< How To Download Free Games and Apps to Boost CDMA Phones (Incognito, Seek, Juno, etc.)


Downloading games to Boost phones can be confusing because Boost has two different networks called iDEN and CDMA. The two networks use fundamentally different technology and phones. The procedure for installing games and apps is also very different between iDEN and CDMA. Here are the basics for CDMA users:

How to tell if you have a CDMA phone.

If you have a Motorola phone with a model number starting with the letter "i" it's iDEN.  Current iDEN models include the i290, i335, i465 "Clutch",  i776, i856 "Debut" and the i9 "Stature".  Ignore the rest of this post and go to the main BoostApps help page for download instructions.

If you have any phone that doesn't have a model number starting with the letter "i" or is not a Motorola, you have a CDMA phone. Current models include the Sanyo Incognito, Mirro, and Juno; Samsung Rant and Seek and Motorola W385 , Rambler and Bali.

How to download apps and games to CDMA phones

1) Visit boostapps.com with your phone's browser.
2) Find a game or app you want.
3) Click the "JAD" link below the app's description. The phone will download and install the app.  Do not use the "Send to Phone" button!

The great thing about CDMA phones is that you aren't limited to using BoostApps.com or a Loader.  CDMA phones can install games and apps from many  free mobile download sites. The procedure varies a little from site to site but is generally something like this.

  • In most cases you don't want to use the Universal App Loader, it's mainly for the iDEN phones
  • Go to a mobile download site (see below for a list of ones that work) with the phone's built in browser
  • If it asks you to pick a phone and yours isn't listed pick one with the same screen size, for example:
    • Use Motorola V300 for the Bali, Rambler and Seek; Motorola (176x220).
    • Use Motorola V190  for the W385 (128x160)
    • Use Samsung A707 for the Incognito, Mirro and Juno (240x320)
  • Find a game you want and click the download link or button
  • Don't expect every game or app to work.  Typically only about half of them do

Download sites that work: I've successfully downloaded and installed games from these sites to my Boost CDMA Motorola Rambler

GetJar: wap.getjar.com If GetJar says it doesn't recognize your phone choose Samsung, Motoroloa , LG or Java.  It doesn't seem to matter which.

Hovr wap.hovr.com

FunForMobile wap.funformobile.com

Mobilerated mobilerated.com/wap/

Phoload m.phoload.com

Sites that don't work

Umnet: This site is very badly designed.  It's possible but difficult and time consuming to install games from Umnet using the Universal App Loader. See the Loader Help page for instructions

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  1. games and apps free download and free facebook

  2. Can I download these games on android phones

    • You can downlod them but they won't run.

  3. How can i get java ME??

  4. Very nice apps

  5. I can't download why?

    • Be sure your phone supports Java ME. If it does and one app doesn't work try a different one. Not all apps work with all phones.

  6. i like games

  7. :-)

  8. hi dennis, my brother gave me a sanyo innuendo which he bought from USA, and so naturally it wont run internet in the philippines since i dont have options for simcard slot, or wifi. i have tried a lot of times to install downloaded games from the internet using a computer, what i do is transfer them to sanyo innuendo through bluetooth. and they never run or get recognized by sanyo innuendo. is there anything i can do to install/run games in my sanyo innuendo? i have tried downloading 400x240, 320x240, and 240x320 games, both jar and jad files but to no success. is there anything i can do to install games? im really disappointed. thanks, in advance.

    • As far as I know the only way to install apps on the Sanyo Innuendo is over the air using the Sprint USA network. Installing with Bluetooth or from the SD card will not work.

  9. How can i get network for my sanyo incognito in uganda

  10. Hellllp

    • That's not possible. The Incognito only runs Java ME apps and there is no Instagram Java ME app.

  11. Pls nkia asha305 give YouTube app for touch

  12. please help me get games downloaded to my boost sanyo incognito

  13. Help get game download

  14. WOW....this really paid off and relieved a lot of stress THANKS DENNIS!

  15. Thanks dennis iam about to download now. I have been trying for three days to download something. Thanks

  16. i have a boost samsung seek & it doesnt let me download or see anything what do i do ?

    • Quite a few of the games and apps on this site have been reported to work on the Seek. Which ones have you tried that didn't work and what error message are you getting?

  17. Hey dennis i found a site where you can get more games for the MEboy any chance you can upload those games here if i give you the link because i can't download from that site and im using my phone to try and get them. Thanks!

    • You could try using the universal uploader.

      But you can post a link to the site here and I'll see I get some of the games for this site.

  18. Wwwwwwwooooowwww i dont kno wat this is telling me.can u use simple words. I dont kno wat consuming means. Dont lauf or loling

  19. What are some good sites that I can go to for free games for my Sanyo Innuendo? Im tired of searching and getting the run around.

    • I listed the five best sites in my last reply to you.

  20. There are many games I try to download, if not all, that a message pops up n tells me I need a handler. What is that? And even tho the website is for my phone type, Sanyo Innuendo, it tells me that most of the wallpapers, games, and ringtones are unavailable for my phone. Are there different types of Sanyo Innuendos?

  21. I was wondering is there an application, where I would be able to download videos from the internet to my computer.

    • There are lots of PC apps for downloading videos from YouTube, etc. YouTube Downloader HD is supposed to be good

  22. I am still unable to watch video clips from this site on my sanyo juno boost mobile phone any suggestions?

    • The Juno is not video capable, there is no way to make it capable.

  23. How do i get a handler for my sanyo mirro?

    • Are you talking about this message that appears in the browser when you try to download a ringtone, play a video or upload a photo?

      No Handler
      A handler is needed to use this content type.
      Get Handler

      The message means the phone can't handle that type of file. There are no handlers. Reply with what you are trying to do when you get the message and which phone you are using and someone might be able to suggest a work around. If you are trying to watch a video, the Mirro can't play videos.

  24. http://myxer.com has fee ringtones that work

  25. Can ringtones and/or wallpaper be downloaded to the Sanyo Juno without using a PC? And if I can download w/o a PC, are there any sites with free ringtones that will work?

  26. Is there any site where I can get free ringtones and/or wallpapers to download on my Juno? I can't find a single one that will work for a Sanyo Juno. :(

    • I don't have a Juno but http://Myxer.com has been reported to work with other Boost phones. Worth a try if you haven't tried it already.

      Also if I send an MP3 music track to my Motorola Rambler from my PC or another phone using Bluetooth the phone lets me use it as a ringtone. Again no guarantees but worth a try. As a last resort you can buy ringtones from Boostmobile.com

  27. Dennis, your wit cracks me up! So, I have a Sprint Innuendo phone and I'm a complete idiot with all things technology and mobileville... All I really want to do is get pretty wallpapers from myxer & have the download fit my screen. The ones I download are 26KB (don't even know what that means), & the only one that I got from some other site is 66KB. I would also like to have the option to save these "pics" in my pictures folder in phone. And one last thing; I've tried everything to download pics from my fb albums to my pics & can NEVER find them on the "media mail" site or in the "SMS" msgs in Yahoomail. Could you possibly show me/give me idiot's guide directions? I don't have a memory card at the moment, but my 16-yr old son is going to have one for me very soon, if that makes a difference. Thank-you so much! I love this site, page, tutorial, whatever it is.

    • I don't have that phone so I can't speak from experience. There are several Innuendo users who comment regularly here so maybe one of them will chime in.

      Here's what I can tell you.

      The Innuendo has a 240 x 400 px screen so you want to download wallpapers of that size. The size in KB is irrelevant.

      I don't know about the Innuendo, but most of Boost's non-smartphones only allow you to save pictures, etc to a memory card, not the phone's internal memory

      I don't think you can save pictures from Facebook with the phone's built-in browser.

      Opera Mini or the UC Browser should allowing image downloading to the memory card.

      According to the phone's manual:

      To view photos on the memory card use Menu > Photos & Videos > My Photos & Videos > On Memory Card.

      To assign an image on the memory card as your screen saver use Menu > Tools > Memory Storage > File Manager > Memory Card > Select a Photo > Options > Assign > Screen Saver.


  29. i need to know if i cant see videos in my sanyo mirro

    • The Mirro is not capable of displaying video.

  30. how do i get handler for sanyo juno from boost

    • You can't. The built in browser displays a "no handler" message for any type of content or action it can't handle, like videos and when uploading a photo to Facebook. However there are no handlers that you can install.

  31. it works awesomely for my juno :)

  32. Can u create the UNO card game for the boost? I would greatly appreciate that.

    • I don't create these games. But even if I did I couldn't legally distribute UNO which is a commercial product from Mattel.


  34. I need help getting a handler for my incognito phone

  35. Who do I go about getting a "jad" code or even a "handler" for my sanyo incognito phone so I can download the ringtones and games i want on my phone without having to use a pc

    • jad is not a code, it's a type of file. To install the games on this site go to http://boostapps.com with the phone browser, find the game you want and click the JAD link .

      The handler message you see in the browser is an error message that indicates that the browser doesn't support what you are trying to do. There are no handlers.

      You can send ringtones to the phone from a PC using http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/
      or http://www.myxer.com/

  36. Im trying to find an old calender to down load to my phone i would like to go back as far as 1971 until now is that possible

  37. I have a samsung seek from boost and i would like to view t.v. or movies is there an app i can download if it's possiable and from where?

    • I don't think the Seek is capable of playing videos. Try http://m.youtube.com if that doesn't work nothing will.

  38. I need a handler. How do i go about getting one, why do i need a handler, and what is the purpose of having one

    • There are no handlers. The browser on some phones reports that it needs a handler when trying to access content like Flash or when you try to use it to upload photos, etc. But there are no handlers and there is no way to install one on these phones either.

      If you are trying to view Flash videos, you can't. The only phones that can deal with Flash are some high end Android phones.

      If you are trying to post pictures to Facebook there are ways to do it on some Boost phones. See Updated: How To Upload Photos To Facebook From (Some) Boost Phones.

  39. is there a free texting app for a incognito boost mobile phone that has no boost service to it

    • No, with no service what would the app connect to?

  40. Is there a handler for juno cell phones

    • There are no handlers.

  41. Hi. I tried to download opera 4 from boostapps via .jad onto my bali and i got "forbidden from server" or something. Do you know what that means? Thanks

    • There is mo Opera Mini 4 on BoostApps, only Opera Mini 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. The newest version 4.4 is recommended.
      If you can tell me which of the three you got the error with I'll see if I can reproduce and fix it.

  42. Are there any free uno games on the boost incognito... Or maybe girl games such as a version of pizza shop or some type of games like, modeling, clothing shop games.. I dont know something like that.. Please let me know anyone. Thank you

  43. I have successfully downloaded many apps from these sites... wap.mobango.com, wap.mobiles24.com & myxer.com/wap enjoy!

  44. when using funformobile.com.. i changed the model of the to samsungA707.. it still give me a error message "Mismatched" .. dennis help because some of the games i want is currently on funformobile

    • Unfortunately there are a lot of incompatibilities between mobile Java apps and various phone models. You can expect that many downloads will not work. I typically only have about a 33% success rate with apps form FunForMobile, Getjar or any of the other free download sites.

      There's a lot of trial and error involved but I have found a lot of the games and apps from both sites that do work. Keep trying and you will find some that do.

      See: What apps are you running on your Sanyo Incognito and CDMA Games and Apps That Work for some apps that other users have found that work on the Incognito and similar phones.

      Also If you send an app's JAR file to the Universal App Loader or Rumkin it will sometimes fix the Attitude Mismatch error

  45. wheni use getjar.. i always getting an error message thats say" its mismatcheda'

  46. I have a incoginto phone .. when trying to download ... it always give me a error that says"data error attribute mismatches

  47. If you have access to a PC found that it's faster to download the JAR files and then upload them at http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/. You can also install wallpapers and ringtones there. -Samsung Seek

  48. is there any good music players that work good on the seek? i dont like the one that comes with the phone because it has no equalizier and i like setting it to classic or rock..

    • I don't know which music players might work on the Seek. There are a bunch on GetJar. If you find one that works let us know.

  49. Hey I have a boost 8530, can I use these apps too or won't they for my phone. Does anyone know of any where else I can get free games or apps?

  50. Couple more sites with good CDMA downloads (downloaded & tested on Sanyo Incognito) are zedge.com and wapand.com.

    The screen size on the Incognito (and Juno?) is 320x240. 240x320 games will run but get cropped. Sometimes. Some games adapt for screen size. Most sites asking for phone type don't have a listing for the Incognito, or as in the case of zedge.com have it listed but say they have no apps for it. I found that it's worth trying different phones listed. Just because a game/app is smaller than your screen size doesn't mean it won't run. It just won't be full-screen. Some apps made for a smaller screen size won't show up on a search for a 320x240 so I bounce around a few phones with different screen sizes.