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  1. I want to play free games on my mobile phone,how can i download?

  2. i want to play games in my mobile phone

  3. i want to try boostapp if my facebook signal is stronger and faster.thank you

  4. I want this game…

    • You want to play the About Page?

  5. i want free games

  6. How i do log into my messenger?

  7. I want to see photos

  8. my phone is T19 cherry mobile what games is available in this phone.

  9. I want to see photos.

  10. I want free games

  11. Any games that is free of charges

  12. is it possible, we can play all the games with our android fons even not downloading it, sir? thanx 🙂

  13. i want To have this game on my mobile phone pls..

  14. I want this game pls

  15. I want to have a games to my mobile phone.

  16. I want to play a game

  17. I want to play any game…

  18. is it needed to have a load to have a game i th0ught it is free,n how much load is needed so i can download games?

  19. i also want to have game at my phone,but how?

  20. I want to play any games

  21. H0w can i d0wnl0ad a games or apps in my ph0ne f0r free or without a l0ad?

  22. how can i download A game

    • Im willing to join this app

    • How can I download a game without load

  23. i want to download the app in my phone for free.

  24. You need a emulator to run this games and apps

  25. thank you 🙂

  26. is there available messenger apps. for gt-c3303i ?

  27. I can’t download…

  28. How to download a kika keyboard.?

    • Kika keyboard is an Android app. It’s in the Android Play Store. It’s not available for Java phones.

  29. can i download app on this site even if my phone is not an android phone?!

    • Maybe. The apps on this site actually do not work on Android phones. They are for feature phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40, Sony Ericsson phones and older basic phones from Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. Check your phone manual to see if it supports Java ME. If it does most of the apps here should work.

  30. I can,t download whatsapp

    • Do you have data and a supported phone?

  31. what kinds of phones does boostaap work ?

    • Phones that can run Java ME apps which includes most feature phones from Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola as well as Symbian and Bada phones.

  32. Diamond rush

  33. It is good this boostapps wow

  34. What is boostapp?

    • BoostApps is the name of this website.

  35. I Cant find GTA VICE CITY.HELP ME

    • You won’t find it here as it’s neither free nor available in a Java ME version.

  36. I need java app in my phone.

  37. i want any kinds of game .

  38. I want the game ‘Diamond Rush ‘. Please?

    • Diamond Rush is available here on BoostApps. Use the search box to find it.

  39. im in philliphnes how can i dwnlod bejewelled? and other games that i want ; {?

    • Bejeweled is a paid app so you won’t find it on BoostApps which only has free apps. However there are several Bejewele-like games here: http://boostapps.com/tag/bejeweled/

  40. im here in the philippines take it my app

    • What is your app.?

  41. Download jar

    • Hai_?are you busy?

  42. How can i download sodoku games and texas hold em poker 3 in my mobile? My mobile unit brand is nokia c1-01. Thanks and more power.

    • Use the search box to find the games you want and then Click the download link on each game page.

    • Yes bc in home

  43. who can download YouTube apps..

    • There are no longer any Java ME YouTube apps that work.

    • what load register to youtube

  44. sir dennis.how to download games,, but my phone without a memory card.

    • Click here for downloading help.

  45. how can i download games?

    • Find a game you want and click the Download link. If that doesn’t work see the help page for reasons and solutions.

  46. How I could dounwloud free,?

  47. How can i download games for free???

  48. how can i download games

  49. What game can download in free.?

    • Im in philippines,,you??

  50. how can i download games

    • Me i dont know too
      Just click download jad or jar,,,

    • I’m here in Philippines

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