With over 57,000 freely distributed Java applications available, I’ll never be able to download, test, package, write up and post all of them.

You don’t have to wait for me to post your favorite  game or app.  This tutorial shows you how to load Java applications on Boost iDEN and Nextel phones using Sprint/Nextel’s ADP iDEN Content Uploader, which is a web based developer tool. This method does not require a data cable but it only works with phones on Boost Mobile or Nextel USA and requires access to a PC.

These instructions are based on using Windows XP because that’s what I have. As far as I know, everything should work the same on Vista or Windows 7.  Users of other operating systems will have to find alternative programs for creating .JAD and .ZIP files but otherwise the process should be the same.

  • A Java game or app consists of two files; .JAR and .JAD. The JAR (Java ARchive) is the actual executable file.  The JAD (Java Application Descriptor) is a text file describing the JAR’s characteristics.  iDEN phones require both files in order to install. Some sites, including Getjar, only provide the .JAR, but the .JAD is easy to create using a program called JADMaker.
  • If you already have both the .JAR and .JAD files skip to the next step. If you only have the .JAR file – download JADMaker.zip. Unzip the contents into a folder and then run JADMaker.exe by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer.  Still in Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder with the .JAR file and drag it into JADMaker, which will to create the .JAD in the same directory as the .JAR.

Creating a ZIP file with Windows

  • Create a .zip file containing the .jar and .jad.  There are many programs that can create  .ZIP files. I get good results using the ZIP file utility that is built into Windows XP, Vista  and 7. To use it highlight both files by holding Ctrl and clicking them.  Then right-click the selected files and choose Send to and then Compressed (zipped) folder (image above). If you get a dialog box asking you to “Designate Compressed (zipped) folders as the application for handling ZIP files?“, click “Yes

iDEN Content Uploader

  • Open the ADP iDEN Content Uploader at (image above).
  • Enter your Boost or Nextel mobile phone number in the field labeled PTN:
  • Click the Browse button and navigate to the folder where you created your ZIP file.
  • Click the ZIP file and then click “Open
  • Click the Upload button
  • The rest of the process is the same as if you sent the app to your phone from BoostApps;
  • Press the phone’s Menu button.

Main Menu - Games & Apps Highlighted

In the menu, highlight Games & Apps (called Java Apps on some phones) and press OK.

Games & Apps Menu - Download Apps Highlighted

In the Games & Apps Menu, highlight Download Apps and press OK.

Download Apps Menu - New Purchases Highlighted

In the Download Apps Menu, select New Purchases and press OK.

  • Scroll down and select your new game or app, they are listed in alphabetical order.  Press OK and on the next screen click the left soft key labeled “Get It” and the download will start.
  • When the download finishes, close Download Apps and your will be prompted to install the new game or application.
  • If the installation was successful you will see the new game or app in you Java menu.  Try running it.

Sounds easy, right?. Well it is except that it doesn’t work over half the time.  Lots of things can go wrong.  Here are some of the problems and what you can do about them.

  • When you go to new purchases, your new game or app isn’t there. The most likely cause is that you entered your phone number incorrectly.  Try again and remember to enter the number with no dashes or spaces, just ten numbers starting with the area code.  Do not put a “1” in front of the number.  There also seem to be a small number of phones that both  BoostApps and the ADP iDEN Content Uploader just don’t work with. Its probably a provisioning error by Boost, but as neither BoostApps or the Content Uploader are supported by Boost calling customer support is unlikely to help. I’m sorry but I don’t have a solution if this happens to you.
  • “Failed Download with status code:904 (Attribute Mismatch) Please Retry”  at the start of the download – This is very common.  It seems to be a bug in the Content Uploader.  The solution is simple.  Rename the zip file and upload it again. It doesn’t really seem to matter what you rename it to. I usually just add or remove a letter from the file name.  In a few cases I’ve had to rename the file a couple of times before it would work.
  • “JAR file mismatch” while installing – this is an error in the JAD file.  It should never happen if you use JadMaker but seems fairly common with downloaded JADs.  To fix it, delete the JAD and ZIP and use JadMaker to create a new JAD.  Then make a new ZIP and upload again.
  • “Java Error” while installing.  When this happens, find the new app in the Java Apps menu.  It will have a generic looking icon with an X or downward pointing arrow on it.  Select the app and press “OK”.  It will start installing again only this time it will list the steps of the install on the screen. Wait for it to fail and then take note of which which step it failed on:

If the error occurs during the “Loading Classes” or “Validating classes” part of the install it means that the app is not compatible with your phone and will never work. I find that only about half of the generic Java apps that I try actually work on iDEN phones.

If the error occurs during the “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash install phase, it means you don’t have enough free space on the phone. Delete one or more other apps or games and restart the install on the phone. To delete an app, select it in the menu, press the “Menu” key and choose “Deinstall”.

Good luck finding and installing games and apps.  Let us know in the comments of your successes and failures. If you find a particularly good, freely distributable game or app let me know so I can add it to BoostApps.

  1. Hey,

    I’m trying to upload a ZIP file from Instamapper (to make a boot-leg lojack) but I keep getting this error:

    Application Assignment Failed With Error Code: Service_Temporarily_Unavailable

    The ZIP file is “gps-tracker.zip” without the quotes. It has no spaces, so that can’t be the problem, right? Can anyone give me some help on this?

    • I just tested the iDEN content uploader and it is working. Maybe it was down when you tried it as the error seems to indicate.

      The zip file name is valid so that’s not the problem. The zip should contain a jad and a jar in the top level directory and nothing else.

      If all you are trying to do is install Instamapper on a Boost iDEN phone you can do it much more easily by using http://boostapps.com/apps/maps-apps/instamapper/

    • Darn, I just realized the phone (Motorola Theory) is a CDMA. Guess that won’t work.

    • There’s a loader for CDMA phones here:

      However, the Boost CDMA phones block all 3rd party apps that use GPS from installing and/or working.

    • So I guess there’s no point in even trying, then?

    • Probably not. But I’d love to be proven wrong.

    • Nope, didn’t work. Thanks for your help, though. Guess I’ll just have get my hands on an iDEN and switch the number to it.

    • I hope you realize that the iDEN network is shutting down in June 2013.

    • Really? That sucks. Do you recommend any alternatives to people that want the instamapper software to make a lojack?

    • Your best bets are probably Android or an unlocked unbranded GSM feature phone.

  2. can boost reps clear up new purchases list on an app that wont install?

    • I suspect some engineer at Sprint could clear them out but in my experience Boost CS doesn’t have a clue about Download Apps.

      It’s really not worth worrying about. Especially with the iDEN network shutting down next year. I have over 100 stuck apps in my New Purchases and the phone and Download Apps still work as well as they ever did.

    • I used to be able to receive getjar apps on my cell but now when i try it says “loss of service handoff”, or something to that extent. is there a way around it that u know of? oh btw, i can get apps from this site though!

    • I’ve never had much luck downloading directly to my phone from GetJar. A lot of their apps have errors in the jad files.

  3. how do i clear new purchases from i465?

    • When you install the app its cleared from the new purchases list. That means that any app that won’t install will remain in new purchases forever. The new purchases list is stored on a Boost server so it doesn’t use any memory on your phone.

  4. I keep receiving an authorization authenticity error code when i try to download any free apps to my boostphone..whats wrong?

    • If it’s an iDEN phone, try using the Universal App Loader instead of the method on this page. Much easier to get right.
      If it’s not an iDEN phone or you don’t know if it is or not start here: http://boostapps.com/help/

  5. how do i download apps on a samsung seek?????

    • Please read the help page before asking questions. It says:

      Q. I have a Boost Incognito, Mirro, Rant, Bali, Juno, C290, W385, Seek, Rambler, Factor or KRZR or some other phone that’s not a iDen phone. Can I get the games and apps on BoostApps.com on my phone?

      A. Those are Boost CDMA phones. Most of the games and apps here should work on them. Here’s how to install them:
      For those phones don’t use the “Send to Phone” button to install apps. It won’t work. Instead:
      1) Visit boostapps.com with your phone’s browser.
      2) Find a game or app you want.
      3) Click the “JAD” link below the app’s description. The phone will download and install the app

  6. what does authencian error mean?

    • Authentication error occurs on Boost phones if you try to install a signed app. Boost phones can use unsigned apps or a ones signed with a special Motorola or Sprint certificate that is unavailable to mere mortals. You can strip the signatures from an app by recreating the JAD file using MakeJAD or by uploading a JAR to the Universal App Loader or Rumkin

  7. i have a sanyo mirro scp3810 can you help me i try to get a handler or flash media player but have not been able to can you tell me how or wat i need to do PLEASE

    • There are no handlers for video for the Mirro.

      As far as I know, no one has gotten a video player to work on that device either. The hardware probably too basic and the software too locked down for it to be possible.

      Something like Bolt Browser that transcodes Flash to a lightweight format that a Java app can display might work. Give Bolt a try, but I don’t think Bolt’s video player works on the Mirro currently.

  8. i tried to upload tornado mani frm mobiles 24 n wen i went to idencontentuploader i got this. Application Assignment Failed With Error Code: ERROR: Execution Failed: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: what does it mean?

    • I’ve seen that error when the zip file has spaces or special characters in the name. Try renaming it.

  9. my phone is a i415 and i go to down load apps but win i click on it it says authentication error how do i redownload java apps or download apps

  10. ok well i have a question ok when i go on getjar and try to download something it says go to ur browser and search the url and put in the code so i did i click enter then a screen popped up and it said open and a whole bunch of squares nothing else just that so i clicked open nothing happended is it my phones browser or sumthing?

  11. getjar doesnt have my phone in their catolog what do i do

    • Tell it you have a Motorola with the same screen size:
      128×128 – v180
      128×160 – v190
      176×240 – v300
      240×320 – v3xx

  12. what can i do for the 7100i? theres a few apps i seen that i would love to have but when i try to send it to my phone i never get anything

  13. I have an i465.
    Downloaded ‘Ultimate News Reader’ from getjar (to complement FreeRange, which is good, but quirky), and created a .jad with Jadmaker.
    Uploaded the .zip okay, and it installed okay – but doesn’t do anything. Should have been compatible with i465.

  14. i have a sanyo scp 2770. I cant seem to find where I send the app to download to my phone from “send to phone” link on some of these apps. Please advise.

    • “Send to Phone” is only for Boost iDEN Motorola phones. For a CDMA phone like the SCP 2770 you install through the phone’s browser by clicking the JAD file link. I don’t have a Boost CDMA phone but I’ve heard that most of the downloads on BoostApps.com don’t work with CDMA phones.

      I’m trying to figure out why the JAD links on BoostApps don’t work with CDMA phones. Until I do a workaround is to download the JAR file to your PC and send it to your phone with http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/

      Also, http://m.getjar.com is supposed to work well with Boost CDMA phones. GetJar has almost everything that’s here and much more.

  15. I have the JAD file but I dont have JAR file, can anyone help????

    • Open the JAD with a text editor or Wordpad (don’t use Notepad). Look for the line that starts with “MIDlet-Jar-URL: “. Copy the URL which follows “MIDlet-Jar-URL:”, paste it into your browser’s URL bar and hit Enter and the JAR will download.

  16. GetJar will not let me download any files until I specify my phone, but they don’t have my phone listed! (Motorola i465) Now what do I do?

    • Specify your phone as the Motorola v190. If that’s not compatible use Sony-Ericsson W200

  17. nevermind i got it! thanks

  18. i keep getting this error on “Application Assignment Failed With Error Code: ERROR: Execution Failed: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:” i did everything you said help?

  19. I am trying to download games using this method but when I download the game I am actually only getting the JAD file and not the JAR file. Is there anyway that I can get the JAR file somehow? I am pretty much computer illiterate when it comes to anything more than checking my email so it may be something fairly simple, I just don’t know how to do it. Thanks for any help. BTW I love your site and have gotten many apps and games from it. I check it on a daily basis for new uploads. I love my phone because of your site and have done very well with the other tutorials even though like I said I am not very good with computers. Thanks again.

    • 1. Open the JAD file with a text editor. JADs are just plain text files. On Windows you can use Wordpad which comes with Windows. I don’t recommend using Notepad because it runs the lines in the JAD together making them hard to read.

      2. In the editor look for the text “MIDlet-Jar-URL:”. Immediately following that text is the URL of the JAR file.

      3. Select the URL, copy it and paste it into your browser’s address bar and press [Enter] and the JAR file will download.

      More details and screenshots Here: How To: Download Games From Hovr and Gamejump

  20. GetJar doesn’t have any selection for iDEN phones on there now… And now it won’t let you download without selecting a cellphone.. Please someone help me out.

    • Select any older Motorola phone with the same screen size. For example:
      130×130 – v180
      128×176 – v190
      176×220 – v300
      220×340 – v3xx

    • I guess I should have said that I have a Motorola i465 (Clutch)… Thanks Dennis I love the site.

  21. ok here’s a question for ya can i load the jar and jad in a zip file on my sd minicard and load the game/app from there through the games and apps section on a Debut i856 from boost mobile?

    • No that won’t work. You need to use a loader app like iDenJAL the iDEN Content Uploader.

  22. is there any other type of content uploader that i can use i got both jad and jar file mobiles24,com provides so i downloaded jad file and the jar file 🙁

    • There are other cable loaders but they are just hacked copies of iDenJAL and aren’t free. IDenJAL is slightly more liberal in what it allows than the iDEN Content Uploader so if something doesn’t work with the Content Uploader there’s a slight chance that it will with iDenJAL. But anything iDenJAL can’t load it, it can’t be loaded – period. The real limitation is with what the phone supports, rather than the loader.

  23. yea… i dont think its working i just tried it again just now can anybody try to upload their own stuff and plz comment if it worked for some1 else thank you plz let me kno

    • just to see if it works fine with other users thanks

  24. hi i got both jad and jar in a game and tried to upload it and i got an error that said

    Application Assignment Failed With Error Code: ERROR: Execution Failed: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:

    can you tell me what i did wrong :-/

    • That looks like a temporary error on the Sprint side.Try again later.

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