Hit the virtual jackpot or go bust with this strictly for fun slot machine simulator.

Call = Play
Up = Increase Bet
Down = Decrease Bet

Type: Freeware
Vendor: javaphone.it – Product Page
Data Connection Required: No
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i856, i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)
File Size: 21 KB

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 2493

Download to your PC


  1. Can you give me free games mobi slot

  2. how do you get more money? I have run out… 🙁

  3. http://m.snaptu.com – its an app that lets you get on facebook twitter and others

    • Please make requests on the requests page. Snaptu doesn’t work BTW.

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