OPera mini 5.1

A new version of Opera Mini was released today that is supposed to work better on phones with small screens (less than 200 px wide) and/or low memory (less than 4 MB free Java Heap).  If Opera Mini 5.1 detects that it is running on a phone with low resources it uses a simplified user interface with a text rather than icon based start screen to reduce memory usage. There’s also a new *+0 shortcut to quickly switch between desktop and mobile view

I had high hopes that this would work on my i776 but it doesn’t. Just like with 5.0, the app installs and starts up displaying a “loading” progress bar that takes over 10 minutes to reach 90%, at which point the app hangs! I’m posting it for those of you who have a model like the i856, i9 and possibly the i465 that 5.0 worked on.  This version of Opera Mini 5.1has been modified to install alongside of Opera Mini 4.1 and 5.0 rather than replacing them.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Opera Software – Product Page, Online Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: confirmed working on i9 and i856, possibly others.
File Size: 267 KB

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 2480

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  1. opera mini 5.1 is not installed in my phone, my phone is samsung gt-c3222

  2. Hi @boostapps.comDennis is it free internet? And if im using my Own sim card is it possible that it will only worked in the same sim card you used in downloading the Opera mini 5.1? Because me, i used my sun broadband sim to download and install it and it works but when i used to insert my Tm sim it can’t work.

    • I don’t know anything about Sun Broadband’s data billing (is that Sun cellular in the Philippines?) but mobile internet is not usually free and using Opera Mini won’t give you free internet if you don’t already have it.

  3. The main reason the Mirror can not play video us because it isn’t a 3G phone. It is 1xRTT which is 2.0-2.5G. If you want to watch video I would suggest goingbto the Incognito or Innuendo.

  4. How do I get opera mini 5.1 on my sanyo mirro phone?

    • Load this page in the phone browser and click the JAD link.

    • nevermind i got it. When I try to watch videos it says i need to “get handler”. How do I do this?

    • You can’t. The Mirro is incapable of playing videos.

  5. i like this version for my nokia 2690

  6. theres a new opera mini, opera mini 6 and its does not frezze as much

  7. Problem fixed, by shutting the phone off then turning it back on, after discovering that other apps that called for the time from the system were being told it was still January 25th, time of day several hours off. Curiously, the clock in the corner of the screen and the built-in World Clock app were still showing the correct time.

    • Glad you got it working.

  8. Opera mini has stopped working as of sometime in the past couple of days. All attempted connections return Unable To Connect – Authentication Error – P lease Check Your Date Settings. It may have something to do with the switch to daylight saving time, though my phone did update itself on schedule. Bolt, MujMail, and the phone’s built in browser seem to be unaffected.

    • My Opera’s still working.
      That error’s usually caused by the date on the phone, especially the year, being wrong.
      My Rambler doesn’t even let me set the date so I don’t know how you would fix it.
      I’d try a battery pull and if that fails to fix it, removing and replacing the Opera.

  9. i got a samsung seek but i do not get the app sent to my phone.

  10. Dennis, WOW, I’m really impressed with this Opera Mini 5.1. Now i can finally have real internet on my I9. Its night and day difference between the very limited mobile browser that came with the phone and the opera mini. Its not only faster, but when I google something, it actually gives me lots of choices. Your site has really brought my phone experience way up from just a device to make calls with. The system may be slower than other carriers, but saving over $700 dollars a year over other carrier costs, sure takes the sting out of the slower speeds. Its a trade of I can live with. Thanks Dennis, Tony

  11. you can watch videos on the sanyo incognito

  12. thank you so much dennis….i figured it out. This incognito is the best boost phone i have ever had. Opera mini 5 really does a lot. I am glad because both the comps have viruses. Now i dont need them….i got my phone:-)

  13. the phone i have iz the i465 and the opera mini 5 and 5.1 dont work on my phone. and i waz also wondering if there waz any browserz for my phone that letz me watch youtube if could you please add it to thiz website

    • I don’t know of any browser or app that will let you watch videos of any kind on an i465.

  14. i have a sanyo incognito…can you download files with opera 5? It said it download a pic and a song but i cant find them in my phone?

    • I don’t have an Incognito so I can’t say for sure if this will work. But on other phones that have memory cards:

      When you start a download you should get a pop up that shows where the file will be saved and has a dropdown that lets you change the location.

      If you scroll to the bottom of the dropdown and click on “Other” it should show you “Phone Memory” and “Memory Card”.

      Tap Memory card and you can drill down into the folders on the memory card and find a location to save.

      You will need to experiment to find which folders the phone’s Gallery and Media Player use.

      Install a file manager like Ultimate File Explorer and you should be able to move and copy files between folders on the memory card.

  15. It’s REEALLLLY slow on IDEN phones. (probably not the i1 though). Just keep Opera Mini 4.2 in my opinion.

  16. this regular version of 5.1 does run at comfortable speeds on my i856. i did notice the same occasional crash i had with the regular version of 4.2 when i would try to go to a page pulled up from a google search. also noticed some random pics didnt load.

  17. Just intalled it on i776 for boost. Took forever. Not really worth it since 4.2 runs much faster and smoother.

  18. jfyi, for all you Sanyo Incognito users, the browser works great, but for some reason youtube videos will not play in full screen.

  19. really good browser i dont use it for a boost phone but a samsung a797 samsung flight and it works well

  20. i started to install 5.1 on my i465 specifically after reading the rantings here about it not working. common sense (not that common apparently lol) told me to go to the opera site and read what the developers published. it took about 20 seconds to find out that neither 5.0 final nor 5.1 are compatible with the i465 and the recomended version is indeed 4.2.


  21. had a cool look, installed fine on my i856 , started surfing the web and it didn’t want to load images all the way. . . i’d see half the image and half a grey block lol . thank you for the download but i’m gonna stick to opera mini 5. 🙂

  22. @boostapps.comDennis Yes the i680 actually had a faster processor then the i9 and a bit more memory along with it’s bullet proof design.

  23. Hey Melvin. While the i335 is not what I would call a old phone, it is a lower end model. You can run and install it however you may come across issues with speed and it hanging when it loads. I loaded Opera Mini 5 onto a i335, it ran however it did run slowly. Personally if 4.2 works for you I would stay with it. However if you are willing to put up with longer load times and the possibility of your phone crashing and doing a reboot once in a while then go for it. Personally I would stay with 4.2

  24. should i download for my i335 or is it best i keep 4.2 please let me know so i won’t waste time and get angry

  25. I don’t know if you have had any experience with the i680 (brute) or the i856 (Debut). If you haven’t those phones have either the same processor (i856)or a faster one (i680). Every single program that I have downloaded from here has ran without a hitch one.

    • Good to know about the i680 Brute. It sounds like the apps that require an i9 or i856 (MeBoy, NesCube, Opera Mini 5.1) should also work on the i680.

  26. this will load on the i465 but it takes 10 mins to load and when it does you can’t even do anything even scroll up or down

    • I have an i465 as well and had similar problem. It took about 10 minutes to install and then it froze. So I restarted it and after about 6 minutes it finally loaded the Accept/Decline terms of use page, but I couldn’t select anything or scroll thru it. But I thought, Hey maybe it JUST froze again. So I restarted the app and after about 6 minutes it started showing me a menu with the window to enter a web address, google search, bookmarks, etc. Unfortuantely, none of the buttons worked, scrolling didn’t work and at that point I got so frustrated that I just uninstalled the app alltogether.

  27. All the opera’s have crash bug. Either it crashes n end button works n you can power off, or end button doesn’t work n you have to open phone, remove and re-insert battery. Probably a fatal error from memory overflowing, they missed at least one Exception.

  28. the way they see it, less problems = less need to get paid for “new developments”.
    still writing this on i465 opera 4.2 btw 😉

  29. havent you heard? its the new trend with big buisnesses to get worse as time goes by 😉

  30. After installing on my i465g, it took about a century (over 10 minutes) to load a blank white home screen with only the time displayed and Exit option (which didn’t even work). Tried several times with the same results.

    I have since removed the app, and back using the stable Opera Mini 4.2 (get it together, Opera, you’re suppose to IMPROVE your apps, not DIGRESS!)

  31. I think that did the trick dennis..so far no more crashes on my i856. 1 comment an 1 question> at first i thought it was lagging when scrolling w the arrows but using keypad numbers 2,4,6,and 8 scrolls alot faster..like u describedskins?

    • 2, 4, 6, 8 scroll a page at a time, the arrows scroll a line at a time. Even with 4.2 on my i776 scrolling with the arrows fells a little laggy.
      There are no skins in 5.0 or 5.1, only 4.2.

  32. i465 = v4.2

  33. i have a i465 and i am on the opera browser right now typing this out. the solution is to get version 4.2 =)

  34. Are they ever going to get this right?

  35. Installed and runs on my i856 n looks great but made my phone shut off and restart its self when i went to a page that was had alotta of content to load is dat a bug or sumthing denis?

  36. thanks for posting this Dennis. I’ll try it on my i465 later but it doesn’t sound like it will work. 🙁

  37. it suck on my i465

  38. it works great on my i856 but with larger pages phone crashes

  39. Was working on my i856 but restarts the phone on larger pages..dont recall my older version doing that. Think ill hold off on this version..unless theres a quik fix

  40. yeah it just froze i had to take the battery out and reset it

  41. yes i also have the i465. just break it.

  42. Didn’t work on my i856.

    Downloaded properly, opened and seemed to be working…..first page I opened the phone shut down, tried again and shut down the phone again. Going back to 4.2.

  43. Yeah,I had hi hopes 2 dangit.thats why i posted about this earlier.no go on my i776 either. time 2 upgrade.

  44. I got the i465 it took forever to install and load. Il def stick wit the 4.1 for now. Good lookin out d

  45. Installs but doesn’t function on my i465. not useable.


  47. hahah i got first comment xD

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