app works on every phone so if you get an error with one try another.

  20. Sir,Did I Download App/games even though my phone is Samsung???..

    • These apps and games work on phones that support Java ME. Some Samsungs do, some don’t. Check your phones specs.

  21. how could i download that apps!
    . plss teach meh!

    • Read the article. It tells you everything thing you need to know.

  22. Sir,How can I download a java games by this site to this GS3770 >PC<#1-1

    • Is GS3770 >PC<#1-1 the name of a phone? I've certainty never heard of it. However, as long as your phone supports Java ME apps the instructions on this page should work.

  23. I need games in my phone plz

    • Then download some games. You don’t need to ask for permission.

  24. I cant download on google play what is youre android gamrs

    • You should try to fix your Play Store problem. The Play Store is the largest and safest source for Android games. There are also dozens of other Android app stores and download sites, this is not one of them.

  25. just being curious.. why i can’t download some apps on my phone(lenovo) from play store?
    help me up please

  26. how can i download a java twitter and instagram by this site to this cherry moble D13tv.

  27. hi.. what apps can be download in the illy phone????

    • That depends on which Illy phone model you have.

  28. My phone is asha 305 can i down load games to my phone?

    • The Asha 305 supports Java ME, namy of the apps on BoostApps should work on it.

  29. I have another phone blackberry phone can i download games

  30. why does i can’t download in my android phone

    • There are no Android apps on this site, everything here is for non-smartphones.

  31. Did i Download App/games even though mY Phone is android???

    • Use the Play Store app on your Android phones to download Android apps and games. The ones on this site are for older non-smartphones that support Java ME and do not work on Android phones.

  32. Im download but how

    • Read the post, it tells you how.

  33. ‘ thanks for techinG me to download aa Games

  34. how can i download a java games by this site to the samsung miniN4

    • I’ve never heard of the Samsung miniN4 and a Google search didn’t find anything either. If if supports Java ME apps use the instructions on this page to download.


    • I don’t know. I haven’t heard of that phone and I can’t find anything about it online.

  36. how can I download this?

    • Did you actually read the post?

  37. how could be download to cherry phone or what games can be download on cherry phone

  38. what is the latest game for now please answer

  39. Sir, How can I download a java games by this site to this samsung mini N4

    thank you…

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