Google Maps 2.3.2

For everyone who’s been looking for a newer version of Google Maps. here’s the latest and greatest, version 2.3.2. You can thank BoostApps reader “LockDown” for finding it and verifying that it works.

Compared with version 1.5.1, 2.3.2 adds Street View plus walking and transit directions.  Still no GPS support . LockDown say Maps 2.3.2 works great on his i856, including Street View.  On my i776 2.3.2 loads and for the most part works although menus seem to take longer to open than with 1.5.1. The one thing that doesn’t seem to work on the i776 is Street View.  Every time I go into Street View, Maps locks up tight and I have to kill it with the Red key. I’m not sure whether I will keep this on my phone or go back to the snappier and more stable 1.5.1.

I don’t know about compatibility with other models. If you try this with a different iDEN phone like the i9, i855, i856 or i290 please leave a comment letting us all know how well it works.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Google – Online Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Reported Working On: Motorola i9, Motorola i290, Motorola i465, Motorola i776, Motorola i856, Motorola Rambler, Motorola Theory, Samsung Factor, Sanyo Incognito
Reported Not Working On:  Motorola i335, Sanyo Innuendo

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 350

Download to your PC


  1. good app

  2. What is the good news when Iam donwload this apps

    • You get maps on your phone

  3. don’t these things work

    • The Google Maps app still works for me. You need a compatible phone that supports Java ME and paid data which the app uses to download the maps.

  4. I have a Kyocera Coast. I used the jump code 350, but both the jad download link and the alternate one for the jar download are clickable but don’t go anywhere for me. It starts to look like it’s going somewhere, but but within a few seconds, it just stops and stays on the same page where the links are. Any suggestions?

    • I tested the links and they work. The links don’t take you to a different page they start a download and installation. Look in your Games and Apps folder, maybe you installed the app without realizing it.

  5. Where is the My Location feature?

    • It’s only supported on a handful of phones. Java platform security blocks 3rd party apps form accessing location on most phones.

  6. thank you alot.

  7. 2.3.2 Downloads but when I press “Run”, halfway through loading the “agreement” a “serious error” message appears and the phone freezes. Have tried numerous times. My phone is Sanyo Innuendo. Any idea what is going wrong?

  8. The newest Google Maps works well on my Incognito…no problems at all

  9. 2.3.2 v not available for download on softpedia software

    • 2.3.2 is available right here 🙂

  10. CDMA Motorola Theory- it worked great! Looks beautiful, even street view. Have had little success with games or apps on this phone… Lol, it could just be me though, first attempt at web phone.

  11. It work on sanyo juno

  12. Is there a way to get both versions (the older and this one) on phone?

    • It’s probably possible by modifying the jad and jar files and changing the MIDlet-Name property of one of them to something other than Google Maps.

      See the “Renaming Java Applications Tutorial:” at the bottom of this post: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=221224

      For Boost phones you would need to modify the MIDlet-Name in the jad too and also the Midlet-Size

  13. I installed this google 2.3.2. yesterday on my I9 stature, from the 1.5.1., and it seems to be working great! The map works, if gives turn by turn directions flawlessly, that load unexpectantly fast I might add! The street-view works really well too, on streets where its available. Saves to favorites. Map loading and zooming is really slow but bearable enough to use on this I9 in a pinch, considering its the iden netork. (Patience is a virtue here to keep from exposing character flaws).LOL. The street view is really clear in the smaller box; although when you press expand, to enlarge the pic, it does make the pic more fuzzy, but still recognizable. The street view is slow to load, but once it does it works really well, and scrolls around fast for a 360 degree view of where your cursor is located. No problem identifing a place, building or house you are looking for. What a great app! I did not try the transit directions. Also, I have an 8GB memory card in my phone, I dont know if this makes a diff. or not. Thanks Lockdown and Dennis, this was just what I was looking for! Tony

  14. works great with the boost mobile incognito too.

  15. The google map works great on my i290.

  16. Works great on my Stature i9. Thanks!

  17. Tip: On the i465, do a long press on the Fn key to put the keyboard in phone keypad mode then you can use 1 and 3 keys to zoom out and in

  18. Strange to say, this version works faster on my i465 than version 1.5.1. did. The old version was always freezing, and there was considerable lag the response to the arrow keys. Now, if only they would give me a version that will utilize the phone’s GPS function, I will be very happy.

    • I have the i465 as well and have noticed the same thing. Very strange, but it’s actually faster. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it more than v.1.5.1, but once I had the keys figured out (Thanx Dennis), it was smooth sailing from there. 🙂

    • And yes, STREET VIEW DOES WORK on the i465 🙂

  19. App is a little slower than the older version but works well. Thanks. Can’t get street view to work on the I465 Clutch, I don’t think the phone is powerful enough,

    • Hi Rasalon, I’ve got an i465, and my street view works for me. It IS slow, but it works. Look for the directions that Dennis posted on 2/23 about going in to map view, and scrolling down to find it. It is pretty slow though, but the pics are pretty clear, albeit small…..

  20. I get a java error message while installing on i335. Oh well. Was really looking forward to street view. 🙁

  21. 🙂 it works great on the i465. the street view works ok. and moving around the map is smooth its… functional. 🙂

  22. I have a i465
    how do you use the zoom

    • On the i465:
      First do a long press on the FN key to switch to phone keypad mode.
      Then use 1 to zoom out and 3 to zoom in.

    • thanks!!!

  23. thanks! Dennis.

  24. it was a terrible no go on my i880 the accept to the TOS soft key diddent show but the decline soft key did show on the i880 and on my i465 it was slow and some features did not work im going back to the old one

  25. great app! everything works good but gps. i856 🙂

  26. i got it working on my i465 but i look for direction i does not tel me what keys to press to go to the next turn or to street view. does anybody know?

    • Good question Walter. I just noticed that Google Maps doesn’t actually tell what keys to use for next and previous turn. I figured it out though
      6 – next turn
      4 – previous turn
      # – return to the list of turns

      For street view, press OK in map view and scroll down in the list of choices until you see “Street View” and then press OK again.

  27. I was wondering how I can find how much memory I have on my i9. I have like over 50 apps and my phone still runs good and everything. But idk where to find the memory at?? But I do have a 2gb memory card in it. I dont think they are saving to that because all my pics and music are on it(and i got like 150+ songs and 100+pics(seriously)). I just dont understand where all my stuff is saving too?? Any help, Please! Thanks

    • Lisa, to check free memory and storage space go to Java Apps > Java System > Next and a screen appears showing free data space and program space. These are like disk space when you run low of either one you won’t be able to install more apps. Press Next again to see Java heap size. This is the amount of total (not available) memory available to Java apps. It is 2048k on most models, 4096k on the i9 and i856.

    • Thank you!

  28. dennis, i finally got it working on my i465 i had to get rid of a couple of apps .low memory was likely the problem , but it works great,its somewhat slower than 1.5.1 not a big deal thou. map view is very clear, really a great app. thanks a lot!

  29. Works great on i856w.

  30. I updated my google maps a couple of weeks ago when the old version offered it to me and so far it’s working great except, as Dennis stated, the GPS. i856w

  31. Street Views On My i856 Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland Ohio. (Forgive The Poor Scan)


    And Expanded


    • Also I’ve Noticed. That Street Views Are Rather Large In File Size, This Could Be Why The App Freezes Up On Lower End Phones Like The i776

  32. works fine on my i856 theres no custom java icon for it on my phone just the default one. Anyone else get this

  33. the street view works great on my i9 its clear and pretty fast i recommend it

  34. it doesnt say anything , as soon as i exit app to install it just doesnt do it.

  35. this upgrade works alot better then the original on my i9 its smooth, fast, and has a better resolution. thanks

  36. I got i9 and it runs smooth and great. alot better than the other one and loads faster too. Thanks!

  37. Thanks,it works fine

  38. thanks for replying,i do have the firmware RA4.00.01 so what do u think is the problem?

    • its probably your phone is low on java memory

  39. I just installed this update to my i9 and it’s working good, almost as good as the old version

  40. tried to install it on my i465 three times, but it would not download. i wonder why ?

    • make sure you have enough memory and your firmware is RA4.00.01 or newer. you can check this by pressing #, *, Menu and Righa arrow key

    • and go to unit info then software. if you dont have the firmware you will have to update it via usb and you can get the update from motorola here. http://servicemyphone.motorola.com/iden/support/software/html/firmware_utility.html then select ur carrier from the list

    • Walter, what happens when you try to download? Is there an error message? If so what does it say?

    • dennis, how do i know if i have enough java memory?

    • go to java apps go to settings press next til u see data space:xxxxxk free
      Prog Space:xxxxxk free

      google apps needs 587k of data space and 817k of prog space

    • i got data space:15472k free
      prog.space:3380k free.

    • Walter, That should be enough, although I’ve notice that apps often need much more space than they claim to.

      If the failed install is still on the phone, please click it. This will cause it to try to install again and it will show a list of steps in the process like “Loading Classes”, “Verifying Classes”, “Allocating Flash”, “Writing Flash”.

      If you try this, please report which step it fails on. BTW, Failures on “Loading Classes” or “Verifying Classes” indicate an incompatibility between the app and the phone. Failures on “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash” mean you don’t have enough space.

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