Thanks to dontae for finding it on GetJar we have a new IM client to play with. It’s WeBuzz and supports AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ and Facebook. It seems pretty good. All the keys work, it fits the screen and loads quickly.  The only thing missing is that it doesn’t beep or vibrate when you get a new IM.

Setting up Facebook in WeBuzz is a little tricky because you have to use  your Facebook username, NOT the email address that you log into Facebook itself with. Usernames are optional in Facebook, instructions for creating them are in Facebook help.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: WeBuzz – Product Page, Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Touch support: No
Reported Working On: LG Rumor Reflex, Motorola i776,
Reported Not Working On:


Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 1727

Download to your PC


  1. i have downloaded and installed this app. it runs great the only problem is it don’t show your contacts unless they’re on webuzz also. i have the i465 clutch. the speed is fantastic but i can’t see any of my yahoo or msn contacts.

    • I have an i465 and don’t have that problem. I see all my AOL and MSN concacts, none of which have webuzz.

  2. I have an i465 Clutch. Downloaded, installed, registered and then… nothing. It refuses to connect to chat server. I’ve tried repeatedly and not once did it connect.

    Also, every time I tried to connect, it gives me the same annoying pop-up asking me if I wanna download the newest version. I’ve clicked yes several times and nothing ever downloads nor does anything in general.

    I don’t know how others are getting this to work, but I’d really appreciate some help. eBuddy’s crazy buttons and slow loading is kinda bothersome and I want something faster. WeBuzz seems like it could have potential. Please help.

  3. well ive been able to spend more time with the free email+im from boost and i really like it ,i see some ppl have had problems with it i guess it depends what fone u got ,on my clutch i have IM a bunch of ppl with no problem ,as far as speed its not the fastest but ebuddy and nimbuzz were just as slow if not slower . when on it and get a call or txt it just suspends the app its true the alerts dont seem to work but getting alerts would drive me crazy since i get spams so i dont care for it . so far so good im glad boost made it free.

  4. I am looking for the best app for Boost Motorola i776 for facebook chat and/or myspace I.M.

    • I don’t use Facebook for chat and I don’t use MySpace at all. So I can’t make any recommendations. The following apps on BoostApps claim to support one or both. Try them all and see which ones you like.

      WeBuzz and Mig33 do FaceBook Chat but not MySpace

      Nimbuzz 1.6 and eBuddy support both Facebook and MySpace

  5. oh my gosh yes i keep gettin java error called boost 2 times and motorola they said my phone needs to be updated thats crazy cause i just got this i776w in january i wish i could get that imemail

    • You aren’t missing much. It’s not a very good program. Very slow and useless for IM as it doesn’t run in the background or keep you signed in.

  6. Has anybody else gotten a java error when trying 2 install the email+im app from boost on an i776? I would really luv some help. What am i doing wrong? Thanks. Dennis as always, U r da man.

  7. hey guys i was able to figure out what i was doing wrong with the new free email+im from boost and it works great ,u can check ur email ,im ur friends, no problems with the key mapping , u got yahoo,gmail,aim etc. i didnt have much problems with google mail but ebuddy was just very slow and buggy so i deleted both. its nice to have both in one app so if u guys can get these from boost u wont regreat it, thanks anyway dennis ur awesome.

  8. yeah theres smthin wrong with it , its kinda buggy .on my clutch it downloads fine but once u get it it acts weird ,its frustrating!

  9. hey i tried to get that email and im thing from boost and it kept on saying java error i even deleted all my apps and still couldnt i have a i776w

    • I also have an i776 and that’s been my experience too. It’s supposed to work with the i776 but it doesn’t.

  10. has anybody tried the new free email+im app from boostmobile it seems pretty cool but i think its got some bugs for some reason once ur in the app n checking ur email or im u cannot go back to the main screen all u can do is press the end button to exit , i could be wrong but is a pain in the ass. has any1 experinced this?

    • Hi Walter, I’ve tried it and I agree it has some bugs.. I set the alerts so that when I receive a msg it would vibrate it doesn’t do anything, then there’s the issue of not being able to stay connected if you get a a regular txt or phone call.. it logs you off. Yes, it’s a pain!!

    • hi isha, i havnt really tried the alerts but so far i like it, the problems i had with it before i figured them out and as far as not being connected when u get a call or txt, im not sure if thats a big deal for me but im gonna try them.

  11. Does anyone know if you get charged by boos for using this app? I read somewhere that Boost charges a dollar a day for IM’s on an AIM client.

    • Boost iDEN does not currently charge for ysing any of the apps on this site including WeBuzz.

  12. The main prob is that that u cannot enter txt one letter @boostapps.com a time. I hav a prob w/word txt emtry. Same w/ any browsers. HELP. Btw thanx Dennis 4 the mobile site link. U r The Man.

    • When you are in an edit field press the menu key to switch between Word, Alpha, Numbers and Symbols.

  13. this app works well when i can get it to connect. sometimes i have to try several times. i also can’t find a way to add new contacts. i only see an option to add we-buzz contacts. On my i465 i get a little beep when i receive a message. 😉

  14. coolz 😀 thanx dennis nd dontae

  15. how do i create a webuzz account

    • I created mine in the app on the phone. There might be a way to do it on the website but I couldn’t find one.

  16. I registered fine. Logged in, created a new profile with all my IDs and passwords and it’s not doing anything but saying “Main Exception: Certificate chain not trusted. Init connection to GOOGLE server” everything else has logged in successfully but it’s not letting me do anything. it’s just showing the text saying the my ids are logged in.

  17. if it doesnt let you sign up go to webuzz.com and do it that should work

  18. Same as barbara. I can’t register a username worth a rats behind. Same Error.

    Right now I using 2 chat clients.
    I have MQIM installed which works great except for 2 things. 1) It’s slow to load. Like 5 minutes because it has to load every freakin offline user before it even shows the online ones. Plus it does it at a slow pace. Plus like if I a going through a tunnel and my internet connection dies, it sometimes doesn’t reconnect or take forever to do so. Sometimes if I force quit MQIM and restart it, it sometimes will not connect or it will connect but never load my buddy lists. Also when it seams my battery is getting low, getting MQIM to work is a crap shoot. But I undertsand the login as to unify the IM’s but nobody I know would use that feature. But I like the no frills (No Games, No other crap etc.) and the font kind and size is easy to read, it has emoticons and notification of texts.

    Now another one I use Papaya is good. This app is fast and the facts while loading are fine. I do get kicked off line allot and a reconnect fixes that. Now this Application is bloatware. It uses it’s own network and has features like games and other crap I will never use. There is even a profile page which I never use. Why? But this app is fast. Text is in a larger font and spacing between lines sucks so you have to scroll a bit to read larger texts. No emoticons at least on my end, no notifications either. But I can send a picture to people. After I give it permission to access my phone it downloads the pic I took and creates a URL that the person you are chatting to can pull up in their browser. Not perfect and you can’t change the camera settings so allot of pictures come out dark or blurry vs what you actually see. Better than nothing in a pinch. Oh and this app takes forever to unload but I can do any other app while that is happening so no big deal by suspending this app while unloading.

    Like I have said in previous posts I’ll keep the 2 mentioned. This one I uninstalled as the register thing annoyed me. I just wish someone could make a mobile version of Pidgin. I mean it has all the stuff you need, no special network to log in 1st and it is fast, and has all the features even send a picture. But until they do, I am stuck with two. As slow as MQIM may be to load, it is a good back up in case Papaya does not work.

    I wish there was something better that could access the major chat protocalls, plus my blog, twitter and Linked In that wasn’t bloated with it’s own network, pictures and other bloatware you would never use. Just wishful thinking I suppose.

  19. could we get a good messaging program for myspace please? nimbuzz is awful

  20. good messenger app, still doesn’t hold a candle in design, look and feel to mig33

  21. FYI: Rather for mobile multiple IM, http://webuzz.im/ provides web IM for web Google Talk, web MSN Messenger, web Yahoo! Messenger, web AIM/ICQ or web Facebook Chat.

  22. I know that u posted on a majority of these apps if not all that they`re intended for nextel & iden usa phones only. Do u think that it would work for the cdma line of phones? I just got the incognito. Thanks bro

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