IQ Light

IQ Light

Another flashlight app.  Unlike J2ME Flashlight and all the other similar flashlight apps I’ve seen, this one is able to override the screen timeout and provide a continuous light. Unfortunately the light flashes rapidly rather than being steady.

Arnold040 discovered that if you press the red Hang Up key to suspend the app and then press the green OK key to resume it several times the blinking speeds up to the point that it’s almost unnoticeable.

Contributed by: arnold040
Type: Ad-Supported
Vendor: IQ-mobile
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones
: All Falcon series with Java ( i9, i856, i776, i465, i290, etc.)
Filesize: 31 KB


Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jarzip