Downloading games and apps can be confusing. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Be sure your phone supports Java ME (also called J2ME) apps. Check your phone’s manual or contact the phone’s manufacturer if you don’t know.
  2. iPhones, Android, Firefox and Windows phones do not support Java ME apps and can not run the apps on BoostApps. 
  3. Free Basics blocks downloads using free data so be sure you have sufficient paid data to download the app.
  4. Visit boostapps.com with your phone’s browser
  5. Find a game or app you want.
  6. Click the “DOWNLOAD (jad”) link below the app’s description. The phone will download and install the app.
  7. Not every app works with every phone. Check the “Reported working on…” and “Reported not working on…” lists on the app’s download page to see if the app has been tried on your phone>

In addition to BoostApps, Java ME games are available from several other sites. The procedure varies a little from site to site but is generally something like this.

  • Go to a mobile download site (see below for a list of ones that work) with the phone’s built in browser
  • If it asks you to pick a phone and yours isn’t listed pick one with the same screen size, for example:
    • Use Motorola V300 for phones with 176×220 screens.
    • Use Motorola V190  for phones with 128×160 screens
    • Use Samsung A707 for phones with 240×320 screens
  • Find a game you want and click the download link or button
  • Don’t expect every game or app to work.  Typically only about half of them do

Download sites that work: I’ve successfully downloaded and installed games from these sites to my Boost CDMA Motorola Rambler:

GetJar: wap.getjar.com If GetJar says it doesn’t recognize your phone choose Samsung, Motoroloa , LG or Java.  It doesn’t seem to matter which.

Hovr wap.hovr.com

Mobilerated mobilerated.com/wap/

Phoload m.phoload.com


  1. l can’t open my opera mini!!

  2. how about htc

  3. how about my samsung galaxy S?

  4. How about nokia asia 200

    • All Nokia Asha models support Java ME

  5. how about kata venus3 ?

    • That’s an Android phone that runs Android apps from the Play Store. It doesn’t support Java ME.

  6. how about cherry mobile A17

    • Cherry Mobile phones do not support Java ME

  7. what about itel it6910

    • The itel 6910 does not support Java NE apps.

  8. how about nokia e63-1 .? Does it work in it?

    • Yes, all Symbian phones support Java ME.

  9. it is work on lg ?

    • Depends on which LG model, some support Java ME, some don.

  10. how about my phone cherry mobile t19 it is work to download the games.

    • No, Cherry Mobile phones do not support Java ME apps.

  11. how about my phone samsung champ?

    • The Samsung C3300K Champ supports Java ME so at least some of the apps here should work.

  12. Does it on SKK CHARM

    • I don’t know. Does the SKK Charm support Java ME apps? If it does the apps on BoostApps will work on it.

  13. is it okay if I use My Phone B18 TV Duo

    • No, as far as I know your phone doesn’t support Java ME apps.

  14. My phone is samsung duos E2222 can it download even whatsapp?

    • Check the “reported working on” list on The WhatsApp download page to see.

  15. can i download if my phone is samsung duos J1

  16. its good

  17. Dennis give me free apps they do not use load plss give me dennis? Dennis how i can download Apps dowloader?

    • Apps with the “Data Not Required tag” http://boostapps.com/tag/data-not-required/ do not require a load to use or play,

      Downloading ANY app will use load. Your operator is responsible for that and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  18. How i can know is my cellphone is java me?

    • Check the phone’s manual or specs to see if it says that the phone supports Java ME, J2ME or MIDP.

    • in setting or in browser setting and in app.

    • Browser settings aren’t going to tell you if your phone supports Java ME. There’s no app that will either. The best way is to check the phone’s specifications on the manufacturer’s website or a phone spec site like GSMArena.com. If the phone supports Java ME it will be listed in the specs

  19. This is better to download apps what I need

  20. Can i download even if my phone is cherry mobile comet only?

  21. Can i download the java me for iphone?

    • No, iPhones can only download apps and games from the Apple Play Store.

  22. can i use java me on myphone MY15?it has an internet connecti0n thru data

  23. How do i do to download app from boost app.

    • Downloading instructions are on this page, please read them.

  24. thanks

  25. thank you

  26. Why I can’t open it ?😔😢

    • What are you trying to open and on what phone?

  27. would this app run in my phone

    • No idea, I don’t know what kind of phone you have. Also, there’s no app on this page. just words that you should probably read before asking impossible questions

  28. Can I download C-Share or Share – It to my phone. I’ve asked before but didn’t recieved any answer.

    • If you mean the Android app CShare for transferring files between phones it’s in the Android Play Store.

  29. Hey Dennis!My phone is lenovo touch screen.My phone version is a269i.How to download with touch screen.

    • The Lenovo a269i is an Android phone. It can not run the Java ME apps on Bosstapps.

  30. how to download java me

    • Java ME is built unto some phones. You can’t install it on phones that don’t come with it.

  31. is sony ericsson W200i can work with java me?

    • Yes

    • ok.tnx:)

  32. I have been trying to download games and apps using my nokia c1-01 but it responds to me that,memory Full while the device contains no file.how can i repair it to operate internet work?

    • The Nokia C1-01 can’t handle apps larger than 1 MB (1024 KB). If the app you are trying to download is less than i MB your phone memory may be full. Saved SMS and MMS, email, pictures, games and music all take up space. To view available memory:
      Press Menu > Select Settings > Select Phone > Select Memory Status.

  33. can i download emojikeyboard to my android phone?

  34. wher’s the games

  35. Please help me to down load facebook on my m0bile.

    • Your question tells me you didn’t read the the as it post tells you everything you need to know to download any app on this site to your Java ME capable phone.

      Please read the post and if there’s something specific in it you don’t understand, ask and I’ll try to answer.

  36. Pleàse help me to fix my messenger i can’t reinstall it again,

  37. pleas help me to download instagrAm

    • Instagram is not available for Java ME phones, only Android and iOS.

  38. thanks

  39. i want boost my apps

    • I have no idea what that means.

  40. is it applicable for oppo phones and old versions of LG mobiles?

    • Most older LG non-smartphones support Java ME so these apps should have a chance of working.
      Oppo No. Oppo phones are all Android as far as I know.

  41. Give me free internet

    • Ask your operator for free data, that’s who’s charging you, not BoostApps.

  42. Nice and good games

  43. Thanks

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