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Facebook 2.9.1

Facebook has released a new version of the official Facebook Java app.  Facebook didn't bother to post a changlog so I have no Idea what new features, if any, are included.

Facebook bills this app as "Facebook for Every Phone" .  In spite of the name it doesn't work on many phones including my Motorola Rambler and Motorola i776. It installs and starts on both but the submit button on the log in form doesn't work. so there is no way to log in  The previous 2.3,  2.5.1 and 2.8.1  versions didn't work on my phones but they did on the Incognito, Juno, Factor, Rant and Seek, so I suspect this one will too.

Type: Freeware
Vendor:  Facebook
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Reported working on: Nokia C1-01, LG Rumor Reflex (one person says it doesn't work, one says it does but is unstable), samsung corby gts3653, Samsung gtc3530
Reported NOT working on:  LG-A290, LG c105, LG ke990, Motorola Rambler, Motorola Theory, Motorola i776, Motorola i465, Nokia x2-02, Sanyo Innuendo, Nokia X2-01
Please let us know in a comment if it works or not on your phone.

The app "Facebook" (132 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename: "Facebook291".


Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 6495

Download to your PC

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  1. I cant open my facebook on my mobile i dont know why?

  2. I want nokia 2700classic modal fb app.

  3. i need facebook for samsung c3212i

  4. I am not able to use fb app in my lg c105.the soft keys means back button and menu button are not working....plz..send link to my mail

    • If a version of the facebook app for the LG C105 exists you can get it at http://d.facebook.com/install using your phone browser.

      To have replies emailed to you check the "Notify me of followup comments via e-mail" box when leaving a comment.

  5. tanks.

  6. i want a suitable fb app for my blackberry curve 8310

  7. Friends my nokia c1 01 mobile not work to fb app intall. Service not available. How to get fb app in my phone?


  8. I need help to download facebook to my samsungGTC3300K,I try all version but still dont work and ask connection network is required

    • There are several possibilities;
      1: If you can't download the facebook app from this site or https://d.facebook.com/install then your operator is blocking app downloads.

      2. If you can download the app file to your phone but it gives a connection error when it's installing or when you try run it then either your operator or government is blocking Facebook or some settings on your phone are wrong. See Solving Opera Mini and UC Browser Connection Problems for help researching and solving the settings issue. The information in that article applies to all apps that use the network not just Opera Mini and UC Browser.

  9. does its work on galaxy S3????..if so then how I can download it but it doesn't work??? please quick reply

    • Facebook for Android phones including the Galaxy S III is available in the Play Store.

      The apps on BoostApps are for basic non-smartphones, they do not work on Android phones

  10. Oh so much of thankzzz...... love itz fastest........!!!=

  11. I am using samephone nd im also having same prblm,but my friend using same phone uses fb app.

  12. It works on ma samsung corby gts3653

  13. Im Using Nokia X2-02
    phone but the the fb browser doesn't open i've difrnt kind of browser of fb that don't work. Nd some time it comes to me on scren that this browser field. What i do i am so worry about this

  14. Pls let my facebook account open

  15. I thank you. But i have one problem about accessing internet connection.iam unable to open internet in applications. But i can open internet in web option. Please help me

  16. it is easy and fast way to install fb on ur phone.

  17. lg ke990 , not work :-(

  18. My phone is nokia c1 01. I upgraded my older version of facebook to 3.3.1 . Now i can't upload photos from it . Why

  19. Now you are talking,the 3.3.1 version is working on my lg c100 and not that 2.9.1 version

  20. Your fb app doesnt work on my lg c105

  21. During launch it keeps on asking for network access til it loops out

    • When it asks for network access choose "allow always", "allow this session' or similar. If it doesn't give those options try downloading the app from Facebook at http://d.fb.me/3ux using your phone browser.

  22. Right soft key on my lg x330t does nt work. I hav to pause each time i want to go back and this terminate the progrm.

  23. Left and right soft keys for facebook app are not working in my java mobile LG A230

    • hi rajashekhar
      i have your lg facebook problem left and right soft keys not working in my mobile lg
      how can i fix this

  24. Difficult for my phone download other Facebook apple

  25. I have an incognito and it works but it keeps reseting and it gets annonying.

  26. Like... Is genialy

  27. nice

  28. thaaaaaaaaaaaaank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  29. Goood

  30. it loads on the lg rumor reflex, but crashes after a few seconds to reload all over again

  31. i have samsung gtc3530, i had the facebook application of of 131kb and i up graded to the newer version of 132kb, but unfortunately it is slow yet the 131kb was fast, how can i get back to my old version because have even tried that of 128kb, but it refused.

  32. I am lg c105 and when i am installing the facebook app,the left and right soft key of my phone is not working....

  33. i'm using samsung S5620 monte. and when i click on install, "certificate error" pops up.

    • Go to http://m.facebook.com/download.php?_rdr with you phone browser and install the app from there if it's available.

      If that doesn't work try un-insralling the old version of Facebook before trying to install this one

  34. Like

  35. i downloaded the app on my rumor reflex but it dosent have an upload photo tab, and when i tried to upgrade it said error 906 missing midlet?

    • The Rumor Reflex is not a phone that's officially supported by Facebook. That's why you can't upgrade and also probably why you can't upload photos either. Do other features work?

    • i downloaded the opera mini so i can upload pics. the phone works fine its just the user interface is so bland. it would be nice if i could install themes on it or add some color to it.

  36. I already downloaded this app on my Nokia 500, but i dont have the icon or menu for uploading photos unlike the facebook 2.9.1 which is installed in nokia 6630 old model of my brother.

  37. Does not work on Motorola Theory.

  38. This app not work on my phone:X2-01

  39. very nice

  40. Just use the jar file for avoid certificate problem.

  41. They said dat no certificate on phone or sim

  42. if yours all choice jad just do to install, dont try to save on yours phone...

  43. downloaded and installed fine but I cannot log in on my i465

  44. Downloaded overwritten older version FB that came preloaded with phone still crashes and freezes a lot Rumor Reflex phone

  45. It is working on my nokia c1-01

    • how to edit application access . & Configuration settings ??

    • my phone is Nokia c1-01

    • 1. Highlight the application in the list of apps.
      2. Press "options".
      3. Click "App. Access".

  46. Plz sir help me my handset nokia x2-02 facebook new 2.9.1 not supoort plz working yours apps.

  47. Facebook tells another lie.
    After five minutes of waiting for this app to load on my Sanyo Innuendo, I promptly removed it.
    Btw. Clicking Facebook's install now link .jad link just takes me to a page that says that they do not have a working version for my phone.

  48. i get this error message on the LG rumor reflex at just the 100% mark. Download failed. Issue has been reported. Please try again later. 905 Attribute mismatch (midlet-permissions-opt)

    • I might have a fix for that error. Can you try re-installing Facebook by clicking the link below in your mobile browser:
      Test A: http://boostapps.com/files/FB291a.jad

      If that one doesn't work, try this one
      Test B: http://boostapps.com/files/FB291b.jad

      Please let me know if either one works. That will help me to serve apps that work on the Rumor Reflex in the future