UC Browse r9.5
UC Browser 9.5 was released recently. According to UC It fixes two bugs:

  • Fixed the problem of large file sizes not being shown correctly when downloading;
  • Fixed the problem of users not being able to go to the right page by typing a page number on UC Forum.

I’ve modified the app to use the full screen on touchscreen devices. It also works on non-touch screens.

Type: Freeware
Author: UC Browser Product Page, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Touch support: Yes
Reported Working On: LG 306g, Nokia Asha 303, Sansung Factor Samsung GT-S8500 Wave
Reported Not Working On: Samsung Corby

The app “UC Browser” (435 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”UC95″.

To download the signed version click here: Signed JAD.

For the unsigned version use the links below

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 7913

Download to your PC


  1. Yeah !!

  2. i like to see….

  3. i want to see my own browser…….

    • I don’t understand. Did you create a browser?

  4. Mortal combat games

  5. Very nice

  6. Thanks it works nice

  7. You can change that in the settings

  8. ,do u hve a game or app available in cherry mble c21 ?

    • No, the Cherry Mobile c21 does not support the Java ME apps on BoostApps.

  9. i dont know how?

  10. Very nice

  11. why you did not create apps for windows?

    • I did not create any of these apps. If I did create a Windows Phone app it would not be available on a Java ME app site like BoostApps. Microsoft only allows apps to be distributed though its own app store on the phone.

    • Maybe possible,to create using Xc-325 caliph !!!!!!!!!! :3

  12. Very good and it helps me for my comunication thanks a lot.

  13. i love this

  14. why when i install the signed .jad file on my asha 202 it says invalid file

    • No idea, try the unsigned one.

  15. i love this

  16. Works on the LG 306g, Just wish it had a WERTY keyboard.

  17. thanks verey good.

  18. how can i download ucbrowser to my nokia ash 210

    • Yes it should work.

    • Click the download link. If that doesn’t work see the Help Page for possible reasons and solutions.

    • sir why my whatsapp i cant install it always siad try again how can i install this

  19. V.nice

  20. So very happy

  21. working on samsung rex 60….but google is half working. .

  22. Why do not install are games

  23. 5 star

  24. it is so fantastic

  25. google not fully open on samsung gt c3312 uc browser 9.5

  26. so gud

  27. nice for me

  28. Dear sir,
    I was download uc broser on this web-site v-9.5 and my mobile version samsung monty gt-s5620 the main problem is uc cannot get the network it only init:network and failed homedata . this comment come on mobile verious time please give me solution and guidance

  29. Why not download and intall in my bs mobile phone android?

  30. My phone nokia asha can not install one browser why?

    • Impossible to say why without more information. Is their an error message and what does t say?

  31. I cant download to my phone

  32. plz send opera mini to gmail me uc faild

  33. Uc is fast a hell! it has to be your connection speed!

  34. Ok thank you man

  35. Please udate google chorme for jar/java. There is many site for google chorme i was download from. But they were not googe chorme. They are opera mini

    • All Java ME apps that claim to be Google Chrome are fakes.

      Chrome is a huge, resource intensive app that requires far more memory and CPU power than any non-smartphone has.

      Since Android launched in 2008, Google has abandoned it’s Java ME apps. They aren’t available from Google anymore and the Gmail and YouTube apps no longer work. There’s no way Google would release a Java NE version of Chrome even if it was possible.

  36. Plz add photo editior full touch Rex 80

  37. “This is a good browser.”

  38. the browsers speed is slow


  39. UC 9.5 is slow in browsing than cloud 8.3 but has faster downloading speed 53kb/s in my REX 70 but browsing is too much slow plz ADD:-
    1.QQ browser (i have tested the keypad version,its has better browsing and downloading speed,i jst want the non-keypad version)
    2.photo editor
    3.UC CLOUD 8.3 signed
    for samsung touch phones

  40. The youtube downloader signed version works jst fine
    i have download 30videos till now ,mine is a REX70

  41. plz give QQ browser java no keypad,it has faster downloading speed than any other browser

  42. veri good web site.

  43. Not so good

  44. does it take airtime away from you by using it?

    • Yes.

  45. i like this one, thanks a lot!

  46. thnq.. It worked..
    gud work by u.. thnq once again

  47. Can u plz provide me jar file. I m using Samsung S3802 .
    i used both jar and jad file, jad file not worked and jar file is having virtual keypad.

  48. showing virtual keypad..

    • Did you install using the jad? If you install using the jar link the keypad won’t be hidden. If that’s not it, what phone are you using?

  49. I didn’t get the difference between this modified app and the official one.

  50. It has also 2014 world cup,football theme is one nice theme for me.

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